Are you on a tight budget yet still eager to purchase the top things on The best option is undoubtedly Amazon Renewed.

One of Amazon’s offerings that enables you to save money on purchases is Amazon Renewed. Electronics that have previously been owned by someone else make up a large portion of the things you can find through this service.

Products must fit into one of the following categories to qualify for Amazon Renewed:

  • Refurbished: These items have been used, but the purchaser returned them because they either didn’t function correctly or they had changed their minds.
  • Pre-owned: These products have been used, just like refurbished products, however, they are often returned in better shape.
  • Open-box: The wrapping on these goods has been removed, but the client has never used them.

This article is for you if you’ve ever had inquiries concerning the Amazon Renewed service. All of your inquiries about Amazon Renewed will be answered here.

What Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is your trusted destination for pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box products.

For refurbished or used technological goods or items, Amazon uses the term “renewed.”

Refurbished products can be identified on Amazon by the word “refurbished,” which explains why they are priced lower than usual.

Before being placed on the market for sale, these products are examined and tested by Amazon’s skilled technicians to make sure there are no flaws.

Products sold by Amazon Renewed go through a thorough inspection and testing procedure that includes a full diagnostic check, a thorough cleaning procedure, and the replacement of any defective parts that are discovered. Amazon or a qualified supplier handles this cleaning process.

Purchasing old technology is one of the quickest methods to save money if you’re looking to do so. You can save anywhere from 30% to 50% compared to purchasing new goods, depending on the product.

What goods are available on Amazon Renewed?

The following list—which is familiar from the main website—describes the various product categories that Amazon Renewed covers:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Cameras 
  • Household and kitchen
  • Desktop computers
  • Audio
  • Tablets
  • Video games
  • Wearable technology
  • Home theater
  • Office products
  • Amazon devices

This implies that a variety of products are available for purchase through the program, all of which come with the same one-year warranty.

To see if the product you have in mind is available on Amazon renewed, you can proceed to Amazon’s official website and search for Amazon Renewed in the search bar.

Is Amazon Renewed Trustworthy?

You might be unsure whether you can trust Amazon Renewed, but the good news is that it’s a generally reliable system and that you frequently obtain your products at extremely reasonable costs.

The warranty, though, is only good for a year, so you must accept that. Therefore, it is advisable to pay full price or shop elsewhere if you want a longer-term warranty or guarantee.

But the warranty is fairly secure; if you think the product isn’t performing as it should, you can always send it back for a complete refund or replacement.

Another good thing about Amazon Renewed is that it has some great products on its websites. Take the used phones, for instance, which don’t have the newest flagships but instead have reasonably priced iPhones from a few years ago.

The quality of the offers depends on your research; before making a purchase, you’d be wise to shop around and find out how much the relevant items would normally cost new. It’s also worthwhile to look at the prices of used copies that aren’t covered by Amazon’s warranty.

Overall though, there are some nice deals to be had, and Amazon is even willing to offer genuinely remarkable reductions on its products, such as Fire tablets and Alexa speakers.

How can I find Amazon Renewed?

You can easily find Amazon Renewed by going to the search bar and typing “Amazon Renewed”. The process of locating Amazon renewed is the same for both the native Amazon application and Amazon web.

From there, you can select any of the products that pique your interest. You can also browse by categories as this helps focus your navigation.

How can I find Amazon Renewed

Why should you buy and sell on Amazon Renewed?

There are many perks to using Amazon Renewed as a buyer and as a seller. Because trust in products is ensured by Amazon, both parties benefit from a successful purchase. Below are some of the benefits of using Amazon Renewed:

You save money when you buy on Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed is vouched for by Amazon. Because the products are tested by professionals, you get items that are close in quality and neatness to newly purchased ones. This helps you save a few hundred bucks.

You get to grow your brand

In the case of a seller, you grow your brand through Amazon Renewed as it gives you the avenue to better market your products. Becoming a seller of refurbished products will help you boost your brand recognition as you can now offer customers another option which is purchasing refurbished items. As it is said in the marketing world, the more choices you provide to the customer, the more customers you will have.

You enjoy an exclusive program through Amazon Renewed

You should know that not everyone who applies to be a seller on Amazon Renewed qualifies. Only a few applications are considered. In the case you are among the qualified sellers, you avoid tough competition and you have access to an exclusive program.

Customers trust your brand more

Buyers know of the reputation of Amazon. They know for you to have qualified for the program, you must have been thoroughly scrutinized by the officials. This way, you inherit some of the trust of Amazon and you attract more customers who have no second thoughts about buying from you.

What to keep in mind when buying on Amazon Renewed?

You can rest assured that sellers on Amazon Renewed have been scrutinized by Amazon. If anything, you can be sure that they are legit. However, you may want to check that a product has a 90-day return policy before placing your order.

This policy is there to ensure you get a refund if you face any issues (although unlikely) in that time frame. This policy is implied if you find Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee as seen in the screenshot.

What to keep in mind when buying on Amazon Renewed

What is the difference between Renewed and Refurbished?

While there are few differences between the two words, they are used interchangeably when discussing Amazon’s marketing.

