Have you been looking up information on how to get W2 from Walmart?

This article will show you a comprehensive guide on how to get W2 from Walmart after you quit or when you are still an associate.

Walmart, the biggest retail store in the US and world, is an employer to thousands to millions of associates. 

Whether you are a current or past employee of Walmart, you will receive your W2 form so far you worked for Walmart the previous year.

The W2 tax form shows all the wages, salary, or income earned from your employer (Walmart) and much other relevant information.

In this article, we will cover what W2 tax form is and how to get W2 tax form from Walmart.

Also, the time Walmart sends out W2 forms will be discussed, and many other things that are related.

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Quick Fact:

  • Walmart sends W2 tax form out to associates automatically on or before the 31st of January.
  • If you fail to get your W2 form, visit the payroll department to know the situation.
  • The W2 form is also called the Wages and Tax Statement.

How to get W2 from Walmart

What is a W2 form?: A W2 tax form which is also known as a Wages and Tax Statement from Wikipedia is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form used in the United States to report wages paid to employees by employers.

The Wages and Tax Statement (W2 form) reveals crucial information like the amount of taxes withheld from the employee’s paycheck. Also, it is to be filed at the end of the year by the employer (Walmart).

How to get W2 from Walmart

From investopedia, no matter how big a company or firm is, every W2 has the same fields.

There are two sections in the form; the federal and state sections. Walmart associates have to file their taxes on both levels (the federal and the state level).

Most details on the W2 form are that of the employee or Walmart associate in this scenario. However, in some fields, Walmart’s information like its Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is the ID at the federal level. Also, Walmart’s state ID is included.

When does Walmart Send out W2

All employers including Walmart are mandated to send out associates form W2 on the 31st of January or any date before that.

This gives Walmart associates enough time to file their income taxes before the deadline of the form submission. Most often, the deadline is always the 15th of April annually.

A W2 form received in January 2023 by a Walmart associate shows the income and taxes withheld by Walmart earned by the associate in 2022.

Steps on how to get a W2 from Walmart

Walmart automatically sends out the W2 form to its associates latest on January 31st. 

However, if you did not receive your W2 tax form from Walmart, you should sign in to One Walmart, your Walmart employee account.

You can reset your password using your official mail if you do not remember it.

After a successful login, you should be able to print your W2 form online from One Walmart.

If the above process is unsuccessful, you should visit the finance/ payroll service department to help you file and obtain your W2 form.

What is Walmart EIN 

EIN is an acronym that stands for employer identification number. It is sometimes referred to as the federal taxpayer identification number (FTIN) or IRS number.

It is a distinct identifier that is designated for retail companies like Walmart and other businesses.

The EIN makes it easy for companies like Walmart to be easily recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The EIN is made up of nine digits and Walmart’s EIN is 71-0415188. The taxpayer identification number makes it easy and is also there for the motive of companies like Walmart to report taxes.

Where is the EIN found on W2 tax form

The EIN space is always located at the top of your form. It is usually the second box where you are to enter Walmart’s federal tax identification number (FTIN).

You can always call your store manager or the HR department to confirm the EIN of Walmart.

Also, the EIN is called FTIN and is available for search online.

Where in Walmart can you inquire about your W2 form or relay complaints?

If you have any problem with your W2 tax form from Walmart, or you need to make a few inquiries, you can visit two to three places in a Walmart store.

The first place to visit is the Customer Service Desk. The customer service desk section will direct you on the processes to take. You will also be told the places and things you have to do to get your W2 form.

Measures to take if you do not receive W2 from Walmart as a former employee

As a former employee of Walmart, it is possible you do not receive the W2 tax form that is sent out automatically. 

Whether you quit Walmart yourself or your employment was terminated, you have the right to get your W2 form from the previous year.

You can as well visit the page as a former associate of Walmart to see if you can print your W2 form.

After a successful login, if you are unable to get your W2 form, you have to draft a formal draft.

You have to draft a formal letter to the Walmart payroll service department to know the situation of things.

You will get your W2 form after your letter has been received. However, you can as well put a call through to the Walmart store you worked to hasten the process.

What is Withholding Tax

Withholding tax also known as tax retention is the tax paid by employers (Walmart in this case) directly to the government instead of being paid by the receiver of the salary or wage.

The tax to be paid is deducted from the salary or wage to be paid to the recipient.

Immediately after employment, you are given a W4 form to fill out. This form provides Walmart with the information it needs to keep track of payroll, tax withholding, associated-provided benefits, and many other things.

The tax to be withheld by Walmart is dependent on associates’ marital status, dependents, number of allowances, and many other factors.

Final Thoughts

The process of how to get a W2 form from Walmart is easy. Walmart automatically sends you your W2 tax form on or before the 31st of January.

If you did not get your W2 form sent to you, you can always call the payroll department of your previous store to know the situation.

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