Like every other job, when new employees resume to a firm, a company, or an organization, they are put through some policies that run in the company, the regulations that guide those who work in the company, and many other things that need to be known.

Walmart also does this tradition of welcoming and introducing new employees to the working environment at Walmart. They are put through policies, rules, regulations, working principles, and more which is essentially what Walmart Orientation is. 

If you need the answer to how long Walmart Orientation is or any other question relating to Walmart orientation, this article will provide answers to your questions and guide you through a few other related things. 

What is Walmart Orientation and How Long is Walmart Orientation?

Walmart is a very big corporation that conducts retail and e-commerce operations. The company is full of full-time and part-time associates that come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, beliefs, and life experiences.

Walmart sets a high standard for itself and so does it do the same for its suppliers, contractors, and most particularly its associates. That is one of the reasons Walmart welcomes its new employees with Walmart orientation. 

What is Walmart Orientation and How Long is Walmart Orientation?

Walmart orientation is the process where new associates or workers are made to go through some events, training, and sometimes workshops which will make them familiar with the work environment, allow them to know their roles at the workplace, know their bosses and co-workers, the mode of operation at Walmart, and most especially the standards set by Walmart for its staff and how they are to deliver what is expected of them. 

The Walmart Orientation also allows the new employee or associate to ask questions about things they do not understand or need more clarifications on.

After the Interview, When Will I Get an Invitation to Walmart Orientation?

After the interview, if the hiring panel considers you the best candidate for the job or position, you will be contacted with an employment offer and also they will run a background check and drug screening on you if applicable.

You will get an invitation once everything that needs to be checked is confirmed and it should not take beyond 2 weeks although it may exceed the stated period sometimes.

How Long Is Walmart Orientation?

An invitation to Walmart orientation signifies that you have gotten the job you applied for and you have been cleared of all background and drug checks.

It is stated although not explicitly by Walmart that the Walmart orientation is a 3-day program where you spend about 1 to 9 hours daily depending on the store and are put through everything you need to know about Walmart.

Although you are still in the learning phase, attending Walmart orientation implies the beginning of your work at Walmart and you will be paid for it whether as a wage or as part of your salary depending on how you are paid.

What Activities Will Hold During Walmart Orientation?

The activities that will take place during Walmart orientation were not mentioned by Walmart. Nonetheless, candidates who have gone through the process relay their experiences. So, they said a couple of videos will be watched and on the last day, a computer-based test will be done by you to test you on everything you have learned since the first day of the orientation.

You should attend the Walmart orientation with a notebook and pen or a notepad where you can jot information because the amount of information that you will learn during the period is voluminous and may likely forget some essential ones. So with a notepad or a notebook, you can write things you consider important or may forget. 

When Should I Go for Walmart Orientation?

Normally, if Walmart wants you to come at a particular time, it will be stated in the invitation of the Walmart orientation. However, if it wasn’t stated particularly, it is recommended that you visit in the period you know there will be less traffic of customers.

You might also contact the customer care of the store or office you are to resume to by putting a call through or contacting them through the means you got your Walmart orientation invitation message.

How Should You Dress for Walmart Orientation?

You do not have to doll up yourself in a suit and tie while going for the orientation. Any clothing that is appropriate and fit for work is allowed. Although, it is advisable to dress nicely with your nails well-trimmed and also with little or no make-up on.

You can put on nice jeans (not ripped) with a cool shirt and a nice pair of shoes or sneakers to complement your dressing. Just make yourself comfortable! Do not dress overly but dress the way you want your co-workers to address you.

Objectives for Walmart Orientation

The Walmart orientation is a very important procedure because it equips the new associates or employees with knowledge of everything they need to know about Walmart. It also allows the new employees or associates to work in alignment with the company’s goals and objectives. A few of the objectives Walmart aims to achieve by doing orientation for its new associate or employees are discussed below:

  1. Familiarity

As we all arrive in new environments, we find it hard to know how things are or work. Walmart has figured this out and uses the Walmart orientation to make the new associates or employees familiar with the way things are or how things work at Walmart by taking them on excursions to Walmart facilities, introducing them to other co-workers or group members, and showing them places that are or may be out of bound to them.

  1. Introduction to Walmart Policies

Walmart is a massive corporation that has a lot of policies that guide its operation. During Walmart orientation, new associates or employees are put through the rules, policies, and guidelines that associates and employees must abide by. The policies may include resuming and closing times, dress codes, work ethics, restrictions, and freedoms.

  1. Responsibilities and Expectations

Walmart orientation allows the new associates or employees to know what they are to do when they resume work fully, the roles they are to perform at work, and the expectations from their new position. This allows the new employees or associates to know their goals, and how they can achieve them, and it also allows them to measure their productivity and performances.

