Walmart Background Check: Are you interested in applying for a job at Walmart? If so, you may be wondering about the company’s background check process.

In this article, we will provide an overview of what to expect during the background check process at Walmart.

We’ll discuss the types of information that may be included in a background check, how to prepare for the background check, and what to do if you have any concerns or questions.

By understanding the background check process at Walmart, you can feel more confident and prepared as you apply for a job at the company.

So, let’s get started.

What is Walmart Background Check?

Walmart Background check is a process used to verify the information provided by a job candidate or employee. Companies, including Walmart, may use background checks to confirm the accuracy of an individual’s employment history, education, and other personal information.

Walmart may also use background checks to check for any criminal records, driving records, and other information that may be relevant to the individual’s job. Walmart may require a background check as part of the hiring process or may conduct background checks on current employees.

The specific information that is checked during a Walmart background check will depend on the specific requirements of the job and the laws and regulations that apply to the company.

How Long Does Walmart Background Check Take?

The length of time it takes for Walmart to complete a background check can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the specific position for which you applied and the complexity of your background.

Some background checks may be completed in a matter of days, while others may take a few weeks or longer to complete.

The background check may be subjected to the position or role the applicant is applying for at Walmart or the number of activities and achievements of an individual that requires verification. 

Likewise, the type of information Walmart seeks will determine the duration of a background check, and it can vary at times. So don’t expect to get feedback at the same time with other applicants.

Meanwhile, a criminal felony background check could take longer than credit scores fact check.

However long it takes, Walmart will email you immediately they have completed your background check. This will entail whether you are eligible for the job.

So, applicants are urged to provide accurate information about themselves, their past events, and experiences because all details will be verified during the Walmart background check and drug screening if they make it past the interview stage.

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What Are the Protocols Involved in Walmart Background Check?

Walmart’s background check process typically involves verifying the information provided on an applicant’s resume or job application, including employment history, education, and professional licenses or certifications.

Walmart may also conduct a criminal background check, which may include searching public records for any criminal convictions or arrests.

Additionally, Walmart may verify an applicant’s employment eligibility through the US government’s E-Verify program, which checks the information provided against government records to confirm that the applicant is authorized to work in the United States.

Depending on the position being applied for, Walmart may also conduct drug testing or a credit check as part of the background check process.

Reasons for Walmart Background Check

No successful applicants who made it past the interview stage can skip the background check process and any false detail provided may come back to haunt the applicant’s success in getting a job offer at Walmart.

Here are a few reasons for a Walmart background check;

  1. Real Identity:

A Walmart background check is conducted on all associates who have worked or are working at Walmart to verify their identity. The background check enables Walmart to confirm the applicant is not just posing as a different individual and that the applicants are just what they describe themselves to be.

  1. Credentials verification:

Walmart runs a background check to confirm all the qualifications the applicant presents are not falsified. Some applicants in a bid to get to a position falsely claim to have attended some institutions or had certain experiences.

Fortunately, the Walmart background check validates the certificate presented, the experiences and skills claimed to be acquired, and the institutions attended just to be sure they are authentic.

  1. Best Hire:

When applicants claim they have achieved some accomplishments in their previous jobs or that they have accomplished some feats that make them qualified for the job they are applying for at Walmart, the Walmart background check validates all these claims to ensure only the best candidates get into Walmart as associates.

  1. Safety:

Walmart background check assures the hiring manager that the applicant to be employed as a Walmart associate is sane and will not cause any harm to the colleagues and customers by not inciting any violence or sexually harassing anyone.

The background check will expose underlying issues the applicants may have in previous jobs or institutions they have been in.

  1. Data Protection:

Walmart has a lot of customers and some essential pieces of their information are on Walmart databases. Running a Walmart background check on applicants will allow Walmart to circumvent the possible breach in customers’ data or data theft by knowing what the applicant is capable of doing in regard to the customers and the company’s information.

  1. Precautions:

The execution of Walmart background check enables Walmart to know what to do in certain situations concerning the applicants if they end up as Walmart associates.

It will also assure Walmart that the applicant is free from any crime or legal issue and know how to protect the interest of Walmart and their associate in case any situation arises 

Note: Walmart can not run a Walmart background check on an applicant unless the applicant gives consent. However, failure to grant Walmart the consent to run a background check on you automatically means losing the position or job offer.

What is the Information Required to Conduct a Walmart Background Check?

All applicants are made to provide certain information during the application process. The details provided are the information required to run a Walmart background check. 

Regardless, if more is needed, it will be requested from the applicants during the background check and drug screening period.

