How to get a refund on Amazon: Whether it’s a TV or a pair of shoes that didn’t operate as intended, Amazon offers simple 30-day returns for the majority of its products. In rare circumstances, you may be eligible for full reimbursement without even returning the goods if you follow the return policies.

You can find all the information you require on how to get a refund on Amazon in our concise guide.

What is Amazon’s Refund Policy?

The Amazon refund policy allows you to send an item back to Amazon and possibly get a refund if you qualify. However, you must purchase these items through Amazon to be able to return them.

If the item you want to get a refund for was sold by a third-party merchant, you need to request a refund from that merchant directly.

Usually, you need to return most items before you qualify for a refund. Although you can still get a refund without returning the item, this only happens in some cases.

If your order was Pay on Delivery, you will receive the refund through your bank account or on your Amazon account.

What is Amazon's Refund Policy

To avoid complications, the name on your Amazon account should be the same as the one on your card.

Most items purchased on Amazon have a 30-day return window. It’s always worth checking for your specific product, as some products may have a different return window based on the seller or product category.

How Does Amazon Refund Work?

Amazon returns are easy. You only need to log in to your account, select the order and item you want to return, choose the refund payment method, and follow the instructions.

With Amazon’s large partnerships, you can return your stuff to an Amazon locker, USPS store, Whole Foods, or nearby Kohl’s department store.

Ideally, you will receive a refund on your order in 3-5 working days after the item is back in the warehouse.

Amazon’s refund is customer-friendly. You will most likely get a refund for a purchase for any reason.

The company drafted the policy to ensure customers are satisfied and that they can get a refund if they changed their minds or if the item arrived damaged.

If you’re unsatisfied with a purchase, you can return the item within 30 business days for a full refund.

However, you will need to contact a third-party seller if you didn’t buy directly through Amazon.

How To Get A Refund On Amazon

Follow the steps below to get a refund on Amazon 

  • Step 1:  Log in to your Amazon account 
  • Step 2: Move to Account and List then click on Your Account from the drop-down 
How Can I Get A Refund On Amazon?. Tutorial Image 1
  • Step 3:  Select Your Orders 
How Can I Get A Refund On Amazon?. Tutorial Image 2
  • Step 4: Look for the item you want to return and click “Return or replace items.”
  • Step 5: Select a problem that describes why you want to get a refund.
How Can I Get A Refund On Amazon?. Tutorial Image 3
  • Step 6: Choose how you want to send the item back to Amazon.
How Can I Get A Refund On Amazon?. Tutorial Image 4
  • Step 7: Pack and return the item using your chosen return method.

Can I Request A Refund From Amazon Customer Service?

Yes, you can!!

The first step in making a refund request through Amazon’s customer service team is to go to the website’s Customer Service page.

Once there, click “A delivery, order, or return” to continue.

Then, you must take the following actions:

  • Choose the item you want to have refunded in step one.
  • Step 2: Select “Returns and Refunds” from the menu.
  • Step 3: Pick a particular justification for your request for a refund.
  • Step 4: To address your issues, Amazon’s customer service team will get in touch with you through email, phone, or live chat.

When Can I Request For a Refund?

You can request a refund on Amazon within 30 working days after the item has been delivered to you.

After 30 business days, you will be liable for defects that came with the products and your return request will be rejected.

You can return these products to any Amazon locker, USPS store, Whole Foods, and nearby Kohl’s department store.

How Can I Check the Status Of a Refund?

You can check the progress of your Amazon refund through your account. Follow the steps below to do this easily:

  1. Navigate to Orders under “Account and List”
  1. Select Order Details from the drop-down menu next to the order you returned.
  1. Check under Order Summary for information about the returned product

Contact Amazon customer care if the status is still “Not Refunded” after your payment method’s processing time has passed and you haven’t received the refund balance.

Call your bank for more information if the refund status is “Refunded” and the refund sum isn’t in your preferred refund method.

Without making a return, can you get a refund from Amazon?

Yes, you can in some cases. 

Sometimes, Amazon may decide that you don’t need to return an item for a refund to be given. When you seek a refund, you will typically be informed of this and be able to check the progress of the item at the Returns Center.

If you have issues with a product you bought and contact customer support, the agent might also inform you that you do not have to send the product back to get a refund.

Can I get a refund if the price of an item I purchased on Amazon drops after I’ve already paid for it?

Not at all

Nothing is more annoying than discovering after you’ve just bought something that the price has decreased significantly. Although there isn’t a law requiring Amazon to refund you if the price reduces, you can try contacting customer support to get the difference back.

While they may occasionally agree, your best option is to return the item for a refund within the 30-day return window, then repurchase it at the discounted price.

Can Amazon give you a refund for a delayed delivery?


If your purchase was delivered late, your shipping charge can be refunded, according to Amazon. This is only accurate for products that are marked as having guaranteed delivery on the checkout page.

You will need to provide evidence that the carrier didn’t try to deliver the items after the promised delivery date to get the delivery fee waived.

