There is nothing that starts without ending. If you start a job, you will surely leave one day. The same goes for Walmart associates. No matter your reason for leaving, you must leave a good impression so you are not a bad reference and welcomed every time you come back, either for another job opportunity or recommendation.

But how do you quit Walmart leaving a good impression of yourself on your store manager and other co-workers?

This article will educate you on how to go about this professionally and other things that follow your quitting at Walmart.

How to Quit Walmart Professionally

As a Walmart associate, you might want to quit because you got humiliated or bullied by a senior colleague or quit because you got a better job offer, or quit because of any other reason best known to you. The best way to leave is to leave professionally irrespective of the reason you are quitting Walmart and not be a bad reference to other colleagues.

How to Quit Walmart Professionally

If you plan to quit Walmart professionally, it is best to give either your Walmart store manager, the assistant store manager, or the human resource manager probably a month or anytime not less than two weeks prior notice before the quitting date.

The essence of your notification is to allow those in charge of administration in your Walmart store or Supercenter to prepare for your departure and put things in order after you tender your resignation letter.

It is very important especially if you hold a key position in your Walmart store or office. However, if you happen to want to quit Walmart suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances, you do not have to wait to give a month or two weeks notice before you make your intentions known.

Reasons Walmart Associate Quit Walmart

There could be various reasons why a Walmart associate will quit or tender a resignation letter. Walmart associates could quit Walmart due to personal reasons, work-related reasons, or unexpected situations. A few of the reasons associates quit have been reviewed below.

  1. Bullying

Walmart associates could tender a resignation letter if a senior associate or colleague bullies or humiliates them. When it is incessant, they may decide to call it a quit and stop working at Walmart.

  1. Stress

The stress of working at Walmart could be much especially in the case of hourly paid associates. When the stress from work gets burdensome, an associate may decide to quit Walmart and take a break from work.

  1. Sickness or loss of a partner

A Walmart associate may submit a resignation letter if he/she loses their partner or loved ones or call it a quit if they need to tend to the affairs of their partner or loved ones on a sick bed.

  1. Change of location

Moving from one place to another could affect an associate job at Walmart. If the new location is far from the Walmart store or Supercenter where they work, they may decide to quit at Walmart or ask to be transferred to another Walmart store or Supercenter if the opportunity surfaces.

  1. Better Pay Job

If another job offers pay higher than that received at Walmart, a Walmart associate may decide to quit Walmart and go for the other job.

  1. Not being valued

When Walmart associates feel left out in decisions that concern them, it may imply that they are not being respected or valued, and in turn, they may decide to tender a resignation letter to their store manager and look for a place where they feel valued and respected for what they contribute or do at the workplace.

  1. Imbalance work-life

The requirements of some roles at Walmart may be cumbersome. A Walmart associate may decide to quit Walmart if they are unable to attain a fair work-life balance or if their work at Walmart has started to affect their personal lives.

  1. Advancement in career

Some Walmart associates started to work after their secondary school and they may quit Walmart if they decide to advance their education to garner more experience in their education.

Can I Quit Walmart Without Writing to Anyone?

Yes, you can quit Walmart without writing or notifying anyone in your store. However, it is important to inform your Walmart store manager or the assistant to make them less worried and know the situation before you are contacted. 

Contacting them even without writing about your decision to quit Walmart is better, and still keeps your reputation in positive shape than allowing the administrators in your Walmart store or Supercenter to contact you to know about what is happening.

The latter option is very bad for your reputation and may cost both of you; it will cost your Walmart store or Supercenter because it is sudden and may be unexpected while you will take the bigger share of the hit especially if you need a reference or recommendation from your boss or you need to come back to work at Walmart.

Procedures to Quit Walmart

When you quit Walmart as an associate, you have to go through some procedures to make it look professional and leave a great impression on your manager and co-workers. There are three ways to go around it. They are:

  1. Write a letter and a verbal notification 

This is the best form of way to quit Walmart. Write a letter to your store manager to inform him of your decision to quit Walmart. Write the letter succinctly and avoid unnecessary words or expressions to narrate your feelings.

Make sure to include the date you will be leaving finally, and wrap your letter in an envelope. Seal it and give it to your boss while also informing him and your co-workers by telling them in advance.

This act will not only make you leave a magnificent impression, but it will also make you professional. Anytime you come back for assistance with regards to a recommendation or job offer, you will most likely be welcome.

