Amazon Prime is a wonderful service for anyone looking for entertainment. Despite the amazing offers the service brings, you could have gone through all of your favourite series and movies on the Video plan and you want something more – to pull the cord from your subscription to Amazon Prime and look for services outside Amazon, or to subscribe to one of Amazon channels that offer additional services.

If you want to opt for the latter, this article is for you as we explain everything you may want to know about Amazon channels, Amazon Prime, the different channels on Amazon and their genres, and Amazon channel subscriptions.

Amazon Channel Subscriptions: All you need to know

Amazon Channel is an additional service offered by Amazon to keep everything centralised. Through the service, you do not have to switch between applications and expose your credit card details on all of these platforms.

To serve you better, there is a myriad of services on the Amazon channel that you can choose from. However, they all come at a price.

Navigating through this service is also easy and you can get anything done very fast. To help you choose what Amazon channel you want to subscribe to, we have dedicated a chapter to listing the different channels, their genres, and their respective service charges.

Talking about Amazon channel subscriptions, there is one key thing you need to know: you get a free trial on all of the plans. Many of the channels will give you the chance to watch an episode from their endless pool of videos to draw you in and entice you.

On the part of Amazon Prime, you often get 7 days of free trial to try out the channels after which the charges will start counting. During these 7 days, you can cancel your subscription to a channel and even delete your credit card details if you think a channel is underwhelming and you would rather not risk having your credit cards available to the channels.

How much do Amazon channel subscriptions cost?

Subscribing to Amazon channels is not what you would call cost-effective. Unlike the alternatives, you pay a lot more for the same service. This is because you have to be subscribed to the Amazon channels and Amazon Prime at a time. As a result, you end up paying for two services – one which you use and the other which you do not use.

However, Amazon channels come with big pros as you do not enter your card details on too many applications and platforms. Through Amazon channel subscriptions, all of your favourite channels are hosted on Amazon and you can easily do all you want through the application.

What can you watch on Amazon channels?

If you are coming from Amazon Prime, the Amazon channel is a different kind of beast as you have a lot more options. Amazon channels come in a variety of flavours to suit your taste in movies and entertainment. You can pick genres that offer sports, documentaries, music, children’s shows, and even horror movies.

The channels that are available on the service vary depending on your location. For regions in the United States, however, you will have access to Paramount Plus, Shudder, Starz, AMC Plus, Epix, and Discovery Plus.

All of these come at different prices.

How long do Amazon channel subscriptions last

Amazon channel subscriptions are typically charged monthly. As an instance, Paramount Plus comes at $9.99 per month. You will get the option to pay the charges for a year or to pay monthly when you subscribe to this service.

The subscription will only last the length you subscribed for.

Amazon channel subscriptions

There are many great options to choose from when picking what video service to subscribe to other than Amazon Prime. This chapter will talk about three common subscription services, how to subscribe to each of them, and how to also cancel at any time. You should know that when using these services on Amazon, the processes are the same and you could replicate the same thing with two or more services.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that offers new and classic movies and its rich slate of Paramount Plus originals. This streaming service is well-known for the Star Trek series as it is one of the channels that have broadcasted this series over the years.

Although there have been talks about the future of Paramount Plus, the streaming service is still expanding internationally. It is now available in the United Kingdom, with its slate of UK-produced original content on the way.

How much are Paramount Plus subscriptions

There are primarily three plans for subscribers of Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus Essential comes at $4.99 per month, the premium plan at $9.99 per month, and the showtime subscription plan at $12 per month. With the last of the plans – showtime subscription – you will be shown advertisements periodically.

Best movies on Paramount Plus

What defines best in movies varies from one person to another as it is subjective. However, there are quite a few popular movies that you could find on Paramount Plus and these include:

  1. The original wave of Star Trek movies
  2. The complete Indiana Jones series
  3. All three Godfather movies
  4. Many Tom Cruise movies

To be fair, the list is endless. You may want to check if your favourite series is available on Paramount Plus by checking here.

Where is Paramount Plus available

Paramount Plus is available in about 30 countries. These include Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States, and Venezuela.

