Do you know more than 14% of Americans have fallen victim to porch piracy in the last 12 months? With e-commerce and online delivery taking over the retail world, it’s not unexpected.

However, you can guard yourself against package theft through a program run by Amazon. This article will discuss how to use Amazon locker as well as Amazon Counter. Keep on reading to learn more!

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How To Use Amazon Locker: The Best Guide

In 2021, more than 210 million packages were stolen. When computed, these packages cost billions of dollars.

How To Use Amazon Locker: The Best Guide

To prevent the rise in porch piracy, Amazon rolled out two similar Amazon Hub programs. The value you get from these programs depends on how much you’re paying.

There are more than 2,800 lockers across 70 metropolitan areas in the United States. If you stay in any of the industrial environments, you probably are close to a locker without knowing.

With Amazon locker, you significantly reduce the chances of your package being stolen.

Keep on reading to learn about how to use Amazon locker.

What Is Amazon Locker?

Usually, it’s not safe to get packages dropped at your doorstep. You may be at your workplace or be indoors sleeping. In this case, a thief can easily steal your package.

Amazon offers a convenient solution to prevent piracy and save the money of its customers. The Amazon locker gives you a secure place to keep your packages when they are dropped off. You can then come to claim your package when you’re free.

The Amazon locker ensures you’re not being impersonated by requiring a code sent to your email address. Unless your email account is compromised, you should have no worries about your package falling into the wrong hand.

Amazon locker is free.

Is Amazon Locker The Same As Amazon Hub?

Amazon locker is a service under Amazon Hub. As of today, Amazon offers two similar services to ensure security on customers’ packages. One of these services is Amazon locker.

The Amazon Hub is a partnership between Amazon and local businesses in the United States and abroad to provide a free, secure location to deliver your packages.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon Hub has two divisions depending on the partnership: Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter.

How Does Amazon Locker Differ From Amazon Counter?

Amazon has two similar services that ensure secure storage of customers’ orders, both referred to as Amazon Hub.

Amazon Locker is popular between the two and can be found around town in locations like shipping centres, malls, and retail stores.

If you use Amazon locker, you will need to find your locker and enter the code sent to your email address. The locker should open up and you can pick up your order.

If you use Amazon counter, it’s almost similar to Amazon locker. However, you will need to show the email sent to you to a middleman.

This middleman holding your package will scan the QR code or enter the passcode before handing the box to you.

You should know that you can also use the QR code sent to you when you want to unlock the locker.

How Exactly Do You Use Amazon Locker?

If you reside in the United States and want to know how to use Amazon locker, you can get started by following this link.

You will need to enter a general area where you would like to pick up your orders. Once you’ve found a location close to you, you can add the new address and select it on your subsequent orders.

Alternatively, follow these steps to get started:

  1. Follow this link to access the addresses on your Amazon account. From there, select Add Address.
How Exactly Do You Use Amazon Locker? -image - 1
  1. Look for the option that says “or find an Amazon pickup location near you.” Click on this option.
How Exactly Do You Use Amazon Locker? -image - 2
  1. You should see Locker and Counter as it appears on the screen below. The map to the right shows where this pickup is if you’re unsure.
How Exactly Do You Use Amazon Locker? -image - 3
  1. Search for a general area close to you and add this address.
How Exactly Do You Use Amazon Locker? -image - 4
  1. After completing this process, you can choose this address to receive your order in the future.

Note that orders that were delivered to pickup stations will be returned to Amazon after three days provided the recipient does not come to pick them up,

In the case of Amazon Counter, the order stays at the store for 7 days, after which it’ll be returned.

Amazon may not cover the delivery/return cost.

To learn more about Amazon returns, read how to get a refund on Amazon.

How Do I Get My Package From Amazon Locker?

Now that you know how to use Amazon locker, you should know you will need the code sent to your email address to claim your package at the pickup location.

You necessarily do not have to go to the locker by yourself. If you have a close friend, you can forward the email to him.

You will need to enter the passcode on the Amazon locker screen. If the pin is correct, you get your package easily.

An alternative to the Amazon Hub is Amazon key delivery.

Can I Use Amazon Locker To Return Items?

You can return items to Amazon and get a refund through Amazon locker.

Firstly, you will need to generate a code on Amazon’s official website. You can then proceed to the locker and enter the passcode.

One thing to note about using Amazon Locker to return items is that there may not be space in the locker for your item. The code sent to you by Amazon will be good at that location for 30 days, but after that, you’ll have to initiate a new return request.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon Locker?

You get many benefits by using an Amazon locker. Before we list these pros, it’s essential we mention you’ll spend from your pocket to go to this locker if it’s not close by.

Here are some of the benefits you get from using Amazon locker:

Amazon Locker Is Free To Use

A huge pro to using Amazon Hub Locker is that it doesn’t cost a dime!

When you select a pickup location as your shipping address, Amazon doesn’t add any charges to your order. However, you will need to pay for your transport if it’s a few blocks away.

You Can Easily Return Packages With Amazon Locker

If you’re not satisfied with a package you purchase on Amazon, you can easily return this package by dropping it off at a locker near you.

You will need to generate a code on the official website, after which you can proceed to any locker close to you.

Rather than looking for which Amazon warehouse to return this package, this is a game changer.

Lockers Help Prevent Porch Piracy

Saved the most crucial for last. Using an Amazon locker helps prevent the theft of your packages. Unless your email address is compromised, only you can get your orders.

You will need to enter a code sent to your email address to retrieve your package.

Friends can help you pick up your package too. You will need to send them the code to unlock the locker.

What Are The Restrictions On Amazon Locker?

Here are some of the restrictions on Amazon locker. You can consider them as cons.

  • Amazon lockers are not available in every location where Amazon delivers. Usually, you need to be in industrial areas to use this service.
  • You cannot use Amazon locker to receive emails.
  • You also need to pick up your order within three days after it was delivered. After three days, your order will be returned to a warehouse.

What Countries Are Amazon Locker Available In?

Amazon locker is available in:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Austria
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • United Arab Emirates

As for the Amazon counter, you can use the service in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey

Final Thoughts

Amazon is not perfect, however, it ensures the security of its customers’ orders. Amazon Hub Locker is one of the services rolled out to do exactly this.

You can check the locations available for pickup here. When using the service, you will need to enter the passcode sent to your email address or scan the QR Code.

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