Buzzballz is a ready-to-drink adult beverage great for parties. It comes in different colorful flavors, and the ballz in the name Buzzballz represents the tennis ball shape of its containers.

Buzzballz is strong, cheap, and with a sip, you are sure to get hungover if reasonable care is not taken.

Buzzballz’s vision is to create innovative cocktails and fun for the world. They aim to reinvent your happy hours while taking any flavor of Buzzballz.

They are portable and you can take them with you to the beach, picnics, a house party, and anywhere you might encounter a party.

Do you want to get a Buzzballz product at Walmart? Walmart offers low prices on items and it surely extends to Buzzballz. It is the right place for you to shop for the flavor of your choice.

So, how much are Buzzballz at Walmart? This article will answer that and also tell you more information you need to know about Buzzballz at Walmart. Find out more for yourself in the article!

How much are Buzzballz at Walmart?

Buzzballz company does not sell a mono-product. It sells a variety of products.

The products will have different prices since they are different from one another. Also, the varieties have sizes that are different from one another.

For example, the Buzzballz Chillers come in 187 mL (milliliter), while the Buzzballz Cocktails come in 200 ML. 

Similarly, there are also the Buzballz Biggies which come in 1.75 L (litre).

Unfortunately, the only Buzzballz product that was found listed on Walmart is the Buzzballz cocktails.

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Buzzballz cocktails (200 ML) cost $3.99 per 1 at Walmart. 

How much are Buzzballz at Walmart?

However, the prices may vary from store to store. And the price may vary in-store, in-app, and online.

How many Buzzballz products are sold in Walmart?

Buzzballz produces three varieties of products currently.

It produces the Buzzballz Cocktails, the Buzzballz Chillers, and the Buzzballz Biggies. The Buzzballz Cocktails in combination with the Buzzballz Chillers have about 24 Buzzballz flavors.

Because of high demands, however, only select flavors are offered in 2022.

The Buzzballz Cocktails has about 9 flavors produced currently. Most of them contain a mixture of premium vodka, tequila, and/or rum with other natural flavors. 

Some of the Buzzballz Cocktails flavors are:

  • Watermelon Smash
  • PeachBallz
  • Hazelnut Latte
  • Cran Blaster
  • Forbidden Apple
  • Choc Tease
  • Lotta Colada
  • Tequila ‘Rita
  • Strawberry ‘Rita

Other flavors are:

  • Horchata
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Chilli Mango
  • Espresso Martini

The Buzzballz Chillers also has about 9 flavors currently in production. Most of them contain orange wine in combination with other natural flavors.

Some of the Buzzballz Chillers currently in production have been listed below:

  • Choco Chiller
  • Peach Chiller
  • Pineapple Colada Chiller
  • Lime ‘Rita Chitter
  • Sour Apple Chiller
  • Strawberry ‘Rita Chiller
  • Cranberry Chiller
  • Hazelnut Latte Chiller
  • Watermelon Chiller

Other flavors you may see are:

  • Horchata Chiller
  • Ruby Red Grapefruit Chiller
  • Eggnog
  • Chili Mango
  • Espresso Martini

The Buzzballz Biggies has its three flavors still in production. They are the Strawberry ‘Rita Biggies, Chocolate Tease Biggies, and Tequila ‘Rita Biggies.

Unfortunately, the only Buzzballz product seen in Walmart stores is the Buzzballz Cocktails.

Where are Buzzballz located in Walmart?

Although Walmart sells Buzzballz products, they are not readily available in all Walmart stores.

So, you should contact your local Walmart store to ask if they have Buzzballz products before leaving your house for the store.

This will help you save your time and money as well through the non-use of gas.

Buzzballz are alcoholic beverages. So they are stocked in the alcohol, wine, and beverages section of your local Walmart store if they are available.

Do Buzzballz products contain alcohol?

Yes, Buzzballz products are alcoholic beverages. All Buzzballz products contain 15% alcohol by volume in each product sold.

It is recommended by medical practitioners that pregnant women should not take alcoholic beverages because of the risk of birth defects.

Alcoholic beverages also have the ability to impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may also cause health issues.

You are advised to drink responsibly.

Are Buzzballz products carbonated?

No, all Buzzballz products are not carbonated.

Also, all fruit-based Buzzballz Cocktails and Chillers are vegan. 

All creamy flavors like Choc Tease, Hazelnut Latte, etc, do not contain dairy.

In addition, the Buzzballz products in production are all gluten-free.

Do Buzzballz products contain caffeine?

Just two Buzzballz products contain caffeine. Other products do not contain caffeine.

Only the Espresso Martini Cocktail and the Espresso Martini Chiller contain caffeine.

In addition, all Buzzballz products are kosher certified.

Do Buzzballz products expire?

Buzzballz products should be consumed within one year of production date for maximum satisfaction.

A Julien date which states when the product was produced exactly can be found near the bottom of the Buzzballz. The Julien date is a 5-digit code followed by a dash and a single digit.

The first two digits represent the year it was produced and the last three digits represent the day of the year it was produced.

For example, if the date found at the bottom is 22056. The first two digits (22) represent the year it was produced, which is 2022, and the last three digits (056) signifies the day of the year it was produced. The product was produced on the 56th day of the year or February 25th.


  • If you fail to finish any Buzzballz product after opening, ensure you refrigerate it.
  • Storing in hotter temperatures is not recommended because of the ingredients used in production (natural juices and creams).

How are Buzzballz Cocktails different from Buzzballz Chillers?

Buzzballz cocktails are adult beverages made with juices, creams, and premium spirit. However, Buzzballz Chillers is made from the same juices and creams used in Cocktails as well, but the base for Chillers is an orange-wine base.

Note: Shake all Buzzballz products well and pour over ice to enjoy it optimally.

Final Thoughts 

Walmart sells Buzzballz products. However, the availability from store to store varies.

There are varieties of Buzzballz products; there are the Buzzballz Cocktails, Buzzballz Chillers, and Buzzballz Biggies. 

They have different sizes which differentiate them from one another. 

The only Buzzballz product seen on Walmart at the moment of writing is the Buzzballz Cocktail and it costs $3.99.

Buzzballz products contain 15% alcohol and it is not recommended to be taken by a pregnant woman, someone who is driving, or wants to operate machinery because it impairs their ability to function optimally or may cause other health issues.

It is recommended you call your local Walmart store before you leave your house or office for your local Walmart store. This will ensure you save your money and time.

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