How to cancel paramount plus on amazon

You can cancel paramount plus on Amazon by visiting your Amazon Prime. You can do that easily by clicking here. You probably will need to enter your password to proceed and pass a reCaptcha test. Upon successful login, you will see a screen like the one below.

How to cancel paramount plus on amazon

You should see the channels you are subscribed to in the circled part of the screenshot. If there is nothing there, it is because you have not subscribed to any video channel.

If you are subscribed to Paramount Plus on Amazon, you can proceed to the channel and click Cancel Channel. You will find this in front of Paramount Plus.


Starz is another one of the premium streaming services you can subscribe to on Amazon. Like Paramount Plus, it is a service that has contended for the top spot in the last few years.

This video channel is owned by Lionsgate and in addition to a 24-hour channel, it offers a traditional on-demand subscription channel. Starz makes all of its content available to channel subscribers as well as streaming-only subscribers.

How much are Starz subscriptions

Starz subscriptions give you great value for your money. At $8.99 per month, you enjoy a cord-cutting life.

While you subscribe to this service on Amazon, it might be cost-effective to use the service through the Starz app, which similar to the Amazon application, can be used anywhere. Starz mobile application has support for several devices. These include Kindle Fire Tablet, Kindle Fire Phone, Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Select Smart TVs.

Why Starz?

Other than providing service to you on any mobile device you could own in 2022, Starz allows you a rich of functionalities. One of these is its support for offline content when you are not connected to the internet.

Best movies on Starz Channel

Starz has a myriad of movie collections. In the case you are wondering if Starz has your favourite movies, here are a few of the latest movies that you can find on the channel:

  1. Don’t Breathe 2
  2. Monster Hunter
  3. Naked Singularity
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  5. Spiral: From the Book of Saw
  6. The Craft: Legacy
  7. The Father
  8. The Kid Detective
Where is Starz available

Right now, you are probably wondering if you could access Starz in your location. As a US streaming service, Starz is available throughout the United States. If you live outside the United States and you wonder if you can access this service, however, you can check your cable and satellite suppliers for options and special offers.

If you want to sign up for a streaming-only subscription, see if Starz is available in your location either as a standalone service or an add-on on Amazon, Google, Apple TV, or exclusive local services, like Crave in Canada.

How to cancel Starz on amazon

The cancellation of the Starz subscription on Amazon is the same as for Paramount Plus. You will need to proceed here and follow the steps that were explained under Paramount Plus.


The Epix film library is rather impressive. It comes with a massive roster of classic and contemporary Hollywood movies and indie darlings. These options include recent blockbusters and indies like The Lost City, The Wrath of Man, The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and Love and Monsters. You will also find classic movies like The Warriors, Three Days of the Condor, Night of the Living Dead, and Escape from Alcatraz.

This streaming service is owned by MGM and it is a 24-hour premium TV network. It is made up of the flagship Epix and Epix Drive-In channels, and it offers a total of four premium, ad-free, pay TV channels, and on-demand services.

How much are Epix subscriptions

Epix costs about $5.99 per month as a cable channel. To check if there are special deals for you on the streaming platform, you may have to check your local providers to confirm.

Epix is not just limited to cable subscribers though. Cord cutters have a great option

Best movies on Epix

While there are Epix Originals on the channel, here are a few of the highly-rated movies in recent times that you can find on Epix:

  1. The Lost City
  2. The Wrath of Man
  3. Bill & Ted Face the Music
  4. The Wolf of Snow Hollow
  5. Love and Monsters
  6. The Warriors
  7. Three Days of the Condor
  8. Night of the Living Dead
  9. Escape from Alcatraz. Y
How to cancel Epix on amazon

Similar to Starz and Paramount Plus, the process of cancelling your subscription is the same. Kindly check the walkthrough on Paramount Plus to see how to cancel your subscription to Epix at any time on Amazon.

