Walmart deli is a sub-section of Walmart that sells ready to eat items like; sandwiches, sausages, salads, fried chicken, cheese, fresh deli meats and chicken, Salami  Salsa  poultry, chili, potatoes salad and lots more.

Every Walmart store has its deli department, and it is usually one of the biggest departments in a Walmart store 

So, are you keen on finding out what time Walmart deli operates?

This article will enlighten you on the opening and closing hours of Walmart Deli and other things you ought to know about Walmart Deli. Follow through!

What Service does Walmart Deli Offer?

Walmart Deli is a subset of Walmart that sells fresh, ready-made, and ready-to-heat items to customers. One of those things that draw customers to visit Walmart Deli is the quality of the items they serve to customers.

They serve hot food, cold food, rotisserie chicken, bacon, sausages, cheese, deli platters, cold-cut meat, potato salads, sandwiches and wraps, and more. 

Walmart delis also serve dietary food by offering several options to customers like; low-fat, fat-free, low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, Korsher, natural, organic, and many more dietary options.

The ease of getting a five-minute sandwich or a pound of cold-cut deli meat is another reason customers can not get enough of Walmart Deli. Boxed meals option may also be available.

The guaranteed freshness of items sold are not just enough, but the excellent combination of ingredients to bring out the natural flavor that makes it enjoyable is another reason customers keep troping. into Walmart Delis.

What Time Does Walmart Deli Open and Closes?

Most Walmart Delis have the same operating time. They open by 8 am and close by 9 pm from Monday to Sunday. 

Although differences may occur during the holiday periods. They have pretty much the same operating hours.

So, if you work from 8am to 6pm, Walmart deli has got you covered as you can still get your fresh pies, pizza, smoked turkey, peppered chucked or any other freshly made veggies at Walmart deli.

Walmart deli is always available for 13 hours in a day with a wide range of options to choose from. So, you can make an order and go home with your freshly made choice.

Walmart Deli Opening and closing Hours

Monday8AM – 9PM.
Tuesday8AM – 9PM.
Wednesday8AM – 9PM.
Thursday8AM – 9PM.
Friday8AM – 9PM.
Saturday8AM – 9PM.
Sunday8AM – 9PM.

Note: The hours mentioned above can be different in another Walmart location which could operate between 10AM – 8PM. 

However, most Walmart delis operate between 8AM – 9PM depending on the Walmart State or location, and the store manager.

Does Walmart Deli Open on Holidays?

Well, it is not certain whether Walmart Deli is open on holidays. Also, they might open on some holidays and close on other holidays.

The final decision on whether the Deli will open may rest solely on the store manager.

However, Walmart deli remains open for 365 days in a year, and will only be close on the three most important traditional holiday in a year which are;

  • Thanksgiving day.
  • New year and,
  • Easter day.

The above mentioned holiday period is the only specified time of the year Walmart delis are totally closed. However, any other holiday will be specified by the store manager. 

If you need more information on Walmart deli holiday break, you can also contact the Walmart deli customer care through: 1-800-966-6546 or visit the official website on for more details.

Walmart deli holiday operational hours 

New year DayClosed.
Thanksgiving DayClosed.
Easter DayClosed.
Good Friday10Am – 8PM.
Memorial Day10Am – 8PM
Black friday10Am – 8PM
4th July10Am – 8PM
Christmas Eve10Am – 8PM
New year Eve10Am – 8PM
Labour Day10Am – 8PM
Christmas Day10Am – 8PM

How to Locate the Nearest Walmart Deli Close to You.

Not all Walmart stores or supercenters have Walmart Deli in them. 

You can find out if your local Walmart store has Deli in it or if the nearest Walmart store has a Deli present in it.

To locate the nearest Walmart Deli to you, use the store locator at the home page of the official Walmart website.

Click on the location finder at the very top corner on the home page.

You just have to enter your zip code, city. and State name. After entering this information, a list of Walmart deli locations will surface.

Once you have found a location closer to you, a click on your chosen location will highlight the accurate hours, address, and contact details of your chosen location.

How to Know if Your Local Store Has Walmart Deli.

Knowing if the Walmart store near you or your local Walmart has Walmart Deli is pretty easy.

The steps to take are as follows;

  • Visit the Walmart store finder.
  • It displays your current location by default.
  • The Walmart stores near your location are displayed as well.
  • In some cases, it instructs you to enter your desired location or the zip code of the desired location.
  • Enter the location and click on the update location option.
  • Click on the store that catches your interest or the one you wish to know about.
  • Look under the Services at this store.
  • All the services offered by the store are displayed.
  • If Walmart Deli is part, then the store offers Deli services.

Final Words

Walmart Delis are open from 8 in the morning and closes by 9 at night. If you wish to get anything, it is best to visit the nearest deli close to you within these hours to enjoy their services.

Also, Walmart Deli sections are present in a lot of Walmart stores. To confirm, just put a call through to the Walmart store you wish to know through the phone number displayed in the information menu.

Walmart Delis will not open during the major traditional holidays like; the Thanksgiving Day, New year day, and the Easter day. 

But, on other holidays, they may operate which is largely dependent on the Walmart store manager’s decision. 

Always contact the store if you are not sure whether they will open on a particular holiday or not.

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