Renewed or Refurbished, is the main product category found on Amazon Renewed. And the retail giant goes a long way to resell them.

A renewed product is a previously owned product that has been checked for defects and has had its faulty parts replaced with new parts. Refurbished, on the other hand, means the faulty parts could have either been repaired or replaced with newer parts. Unlike renewed, it necessarily does not mean a new part has been added.

The differences between the two words are not things to obsess about, however. For any product found on Amazon, it has been properly checked and you even get a 90-day return policy.

Used and Refurbished are not the same.

A used electronic item that you might purchase from someone on Facebook Marketplace or Craig’s List is not the same as a refurbished item. Simply said, a used phone has been used and mistreated by one person before being sold to another for a predetermined sum.

A technical object that has been updated is entirely different. For starters, it can’t be marketed as a new phone because it was returned to the manufacturer either because of a bug or because the user was unable to make the required payments for the product.

For instance, if a problem arises with the phone, the manufacturer will repair it and, after it is operating properly once more, send the phone to a reseller like Amazon Renewed or Gazelle. The reconditioned phone is then advertised and sold to you, the end user.

Additionally, with Amazon Renewed, you receive a warranty and unwavering quality assurance from Amazon regarding the state of the item. Before it can ever be marketed as a part of Amazon’s Renewed program, it must satisfy many requirements.

Amazon Renewed Warranty

Except for Amazon devices, every item sold through Amazon Renewed is covered by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

This return and refund policy is intended to safeguard both buyers and vendors. It offers the following guarantees to clients:

Guaranteed to please:

Customers have 90 days to return an item if it does not function as planned. Customers can then choose between a complete refund and a product replacement.

Premium renewed:

The revamped Premium badge is present on some redesigned goods. The products have a one-year return period in these circumstances.

Customer Support

The “Get Product Support” option allows customers to file grievances or request troubleshooting. On the “Your Orders” page, it’s next to the item you bought.

Comparison between Amazon Renewed and eBay

If you are looking for good deals on products, there are many options for you to try. And while Amazon Renewed gives you a big warranty that your products are safe, you may want to compare the deals on Amazon Renewed to other platforms like eBay and Alibaba.

In this section, we looked up products on Amazon Refurbisher and eBay. Here are our findings:


Amazon offers the same service as eBay, but other than selling renewed and refurbished items, the two services seem to be two sides of a coin. With eBay, you can get started easily as the application process is swift. There isn’t even an application, technically, which explains why there are more than 17 million sellers on eBay. As a seller, it is easy for your deals to get lost in the pool.

Amazon Renewed has a strict policy. To qualify as a seller, you must have been a seller for the last three months that preceded your application and must have had a minimum of 70 orders in those times.

While eBay looks to be the best option for a seller who wants to make a few extra bucks as a one-time thing, Amazon Renewed is reserved for brands making its name.

Judging by the exclusiveness, Amazon Renewed gets an easy win.

Security and Trust

Owing to the many sellers on eBay and the ease of creation of a seller account, one could say the online marketplace is not as secure and trustworthy as Amazon Renewed. For context, here are some of the scams that sellers have been known to pull on eBay:

  • As a buyer, you pay a seller on eBay but that was the end. The seller runs off with the money. Although there is an eBay Money Back Guarantee that protects you when this happens, sellers take the advantage of the items that are not covered by this policy. Should you buy one of a vehicle, a real estate, classical ad, service, or some business equipment from a seller and he fails to keep his end of the agreement, there is only so much eBay can do.
  • Some sellers pull stunts by sending a different package (from what you ordered) in someone else’s name to your address. They know about the ‘refused/returned’ policy on eBay and this might result in you never getting your product back.
  • Buyers pull one on a seller by sending a fake check. By the time he realizes the check is fake, the product is already en route to the con artist.

This is not to say eBay is not a great platform for purchasing pre-owned products, but the number of sellers who are available on the platform makes it an easier target than Amazon Renewed.

Again, Amazon wins.

Product pricing

An iPhone 11 Pro was looked up on eBay and Amazon and surprisingly, the two items are close in valuation; Amazon Renewed has the product for $505, while eBay has the same product for $445 when the GBP is converted to dollars.

Comparison between Amazon Renewed and eBay: Pricing

With the deals on the two platforms, we can say that eBay wins this round.

How can you sell on Amazon Renewed?

There are many ways that you can make money on Amazon as it provides incredible potential. You can get some extra cash from the platform or even build an entire business from the ground up. Through Amazon, you can start a full-time label company or sell household goods around your house.

To enter the Amazon Refurbished program, you should know that it is not a small-scale project but a rather good investment. You will need to:

  • Be committed to the acquisition of refurbished products. You will need to have invoices adding up to $50,000 in refurbished purchases 90 days before your application date.
  • Have an ODR (Order Defect Rate) of 0.8% or less for at least 70 orders in the previous 90 days.
  • Submit a minimum of 8 images of the sample unit, including its packaging, to list factory items that are refurbished without the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Offer a refund within 90 days. This is to give buyers a warranty that their product will not develop technical issues.

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