  1. Opportunities, Benefits, and Incentives

Walmart has a lot of programs to improve their workers to make sure they deliver only the best of what they have in store. So, Walmart orientation also allows the new associates or employees to know the opportunities and benefits open to them as Walmart associates and employees. Also, the bonuses and incentives open to associates or employees who meet their targets are stated to encourage them.

  1. Questions and Clarifications

New associates and employees also have the chance to ask questions about things they do not understand or would like to get more clarifications on during Walmart orientation. Questions like how the previous employee or associate performed, their strengths, weaknesses, and even the official reason they left or were sacked.  

Events or Procedures that Precede Walmart Orientation

Being called for a Walmart orientation signifies that you have crossed all hurdles and gotten the job or role you applied for at Walmart. However, for those who do not know the process or just want to start the application process, it will be stated the events or procedures you must do before reaching the Walmart orientation accomplishment.

Before you can get to the stage of Walmart orientation, you must have gone through a series of processes from applying to doing other things. The events or procedures that precede Walmart orientations have been explained below. 


The first step to getting the chance to reach the Walmart orientation stage is to apply for a position or role at Walmart. Some positions do not require a degree, experience, or CV while managerial positions and a few others require some skills or experience. You have to create an account and apply to the jobs you are qualified for, according to the jobs available in your area or locality or the experience or skill set you possess.  The online application comprises 2 processes; the application and the assessment stages and requires about 45 minutes to an hour with the assessment part inclusive.

  • Application stage 

The application process is a bit direct and does not require any technical know-how. You are to enter a few details about yourself and your qualifications. Also, you may be instructed to upload some essential documents and you have the chance to apply to more than one job position or role so far you are qualified for the positions or roles you applied to. This stage usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes and you have the option to save your progress and come back later to complete it.

Read more here to see if you are qualified for a job at Walmart and about the processes to apply for a Walmart job.

  • Assessment stage

During the application process, when you are done entering your details which is the application part, you will be prompted to the assessment part where you will answer questions that match the job you are applying to. This is a very important criterion that would determine whether you will reach the stage of Walmart orientation or not. You are advised to be calm and read the questions thoroughly before you answer them. This usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes and can not be done later.


  • Once you complete your application process, a screen will display immediately confirming that you have completed the application process.
  • Walmart does not accept applications through email or fax, you can only apply on their hiring center portal.
  • Walmart does not ask for money for any part of the application process
  • The authorized email addresses of Walmarts are:
  • Only the messages received from the emails above are from Walmart. Any other email is unauthorized and is a means of a scam.


If you applied for a managerial position or salaried position, you will receive a notification from Walmart to tell you whether you are considered for an interview or otherwise. However, if you applied for an hourly position, you may not receive any notification if you do not qualify for the interview.

Onsite interviews will be conducted with you if you qualify for the interview for hourly roles. 

Also, some top Walmart recruiters gave candidates tips that might give them an edge in their Walmart interview which is the penultimate to Walmart orientation. The 6 tips listed are:

  • Understanding your role

You are advised to know your role and what is expected of someone who fits the job role. Show the hiring panel you are ready to learn and fill the holes you might be unable to fill at the outset.

  • Make adequate research

The top Walmart recruiters advise you to know more about happenings at Walmart before your interview and know more about the interview panel if their information is provided to know how better to prepare.

  • Visit Walmart stores

Also, you are encouraged to visit Walmart stores, Walmart Supercenters, and Walmart Neighboring markets to observe and note what you see there to relay the lapses and the commendable during the interview.

  • Analyze the Interview process 

The mode of interview Walmart does is a behavioral interview where the hiring team seeks to understand your thought process and how you could fit into the team. So, you have to prepare extremely well for those kinds of questions.

  • Formulate questions to ask

The questions you ask portray the kind of person you are and it also allows you to build a connection with the hiring panel. You should ask questions relating to your role, the company, and the team you will be working with.

  • Dress smartly 

Walmart advises candidates to wear a suit and bring along their resume, a pen, and a notebook. 

Final Thoughts

If you do well during your interview and you are the best for the available position, you will be contacted with an employment offer and be asked to complete a background check and drug screen during the pre-employment period.

When all the tests and other things that need to be confirmed are checked, you will be invited to the Walmart orientation and you will learn about Walmart and your working environment.

Walmart orientation is a three-day event where you are going to learn a lot about Walmart and the things that are expected of you as a Walmart associate. Jot down and feel free to ask questions; you may not really understand everything you are shown or told, so do not feel jittery or dumb, with time, you will acclimatize to the environment and get a grasp of things fully.

Also, the orientation period may range from an hour to 9 hours depending on the store or the position you got employed for. 

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