Walmart stores are one-stop stores for you to shop for all you need. 

Walmart also sells Mattresses as well. It sells mattresses like air mattresses, memory foam mattresses, comfort foam mattresses, and many more. They are available in different kinds and sizes.

Do you want to purchase a mattress at Walmart, or you have purchased one at Walmart already, and you are curious to know what Walmart’s mattress return policy is?

Is it possible to return a mattress purchased from Walmart, and if so, what is the procedure for doing so?

This article will explain Walmart mattress return policy, the steps you’ll need to take to exchange your mattress, and anything else you should know before making your purchase.

What Is Walmart Mattress Return Policy In 2022?

Walmart’s mattress return policy allows customers who are not satisfied with the mattress purchased at Walmart to bring them back to the store for return or exchange. 

If the mattress turns out to be different from what you expected or it is not what you wanted, then you can proceed to return it via mail or at the nearest Walmart store.

Walmart Mattress Return Policy

Mattresses bought at Walmart are eligible to be returned within 90 days of purchase. The mattresses have to be in their complete original packaging with other accessories and must be brought to the store with or without a receipt.

Some mattresses are eligible for a refund after it has been bought while some are only eligible for exchange after the return has been processed at the Walmart store.

Note: Mattresses bought in the Walmart store can only be returned in-store, but Mattresses purchased online at Walmart can be returned through mail or in-store.

Can Opened Mattresses Be Returned?

Opened mattresses can be returned to Walmart, but their acceptance depends on the store manager or the Walmart associate that attends to your return at the customer service.

Can Opened Mattresses Be Returned?

To increase the chance of getting an exchange or a refund from Walmart when you are returning the mattress you purchased, you have to make sure to pack the mattress in all of its original packaging and accessories attached.

Mattresses that are returned without their original packaging may be accepted for return if the Mattress itself is faulty or there is a problem with the foam of the mattress.

Can I Return A Mattress Without Receipt At Walmart?

Yes, you can. Walmart allows its customers to make a mattress return with or without the receipt of the purchase.

Customers who want to return their mattresses without a receipt have to bring along some important things that will allow the return process to be processed.

The first thing to go along with is an unaltered, valid, government-issued photo means of identification.

Also, the Walmart associate may be able to help you track your return faster if you are with the credit or debit card you used to make the mattress purchase either in-store or online. The phone number or email used to facilitate the purchase can be used for online purchases without a receipt.

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Are Air Mattresses Eligible For Returns At Walmart?

Yes, Air mattresses and Air beds are eligible for return at Walmart.

Air mattresses can be returned within the window frame of 90 days even after it has been used, with or without the packaging, unlike other mattresses.

Regardless, used or air mattresses that are not brought with the package are only eligible for exchange or replacement, not a refund.

New Air mattresses or the ones with the full packaging are eligible for either a refund or an exchange. It all depends on what you want.

Both processes can be done with or without the Walmart receipt. Just come along with the requirements stated above.

Can A Mattress Be Replaced At Walmart?

Yes, the outcome of what you get after initiating a return depends on your decision on whether to get an exchange or a refund.

It is not only Air mattresses that can be exchanged or replaced, other mattresses can also be exchanged as well. So far the mattress meets the condition for return. 

If you opt for a replacement instead of a refund, your decision will be respected.

Can Walmart Reject A Returned Mattress?

Yes, it is the personnel discretion at the customer service desk after checking the return guideline that will determine if your return will be accepted or rejected.

There are certain conditions the mattress to be returned has to be. Anything below the expected condition, your mattress return will not be approved.

No Walmart associate will reject or deny your mattress return because of a personal feud or misunderstanding. 

If your mattress return is rejected, accept that it was returned because it did not meet the minimum requirement. 

Must I Visit The Walmart Store I Bought The Mattress To Make A Return?

No, it is not compulsory to visit the store you bought the mattress from to make a return. 

If you have moved from where you live to another location, you can still make the return in another store. 

You don’t have to go through the stress of carrying your mattress to the previous Walmart store you bought it from. You can visit any Walmart store near you to make the return. 

Go along with your receipt or a photo ID issued by the government to ease the return process.

If you do not know how to locate the Walmart store near you, read our detailed Walmart store finder guide

Where Do I Go To Return A Mattress At Walmart?

The customer desk service department is the one in charge of attending to returns at Walmart. You can check the Walmart return hours to know when to go to the nearest Walmart store to activate a return.


Walmart mattress return policy allows customers to return a mattress when they are not satisfied with what they bought, and it has to be within 90 days.

The mattress to be returned has to come with its original packaging except in the case of an Air mattress. Walmart will process a return without a receipt if the customer is with a government-issued photo ID.

Walmart may also decide to reject a return if it doesn’t meet the minimum standard for a return. Customers can process their return at any Walmart store near them.

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