How Long Does Amazon Refund Take?

Amazon refunds can take between 3-5 days after it arrives at the warehouse. This depends on how long it takes before the authenticity of your complaint is verified.

Typically, Amazon will begin the refund procedure immediately after receiving the returned item.

If you don’t have to ship the products back, the operation should move considerably faster. Keep in mind that one of the factors that affect the response time is the initial payment method.

If you use a credit card when paying, you will get a refund faster than many others. Here are the estimated time frames depending on the payment method:

Payment MethodRefund Time
Amazon Gift Card 2 to 3 hours 
Gift Card Balance 2 to 3 hours 
Credit Card 3 to 5 days 
Reward points Up to 5 business days 
Checking account Up to 10 business days 
Debit Card Up to 10 business days
SNAP EBT card Up to 10 business days 
Pay in cash Up to 10 business days 
Prepaid Credit Card Up to  30 days 

Can I Return Items Purchased From Third-Parties?

The premise for this is simple – you will need to return these items to the third-party sellers, and not to Amazon.

If you want a refund, you will also need to contact the merchant whom you purchased the item from.

Amazon is not liable for these third-party sales and returns. However, this shouldn’t stop you from buying through these sellers on the website.

They are thoroughly vetted before they become sellers. Moreover, many of them have return policies to ensure they keep their customers happy.

When buying through a third-party seller, ensure that they have a 90-day return policy on the product.

Will Amazon Return My Money In Full?

Yes, provided that you adhere to Amazon’s return policy, they will refund your money in full.

Before we continue, you should be aware that Amazon and other Amazon sellers have the option to provide you with either a full or partial refund.

Here is a quick breakdown of the two:

Refund in full

A complete refund, as the name implies, will give you your entire purchase price back, including shipping costs.

You’ll receive a full refund from Amazon and independent sellers if you return the product undamaged and complete. If the wrong package is delivered to you or a vendor error occurs, you may also be eligible for a complete refund.

Partial Refund:

A partial refund, in contrast to a complete refund, entails recovering less money than you initially shelled out. Here are some typical scenarios in which Amazon vendors will issue you a partial refund:

  • You miss Amazon’s 30-day deadline for returning the item.
  • The item’s damages are your fault.
  • You decide not to return the item(s) you purchased.

According to the item’s condition and restocking fees, the following is the refund amount for a partial refund:

  1. Items that are in brand-new condition but have passed the 30-day try-back period of 80 percent of the full cost
  2. VHS tapes, vinyl records, or discs that have been opened half of the total cost
  3. Items that are broken, gone, or not originally 50% or more of the total cost.

How does Amazon Prime refunding work?

For the majority of purchases shipped directly from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace vendors, Amazon Prime members are eligible for free returns and refunds. “Free Returns” is indicated next to the price of items that are eligible for free returns and refunds.

You have two options: you can add the remaining funds to your Amazon account for use on future purchases, or you can get a refund on the credit or debit card you used to make the transaction.

You can be given the choice of an immediate refund, depending on the item you’re returning. You will receive your money refunded right away, but you still have 30 days to return the goods.

Are Amazon Music purchases refundable?

Amazon does not provide refunds for services like Amazon Music that are already a part of the Amazon Prime subscription. As long as you haven’t already placed any orders using your Prime perks, you can cancel your entire Amazon Prime subscription and receive a full refund.

If you have just utilized the shipping perks, you are eligible for a partial refund; however, if you have utilized some of the other benefits, such as Prime Music, Prime Video, and Twitch, you are not eligible for a refund.

You can cancel your subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited at any time, but refunds are not offered even if you haven’t utilized the service.

What Reasons Qualify for Amazon Refund?

When you start a return on Amazon through your account, you will be asked to select the reason for the return.

However, you should keep in mind that you have the right to return your order to Amazon even if you don’t have any specific reason for it, as long as the return is in line with the company’s rules.

Here are the most common reasons why people return orders to Amazon:

You simply don’t like the product

You can return a product if you think it is underwhelming and isn’t what you hoped for. Provided the product comes back and is not damaged when returned, Amazon will give you back the money.

The only drawback is that there’s no guarantee that Amazon will pay for shipping if you return a product you don’t like.

Item is Different from the Description

Note that this applies to items purchased through Amazon. If you bought through a third-party merchant, the policy might differ.

Amazon will deem it “materially different” and refund you.

Damaged Item

For a retailer as large as Amazon, this is a rare occurrence. However, you can return orders that were damaged while being delivered.

This may happen if the product you’ve ordered is easy to break, and you have the right to request a full refund for it.

Final Thoughts

Amazon gives you the right to return any product you purchase through the retailer. The return policy ensures you can return an item within 30 working days after it was delivered.

Although we talked about how to get a refund on Amazon, know that doing this scandalously is illegal and could carry court charges.

When you request a refund from Amazon, you should expect to get the entire balance. Amazon may not cover the delivery charges, however.

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