Some information required For Background Check are:

  • Personal identifiers: 

Your personal identifiers are details that you can be recognized with like your name and home address,

  • Device and online Identifiers:

These are your functional email addresses, and telephone numbers, and they can be used to locate you online.

  • Government Identifiers:

These include the national identification numbers and driver’s license numbers Institutions attended and more that may be required.

What is Verified in Walmart Background Check?

Associates of Walmart have different personal experiences and beliefs, and they come from multiple races, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Also, they have to attend to various customers of different temperaments, conditions, and behaviors. 

So the Walmart background check is very detailed.

They verify information of applicants that were provided and conduct a background check on applicants on events and happenings that the applicants have experienced and done dated back to 7 years prior to the background check period.

Some pieces of information that may be verified have been listed below:

  1. Identity Verification 

The first thing that is verified in the Walmart background check is the applicant’s identity. Walmart verifies if the applicants are who they really claim to be and not using other people’s profiles.

  1. Institutions Attended

The Walmart background check verifies if truly the applicant has attended all the institutions claimed. From the University level down to the primary education level, and other institutions alleged to have been attended by the applicants. Also, the institutions attended not stated will be revealed during the background check.

  1. Past Accomplishments

During the application and interview process, applicants may declare they have achieved certain feats or accomplishments relating to the position or role they applied for in previous situations or encounters. However, the background check confirms these declarations to see if they accomplished it or not.

  1. Criminal Records

Although Walmart does not discriminate against anyone irrespective of their background. Walmart still runs a criminal record check through the Walmart background check on all its applicants to verify that they have no criminal charges at hand, and are not liable to cause any harm to other colleagues and customers. 

  1. Previous Employment

The Walmart background check also ascertains whether applicants have worked in a particular firm, Institute, or company as claimed or not.

  1. Credit Status

The Walmart background check will also check and verify applicants’ credit standing before they are employed as Walmart associates.

  1. Interpersonal Relationships

The Walmart background check may also conduct inquiries about how applicants behaved where they have worked or schooled before, and the ways they reacted or managed some issues in different periods.

How Do You Check Your Walmart Background Check Status?

Applicants will be sent their Walmart background check results through their email. So to check your status, check the inbox or spam folder of the email you registered with.

If you fail to hear from Walmart about your background check after 2 weeks, you should consult with the customer care of the Walmart store or Supercenter to know the situation. 

Nonetheless, it is recommended that you check the spam folder of the email account you provided during the 2 weeks stint to confirm the availability of your background check result.

Confirm it is not there before putting a call through or contacting the Walmart customer service of the Walmart store or Supercenter you applied to.

Can You Fail a Walmart Background Check?

Although Walmart does not discriminate against applicants based on past records as was stated earlier. Walmart still reserves the right to not offer an applicant a job or a role after a Walmart background check if the hiring manager is not satisfied with the applicant’s background check result. 

Regardless, Walmart will notify you about the reason(s) it is not offering you a job opportunity or position based on the information from your background check.

Can There Be Errors in Walmart Background Checks?

The results of Walmart background checks are sent to the email addresses of applicants and applicants who get rejected job offers can sometimes spot errors in their background check although rare, it happens sometimes.

Walmart will include the contact details of the background check company; in the past, reports have it that Walmart has used companies like First Advantage and Sterling Talent Solutions to conduct Walmart background checks. Walmart also informs you that you can dispute errors in your background check result.

To dispute errors in your Walmart background check, you have to contact the background check company as it will be provided by Walmart, and the background check company will investigate your complaints and correct any error if present in 30 days.

Does Walmart Hire Ex-Felons

Yes, Walmart hires applicants from all backgrounds so far they meet the requirements and have the qualification for the job or position they are applying for.

Not discriminating against anyone is a policy Walmart upholds and gives everyone a chance to prove what they have in store and how they can take Walmart forward and also help it achieve its aims and objectives.

What background service does Walmart use?

It is likely that Walmart uses a third-party background check service to verify the information provided by job applicants and to check for any criminal records.

There are many companies that offer background check services, and it is common for employers to use these services to ensure that they are hiring responsible and reliable individuals. However, Walmart was reported to use First Advantage and Sterling Talent Solutions in the past.

After Walmart Background Check, What’s Next?

Candidates that pass the Walmart background check are invited for a 3-day Walmart orientation where they get the opportunity to ask questions and also get to know more about Walmart itself.

Final Words

All Walmart employees have passed background checks.

please contact the customer care at the store or supercenter where you applied. Please note that providing false information on your application, such as inaccurate work history or skills, may result in disqualification and loss of job offer during the background check process.

Walmart is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant, including those with criminal records

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