Amazon Channels and their service charges


  1. Best TV Ever. $0.99.
  2. BET Plus. $9.99.
  3. BroadwayHD. $8.99.
  4. Brown Sugar. $3.99.
  5. Cohen Media Channel. $4.99.
  6. CONtv. $4.99.
  7. Dekkoo. $9.99.
  8. Here TV. $7.99.
  9. Hi-YAH!. $2.99.
  10. IFC Films Unlimited. $5.99.
  11. Indie Club. $2.99.
  12. IndiePix Unlimited. $5.99.
  13. Magnolia Selects. $4.99.
  14. REELZ . $1.99.
  15. Shout! Factory TV. $2.99.


  1. Fear Factory. $2.99.
  2. Full Moon. $6.99.
  3. Monsters and Nightmares. $2.99.
  4. Screambox. $4.99.
  5. Shudder. $5.99.
  6. XLTV. $4.99.

Health and Wellness

  1. AcaciaTV. $6.99.
  2. BeFiT. $6.99.
  3. Daily Burn. $14.95.
  4. Fitfusion. $6.99.
  5. Gaiam TV Fit & Yoga. $6.99.
  6. Grokker Yoga. $6.99.


  1. Acorn TV. $6.99.
  2. Best of British Television. $3.99.
  3. BritBox. $6.99.
  4. Cocina ON. $3.99.
  5. FlixLatino. $2.99.
  6. J-Edge. $3.99.
  7. MHz Choice. $7.99.
  8. Pantaya. $5.99.
  9. PBS Masterpiece. $5.99.
  10. Toku. $3.99.
  11. True Royalty. $5.99.
  12. Vemox Cine. $3.99.

Kids and Family

  1. Ameba. $3.99.
  2. Boomerang. $4.99.
  3. Dove Channel. $4.99.
  4. DreamWorksTV. $4.99.
  5. Kartoon Channel. $3.99.
  6. Kidstream. $4.99.
  7. Noggin. $7.99.
  8. PBS KIDS. $4.99.
  9. PixL. $1.99.
  10. Ryan and Friends Plus. $3.99.
  11. UP Faith & Family. $4.99.

Learn and Discover

  1. A&E Crime Central. $4.99.
  2. BBC Select. $4.99.
  3. CuriosityStream. $2.99.
  4. Daring Docs. $2.99.
  5. Doc Club. $2.99.
  6. Docurama. $4.99.
  7. Dox. $2.99.
  8. Gaia. $11.99.
  9. PBS Documentaries. $3.99.
  10. PBS Living. $2.99.
  11. Tastemade. $2.99.
  12. The Great Courses Signature Collection. $7.99.
  13. XiveTV . $4.99.


  1. Qello Concerts. $7.99
  2. Stingray Classica. $6.99.
  3. Stingray Djazz. $6.99.
  4. Stingray Karaoke. $6.99.
  5. The Coda Collection. $4.99.


  1. ALLBLK. $5.99.
  2. AMC Plus. $8.99.
  3. Best Westerns Ever. $1.99.
  4. Cinemax. $9.99.
  5. Discovery+. $4.99.
  6. Epix. $5.99.
  7. Eros Now. $4.99.
  8. Freevee. Free, with advertisement.
  9. Hallmark Movies Now. $5.99.
  10. HISTORY Vault. $4.99.
  11. IndieFlix Shorts. $2.99.
  12. Lifetime Movie Club. $4.99.
  13. MovieSphere. $4.99.
  14. Paramount Plus. $9.99.
  15. SHOWTIME. $10.99.
  16. STARZ. $8.99.
  17. Strand Releasing. $4.99.

Sports and Outdoors

  1. FUEL TV Plus. $4.99.
  2. MLB.TV. $24.99.
  3. Motortrend. $4.99.
  4. MyOutdoorTV. $9.99.
  5. NBA League Pass. $14.99.
  6. NBA TV. $6.99.
  7. Outside TV Features. $4.99.
  8. The Surf Network. $5.99.

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How to get started with Amazon channel subscriptions

To subscribe to any of the Amazon channels, you must be an Amazon Prime user. If you want to subscribe to a single channel outside of Amazon, you may proceed to the channel’s official website to do this as it helps you save costs.

Amazon Prime charges $14.99 every month. For subscribers who qualify for government assistance, they receive an Amazon Prime membership at $6.99 per month.

To get started with Amazon channel subscriptions, sign in to your Amazon account and proceed to the homepage.