  1. An email and a verbal notification

If you are less courageous to face your store manager to inform him/her about your decision to quit Walmart, you can send him/her an email. Send your store manager a formal email instead of writing a letter and inform the Walmart store manager of your decision. Make the date you will leave in bold letters. 

This is better than taking a french leave although not as great as submitting the letter in person. It is still a professional way and will leave a good impression of yourself on your boss and co-workers.

  1. A phone call

This is the last way you can use to inform your Walmart store manager about your decision to quit Walmart and it is recommended to be used in dire situations where you can neither notify your Walmart store manager in person nor through email. 

However, for this method, you have to practice what you will say before putting a call through. Greet your boss and hit the nail on the head; inform him of your decision to quit Walmart.

Do not ramble or make excuses, cut to the chase and also give the reason you could not inform him/her in person. That is also professional enough and may still save your reputation and better than not contacting them at all or waiting for the administrators in your Walmart store to contact you.

Tips to Help Before You Quit Walmart

A few of these tips could be of help to you if you plan to quit Walmart.

  1. Be sure

The first tip that could be of help is to be sure about your reasons to quit Walmart. Do not act in a rage or decide to quit because a customer or your colleague irked you. Make your decision to quit Walmart when you are calm and reserved. It is better to think it through so it does not haunt you after you quit.

  1. Inform your partner or family

It is pertinent to inform your partner and immediate family about your decision to quit Walmart. This will allow them to prepare for any issue that might come with your decision and they will also help you think through your decision if it is really worth it before you quit Walmart.

  1. Do not join teams or committee

If you have started to think about quitting Walmart, it is recommended to not join any team or committee formed during those periods. When you quit Walmart, your departure could disrupt the activity of the team or committee particularly if you are a stakeholder in the team or committee.

  1. Prepare for life after your job

For whatever reason you decide to quit Walmart, it is best to be prepared for how you will live and survive when you quit Walmart. Doing this will prevent you from regretting your actions and will assist in transitioning to the new life after you quit Walmart.

  1. Have no issues 

Before you quit Walmart, make sure you are free from any issue you may have with either a Walmart customer or your store manager. If it is not an issue solely for you, you can ask a colleague for assistance or refer the customer to your store manager or customer service.

Do You Get a PTO (Paid Time Off) If You Quit Walmart?

Paid Time Off (PTO) is the payment a worker receives during their personal time off from work. Getting a PTO if you quit Walmart depends. Walmart requires associates to have spent over a year at Walmart before they get paid time off payment, and associates may get an accumulated PTO when they quit Walmart.

However, if you have not spent up to a year before you quit at Walmart, you may get and may not get a PTO payment depending on the law in your location and the store manager’s decision. So consult your store manager when you want to quit Walmart to know how things will pan out.

Will You Get a W2 Form After You Quit?

A W2 form is a tax form used in the United States which shows the wages and salary paid by employers and the taxes withheld from them to their employees. Every employer must send their employee a W2 form latest on the 31st of January to allow them to prepare their tax payment. So you will get a W2 form sent to your registered email with Walmart on or before the 31st of January if you Quit Walmart.

Though, if you fail to get your W2 form after you quit Walmart, you should call the customer service line of the Walmart store you previously worked at before you quit Walmart to get your W2 form.

If I Quit Walmart, Will I Get My Last PayStub?

Pay stubs are payment statements that give an employee insight into paycheck details for every pay period. It will either be sent to any Walmart associate if they Quit Walmart or emailed to the store associates depending on how the Walmart store operates. If you fail to receive your last pay stub after you quit Walmart, you should call the customer service of your Walmart store to inquire.

Can I still Work at Walmart if I Quit?

You can still work at Walmart stores or supercenters if you quit Walmart only after 6 months as reports have it stated. That is one of the reasons why you should quit Walmart professionally. Not quitting professionally or leaving without notice could affect your chances of getting another job at Walmart.

Final words

To quit Walmart is an easy thing but you are encouraged to not decide to leave when you are angry and that you should make sure you leave professionally to leave a lasting impression on your store manager, colleagues, and co-workers.

If you decide to quit, inform either your store manager, assistant manager, or HR manager about a month and nothing less than 2 weeks before you quit Walmart so proper preparation can be made for your departure.

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