Amazon gift return: If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that someone sent you a gift from Amazon. Perhaps, they sent the wrong color or you have too many of that particular product, and you want to return the product to Amazon.

Whatever your reason, the good news is that you can return gifts and get a full refund if they’re unopened and undamaged.

To learn more about this, kindly keep on reading!

Amazon Gift Return: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know that you may send back gifts you received from Amazon without the sender knowing?

Amazon Gift Return

Oh, you sure can!

If you’ve thought about returning an Amazon gift in the past, you undoubtedly already know that your choice depends on whether the sender would be informed.

Of course, they won’t. Everything there is to know about Amazon Gift Returns is covered in this article.

How To Return Amazon Gift

Here’s how to return gifts to Amazon and get a full refund without the sender suspecting it.

  • Enter the 17-digit order number on the slip that came with your package. You can also check the digital gift receipt if you can’t find this number in the package anymore.
  • Click on Search and look for the gift you want to return from the order. Note that while you can send gifts in bulk, it’s recommended to repeat the process individually to not have complications where order numbers differ.
  • In the prompt asking you for the reason for your return, select the one that best describes your reasons and proceed.
  • Print your return permission and label now, if necessary (not all returns require printing). At this stage of the procedure, if you discover that you are without a printer, Amazon will email you a link to your label, which you can print at a later time. Another option is to have it printed out for you by someone else. But keep in mind that each return requires a separate return label.
  • Last but not least, include the return authorization in your package with your gift (which, of course, must be in the same condition as it was when you received it), and then affix the label to the outside of the box. You are now prepared to return the gift.

Note that when returning gifts to Amazon warehouses, you will only be refunded with Amazon gift cards. However, this is as good as cash; you can reuse the credit on the card to purchase another item you truly like on Amazon.

If you cannot find the order number for the package you want to return, you can use the tracking number to retrieve the order number.

You should call Amazon customer service to do this for you. If you do not have the tracking number, they can also process the retrieval with only the sender’s name.

Amazon makes it easy to return packages to its warehouse. Except for the part where you physically visit a nearby Amazon hub locker or hand over the package to the courier, the process is overall simple.

What is the Amazon return policy?

Amazon return policy is a set of guidelines that guides gift returns from customers. 

For Amazon to accept a returned package from a customer, it must follow these set of key guidelines below:

Must be offered by Amazon directly.

As many Amazon products are offered, processed, and sold by third parties, you can only fully benefit from returns if all of your orders are completed by Amazon.

On the product page, it must be noted whether returns are free.

If the item expressly permits a free return, you may only do so without justifying. For other products, shipping and restocking costs could be necessary.

They need to be in excellent shape.

The item must be returned in the same condition as you received it. Also preserved should be all accessories, authenticity certifications, and other collateral.

The return must be made within 30 days. 

Normally, items that are broken, flawed, or wrongly characterized are available for a full refund upon return within a 30-day window.

If I Return a Gift on Amazon, Does the Sender Know?

The answer to this question is NO

Probably the biggest reason why returning gifts to Amazon doesn’t sit right with many people.

Amazon does not inform the sender when you return their gifts to get a refund. Unless the package is worth over $2,000 and Amazon needs to refund the money through the original payment gateway, the sender will not be informed.

Where Can I Return an Amazon Gift?

Amazon provides options that are convenient and easy for you to return a gift package after following the process. 

The available options are :

  • Kohl’s 
  • The UPS Store 
  • Whole Foods Grocery Store 
  • Amazon Physical Stores and Lockers 


All Kohl’s shops now accept Amazon returns (excluding Anchorage, Alaska). Save time and money by returning qualifying items to Kohl’s locations.

Your label is printed, your box is sealed, and all other services are handled by Kohls. That’s how simple it is.

Amazon will email you a QR code once you’ve chosen your Kohl’s drop-off location and confirmed your return on The code should be in your inbox. When making your return at the Kohl’s store, you must either print the QR code or use your smartphone to scan it.

The UPS Store 

Your products can also be dropped off at The UPS Store. Choose The UPS Store Drop Off as your method of return for your Amazon purchase. With this strategy, you do not need to box or mark your things. Instead, The UPS Store will package, mark, and ship your return.

Similar to Kohl’s, Amazon has partnered with The UPS Store to provide easy returns.

Amazon will provide you with a list of nearby UPS Store locations based on where you live.

Whole Foods Grocery Store 

Whole Foods Market locations are now accepting Amazon gift returns. Gift returns are only permitted in a select few locations. No box or label is necessary to return eligible gifts. Start your return. Choose your preferred Whole Foods Market as the drop-off location.

Amazon Physical Stores and Lockers

If your return package is accepted, the Amazon Returns Center will display the option to return it to an Amazon Hub Locker. You can select a nearby locker from the map if you choose this option.

The item must be less than 18 by 14 by 12 inches if you chose the Amazon hub locker.

During the return process, you must first produce a code or QR code on the website. To open a slot and drop your return, enter the code.