  1. Hover on Account & Lists. This will show a drop-down menu from where you can proceed to your account. Alternatively, you may proceed to your account directly from here.
How to get started with Amazon channel subscriptions
  1. Look for Prime from the options. It should be towards the right of the screen.
How to get started with Amazon channel subscriptions
  1. You will be redirected to a page that welcomes you to Amazon Prime. You should see a screen like the one below. To activate your Amazon Prime membership, click on Start your free 30-day trial.
How to get started with Amazon channel subscriptions
  1. Scroll down till you see options telling you to pick a payment method. If you have a credit card or any payment method connected to your account beforehand, you should see the card as one of the options. You can add a new credit/debit card or use a gift card from here.
How to get started with Amazon channel subscriptions
  1. Upon successful payment, you can proceed to subscribe to your favourite Amazon channel on the website.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership

You should know by cancelling your Amazon Prime membership, you are severing your link to Amazon channel subscriptions on Amazon.

You can cancel your membership by looking for Membership & Subscriptions under Account & Lists and proceeding to cancel the particular subscription you no longer want.

How to cancel Amazon Prime membership

How to remove card details on Amazon

There are cases where you cancel your subscription to a certain Amazon channel and you still get charged. For whatever reason that may have caused this, you may want to remove your card details until it has been resolved, in the case you file a complaint with Amazon customer care.

You can remove your card details on Amazon by following the steps below:

  1. Proceed to your account by hovering on Account & Lists. Look for Account and click on this option.
How to remove card details on Amazon
  1. Proceed by clicking on Payment Methods. This will redirect you to the page where you remove any card that is connected to your account.
How to remove card details on Amazon


Amazon channel subscriptions are additional services provided through Amazon Prime. Through this service, you get access to content from premium third-party networks and other streaming channels without leaving your Amazon Prime account. Amazon channel subscriptions come at an additional price.

These services differ in price. There are many genres to pick from and depending on which channel, the price ranges from $5 to $19.99 for some of the services. Kindly proceed to the section where we listed all the channels and their subscription fees.

Yes, you have to be subscribed to Prime. Amazon channel is not a standalone service. To use any of the services (channels) through Amazon, you will need to pay for Amazon Prime and also for the channel you want to subscribe to.

There are as many as 90+ premium third-party channels that you can subscribe to on Amazon Prime. These include entertainment channels, premium channels, kids, sports, and a lot more. Amazon channels are a wealth of video resources.

We have dedicated a chapter to explaining the process of subscribing to an Amazon channel. Kindly refer to this for the walkthrough. The process is similar for any channel you want to subscribe to.

You can check your active subscriptions by going to Account & List and then clicking on Membership and Subscriptions. This will populate your screen with the channels and services to which your account is currently subscribed to. From here, you can cancel a service at any time.

You can manage your prime video channels by going to Membership and Subscriptions. You can find this on a desktop by hovering on Account and Lists, and a mobile device by proceeding to your account and scrolling down till you see the option.

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime channels do not include local channels. You will only find premium third-party video channels here.

People who qualify for special offers receive discounts on their subscriptions. Typically, an Amazon Prime membership goes for $9.99 per month. Residents of the United States who are under government assistance can get this service for $4.99. Unless you quality, you will be required to pay the total fee.

Cancelling your Starz channel subscription is similar to cancelling any other video channel subscription on the website. Please refer to our guide on how to cancel Paramount Plus on Amazon for the walkthrough.

Yes, you can use your debit card and even a third-party gift card. Amazon takes credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards for payment for literally all of its services.

Amazon Prime goes beyond access to videos on the platform. You get various perks, including free delivery (two-day, one-day and same-day delivery options), streaming, shopping, and reading benefits on its site.

Amazon Channel is offered by third parties through Amazon. Ordinarily, you could subscribe to these services outside of Amazon, but Amazon hopes to make it easier by integrating support for these channels inside the application. With Prime Video, it is offered by Amazon and you only have to pay for an Amazon Prime membership to have access to the service.

Yes, it is. Amazon Prime gives you access to its streaming service and TV through membership to the service.

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