Walmart is one of the biggest multinational retail outlets in the world to offer employment to over 2.3 million staff in the world.

Therefore, people will be curious to know whether or not Walmart does a drug test as a prerequisite for employment of any staff, especially now in 2022.

Walmart Drug Test

A drug test is simply an examination that requires testing the blood, saliva, hair, or urine to detect the presence or absence of any sort of illegal or legal drug substance.

This article will explain further whether or not Walmart conducts drug testing on prospective employees, Walmart policy on drugs, as well as other relevant details that you need to know

Most companies require a pre-employment drug screen before it finally hires successful candidates. Considering that Walmart staff interact with customers and offer merchandise services, it will be pertinent to maintain a drug and alcohol free workspace to avoid any form of work related accident, hence, a pre-drug screen for potential Walmart staff.

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Key Points:

  • Walmart drug test staff who apply for distinctive positions.
  • The most common form of drug test Walmart conducts is the urine test sample.
  • MCX members are obliged by contract to use MCX’s mobile payment solution.
  • Walmart drug test lasts between 24 hours to 72 hours. 
  • Applicants who test positive for drugs have low chances of getting employment at Walmart.
  • Walmart applicants can appeal the result of the drug test if you feel the result is wrong. 

Does Walmart Drug Test In 2023?

Yes, Walmart does drug test some of its employees. Walmart typically administers pre-employment drug tests for certain job titles, such as those in management and certain roles in the pharmacy.

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Additionally, Walmart may conduct drug tests for existing employees based on reasonable suspicion of drug use or during a random drug test. The type of drug test administered depends on the role of the employee, but generally includes testing for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (PCP).

Walmart does drug tests for some of its potential employees, but not all employees are tested before they are hired.

Some positions at Walmart like managerial positions require drug screening while entry-level jobs at Walmart may not require drug screening.

A drug test for Medline is an examination of a part of the body to look for signs of one or more illegal or prescription drugs in a sample of your urine (pee), blood, saliva (spit), hair, or sweat.

The major purpose of drug tests by companies like Walmart is to examine an associate for the use or the abuse of prescription drugs. Reports have it that the most common form of drug test Walmart conducts is the urine test sample.

At What Point Does Walmart Drug Screen Staff? 

A Walmart pre-employment drug screen is conducted for salaried roles not hourly positions at Walmart. Certain sections of the store may also require a drug screening before hiring associates in that department.

After employment at Walmart, Walmart rarely conducts drug tests on its employees. 

The only situation that may warrant a drug test at Walmart is;

  1. If an accident or an incident occurs between co-associates, or a Walmart associate and a customer. Then, Walmart will run a drug screening.
  2. if there is an accusation or suspicion of drug use among specified staff.
  3. Pre-employment drug screen to ascertain that a potential staff or applicant is drug free.

The result of the drug test will be put forward to the management of the store. Any Walmart associate found culpable may receive as little as a query or a grave punishment like suspension. Whereas, applicants who come out positive have low chances of getting employment.

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What Types of Drugs Does Walmart Test?

Walmart drug screening may test for a single or multiple type of drug use in applicants’ or associates’ body systems.

Some of the drugs Walmart screens for are listed below:

  • Amphetamines like methamphetamine.
  • Steroids.
  • Cocaine.
  • Benzodiazepines, e.g clonazepam, alprazolam, etc.
  • Opioids and opiates, e.g codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, heroine, etc.
  • Phencyclidine.
  • Barbiturates, e.g phenobarbital, phenobarbital, etc.
  • Cannabis and more.
What Types of Drugs Does Walmart Test

Note; If you are tested for more than one and you test positive for just one, that means you test positive for the drug test.

What Position is Subjected to Drug Testing at Walmart?

Walmart is more likely to do drug testing for the following positions:

  • Pharmacy technician
  • Lawn and garden associate
  • Consolidation center (ACC)
  • Gun sales
  • Sporting goods
  • Management
  • Asset protection (AP)
  • Maintenance
  • Freight handling

Note: Entry-level workers at Walmart, such as cashiers, associates, and stockers, are not required to pass a drug test. Additionally, some Walmart stores don’t do any drug testing at all, while others choose to test every new hire.