Should you need to read more about How To Use Amazon Locker, we provided an article just for you!

Note: Kohl’s or The UPS Store are better options if you have a large item.

What to do if you don’t have an “Amazon box”

The cardboard box you received from Amazon can be used to package the returned item. Amazon will still accept it even if you package it in another cardboard box or a sturdy envelope and send it back if you throw away the box or tear it upon opening it.

To prevent damage during transit, make sure to cushion the item when packing it.

How to Cancel a Gift Return to Amazon

You must first cancel the return once before going through the subsequent steps if you want to change the refund method from credit card to gift certificate balance.

After completing the return process on the Amazon app or website, you may decide to change your mind. Here, we describe how to reverse a gift return.

Follow the steps below:

  • Select the product for which the return process has been finished by tapping it in the order history. It should read, “Return started”
  • Select “Check return status”
  • Cancel return” should be tapped.
  • The message “Return/Exchange has been canceled” will appear if you tap “Cancel Return” once again on the next screen.

Do I Have to Pay Return Shipping Charges?

Your return shipment may be free in some circumstances, says Amazon. The cost of return shipping will be taken from your refund if you use the return label offered in the Returns Center to return an item and the reason for the return isn’t due to an error.

Each return shipment will be assessed a single flat price in addition to a smaller fee for each item. The item with the greatest per-shipment cost in each return shipment sets the per-shipment fee; per-item fees are imposed following the products you’re returning.

Through Your Orders, you can combine returns of items from various orders into a single package.

Is It Possible to Get Cash in Exchange for a Gift Receipt?

Cash refunds are currently not available on refunds from a gift receiver,

The full amount paid by the sender will be refunded to your Amazon account as a gift card to be reused on the retailer’s website.  Amazon gift cards are as good as cash these days.

You should note that items worth more than $2,000 can only be refunded through the original payment method. In that case, the refund would go through the person who sent you the gift.

Can Used Gifts Be Returned To Amazon?

Not at all 

If you hope to get a full refund, returned items must be unopened and undamaged. Although you can request a refund on items that aren’t in the original condition, Amazon will likely not refund you the entire value of the item.

Since it’s a gift and you didn’t spend your money buying it, this may not be a big concern for you.

I don’t have the gift receipt, can I still return the gift to Amazon?

Yes, you can!

You can return presents for a full refund value in the form of Amazon gift cards as long as they are in their original condition.

If you misplaced the receipt or the gift didn’t include a receipt, you shouldn’t freak out. Contact Amazon customer service and explain everything to them, that’s all that needs to be done.

For them to get the data you need for the return process, you would need to give them the specifics of the shipment. The customer support specialist would then instruct you on what to do next.

Can I Get a Refund With a Gift Receipt?

If you have a receipt or other proof of purchase, you are eligible for a full refund or exchange. Use the packaging slip’s 17-digit order number.

Amazon will exchange the item or issue a gift card refund even if you don’t have a receipt as long as it is in good shape and unopened.

What Are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are cards preloaded with a set amount of money. It can only be used for Amazon purchases. They can be sent electronically or by mail and come in various monetary values.

Amazon gift cards are popular since they can buy almost anything. They never expire and are reloadable.

How do I check the status of my gift return? 

The Return Summary email you received after requesting your return or the Returns Center both allow you to trace your return. Instant refunds are not available to receivers of gifts. After receiving your return, Amazon will process your refund as an Gift Card if you are the intended recipient.

Does Amazon inspect returned items?


For opened items, Amazon conducts return inspections.

After the return, packages that were opened or damaged after delivery are not eligible for a complete refund.

Do You Need a Reason to Return an Item?

Yes, you must give a reason.

It’s completely fair to say that you simply don’t need or want the thing if that is your responsibility.

Choose the option that most accurately reflects your justifications when prompted with a reason for your return, then carry on.

Are There Any Amazon Gift Items That Are Non-returnable?

Yes of course 

Amazon is renowned for being quite lenient with returns. Check to be sure the gift you want to return isn’t on the list of things that Amazon won’t accept for returns, whether or not they are gifts.

Included in this list of items are:

  • Open software and video games 
  • Downloadable software 
  • Personal and healthcare products 
  • Products with shipping restrictions 
  • Some Jewelry 
  • Products without a UPC or serial number 
  • Live insects or plants 
  • Grocery products or Amazon Fresh items
  • Online subscriptions that have already been accessed
  • Theme park tickets 
  • Pet food 
  • Any product containing hazardous materials like gasses or inflammable liquids 
  • Amazon Appstore, Amazon digital music, and Amazon video purchases. 

Final Thoughts

Similar to regular packages, you can send back gifts and get a full refund. However, the gift must meet a few requirements to be eligible – it must be unopened and undamaged.

There’s a 30-day window on packages after which they won’t be eligible for a refund; if you send your package within this timeframe, you should rest assured about getting the full payment in the form of a gift card.

Most importantly, the sender of the Amazon gift will not be informed about your request to return the gift.

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