What Type of Drug Test Does Walmart Conduct?

The most common type of drug test Walmart conducts is the urine test.

Associates or applicants will be referred to a trusted center where the test will be carried out. 

Both applicants and associates are both given a cup where the urine will be contained, and they will be shown to the bathroom where they can ease themselves.

The outcome of the test may determine if another test will be run. If the test of the associate or the applicant is positive, there will be another test to be run again to clear all doubts. 

Sometimes, applicants or Walmart associates that test positive at first may end up testing negative for the drug test after the second test. This situation is called a false positive.

Applicants that test negative for the drug screening are free and may be offered employment. Associates who test negative because of a drug accusation will also be set free.

How Does the Urine Test Work?

Walmart potential employees or staff will be given a sample to collect 45 millimeters of urine.

How Does the Urine Test Work?

Usually, Walmart ensures the sample is as accurate as possible by sending an inspector to accompany you while you are drawing your Sample.

Usually, a female accompanies a female, while a male accompanies a male. You will be asked to empty your pocket, drop your bags outside, and remove your hats before proceeding to the public restroom.

The submitted sample is then examined by trained personnel. It will be labeled with your details and then sent to a laboratory for evaluation.

How Does the Urine Test Work?

In most cases, the results usually emerge within 24 hours, while others take up to 72 hours.

The results are usually mailed to Walmart or delivered to applicants to submit to Walmart human resource department personally within 24 hours.

How Long Does Walmart Drug Test Take?

Walmart drug test does not take long. The result of the drug test should be out between 24 hours to 72 hours. 

If the result takes longer than that, you can put a call through to your human resource manager to know the update about the test if you are an associate.

Applicants can send a mail or visit the store they were interviewed to know what is going on.

Does Failing A Drug Test Affect Your Job At Walmart?

When the result of an applicant’s Walmart pre-employment drug screening or an associate drug test comes out, it may affect their chances of getting a job or keeping it at Walmart.

You test positive when a sample of the drugs you were tested for is found in your urine or the mode of test. 

When little to no sample of the drug you were tested for is found in your urine sample, that means you tested negative.

If you test positive as an associate, you may be summoned to face the panel of your store. You may get a warning point, a query, or your job may even be terminated at Walmart. The decision depends on the local laws of your region and the decision of the store panel.

An applicant may not be given the job if he or she tests positive for the drug samples tested.

Can You Appeal A Drug Test Result At Walmart?

Yes, you can appeal the result of the drug test if you feel the result is wrong. 

The result could be a false positive result. False positive results test positive at first but after the second test, they test negative.

Not all positive results are false positives, however.

Can A Drug Screening Test Be Declined At Walmart? 

A drug screening test can be declined at Walmart by both an applicant and a Walmart associate.

Declining a drug test means automatic loss of job for an applicant while a Walmart associate will have to state his or her reasons for declining the drug test. If it is tangible, the associate may be freed, if otherwise, other penalties may set in.

How To Pass Walmart Drug Test

If you intend to work at Walmart as a staff, then you must undergo a drug test, a drug test determines whether you get employed or not. There are couple of steps you must take in order to pass a drug test which includes;

  • Clean out your system temporarily by detoxifying.

A drug detox drink can help in flushing out drug substances rapidly from your body. Thus giving you a gap to submit a clean urine sample.

  • Abstain from drug use for 2-3 months before applying at Walmart.

Abstaining from drug use for a period of time is a sure way of passing a drug test at Walmart. This gives your system sufficient time to get rid of previous drug substances.

  • A fake urine sample

Providing a fake urine sample is another easy way of passing a drug test at Walmart. This method is easy if you are unsupervised while drawing sample, and not caught in the process.


Walmart tests applicants applying to salary positions for drug screening. Only a few hourly position applicants go through the screening process and it is mainly because of the department they are applying to.

Also, Walmart rarely tests its associates unless an accident or a squabble occurs in the store and an associate involved was accused of drug use.

In addition, applicants and associates can appeal a drug screening result and may as well decline a drug screening at Walmart. A drug result at Walmart takes at most 72 hours.

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