How old do you have to work at walmart: At Walmart, one of the largest retailers in the world, there are a variety of job opportunities available everyone. However, it’s important to know that there are certain age restrictions in place when it comes to certain positions.

Age is usually a major criteria that qualifies any applicant for any job position at any Firm, company, or industry.

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a new opportunity, Walmart may have something for you. So, if you’re curious about how old you have to be to work at Walmart, keep reading!

How Old Do You Have to Work at Walmart?

Answer – The minimum age that is employed to work at Walmart is 16 years. 

Does Walmart hire 18 years old? Yes Walmart hires 18 years and above for all roles.

Although, there are some restrictions placed on the 16-year-old employees as they are not allowed to work in some departments or sections until they are 18 years.

Moreso, Walmart in some States will demand a work permit from legal guardians for minors (16 and 17) before they are allowed to take up working positions at the store, and most times, a medical report from a doctor stating that such individuals are in good health, before Walmart can hire.

What is Walmart’s Age Policy For Employment?

Walmart has an age policy for employment that is in accordance with federal and state laws.

In general, Walmart hires employees who are at least 16 years of age. .

Walmart’s age policy for employment requires that employees be at least 16 years old, the company is also prohibited from discriminating against employees or job applicants on the basis of age if they are over the age of 40.

However, employees below 18 years can only work in designated sections at Walmart stores.

So, to take up a more professional and competitive work position, applicants should be 18 and above. Any age below 18 is limited to some sections at Walmart stores.

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Here are some jobs offered to 16 year old applicants

Walmart Janitors:

they ensure that the floor, parking lot, restroom, and store are kept clean at all times. So, Customers count on them to ensure the store environments are clean at all times. Whether in the rainy season, summer, snow or sleet, the store must be kept clean at all times.

Janitors are always on their feets, ready to spot dirt, so as to clean them up immediately.

Walmart Stocker:

they ensure that customers find what they need at the store. They monitor stock levels at the store so when items are low in stock, they restock the store.

They also upload product shipments from the warehouse and they sometimes set up ads for promotional display.

Walmart Cashier:

they are responsible for scanning and packaging customer’s purchases.

They greet customers with a smiley look, tell them the prices of each item, receive different forms of payment from customers and return change if need be.

Walmart Greeter:

they are responsible for welcoming customers into the store with a warm smile, helping customers find the right cart, and helping to cross-check customer’s list before they leave the store to guide against shoplifting.

Walmart Cart Attendant:

the return shopping carts when customers are done using them. They also help customers load heavy goods into their car, and likewise clear off carts from the parking lot to avoid obstruction.  

Walmart Sales Associate:

these people help customers find specific products throughout the store by taking them to respective shelves and sometimes, point them to locations to get items from. 

They also restock shelves, and remove damaged and expired items from shelves. They also operate the cash register when required.

Walmart OPD:

they are responsible for selecting and packaging products for home delivery for customers who placed an order online.

Read up on Walmart’s application process.

What are the age Limitations For Working At Walmart?

Walmart does not hire applicants below 16 years old because such age ranges are not recognized legally to take up work positions at Walmart.

However, if you are 16 years old, Walmart can offer you some listed job opportunities that suit your age. Sometimes, depending on the Walmart location, a work permit from a legal guidance is usually required before hiring.

Also, a medical report stating that such applicants are fit to work without health issues is also required.

To sum it all, the officially acceptable age to apply for a work position at Walmart is usually between 18 years and above.

Can Walmart Employ 16 Year Olds?

Answer – Yes! Walmart hires applicants at 16 years of age.

But 16 year olds are limited to certain job descriptions, because some job positions are not suitable for that age at Walmart.

Therefore, Walmart will limit you to a certain department in the store like; Walmart Janitor, Walmart stocker, Walmart cart attendant, Walmart cashier, and Walmart greeters, etc. 

These jobs are usually based on shifts, and their pay check  usually comes at a weekly basis or hourly. Only full time workers get salaries 

Moreso, you can not aspire for higher positions until you clock 18, because that is a legitimate age of professional employment recognised by the law.

Can a 15 Year Old Work At Walmart?

Answer – No!

Walmart does not employ 15 year olds. So, in order to qualify to work at Walmart, you should be at least 16 years of age.

Walmart Employment Eligibility Age FAQs

How old do I need to be to work as a cashier at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as a stocker at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as a Janitor at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as an OPD  at Walmart?18 years and above.
How old do I need to be to work as a sales associate at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as a greeter at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as an overnight stocker at Walmart?18 years and above
How old do I need to be to work as a cart attendant at Walmart?16 years and above
How old do I need to be to work at Walmart’s Auto Care center?18 years and above
How old do I need to be to work at Walmart’s Fuel station?18 years and above
How old do I need to be to work at Sam’s Club?18 years and above
Does Walmart hire 14 years old?No.
Does Walmart hire 15 years old?No.
Does Walmart hire 16 years old?Yes with conditions.
Does Walmart hire 17 years old?Yes with conditions.
At What Age Does Walmart Hire?Walmart will hire applicants that are up to 16 years and above.


Walmart is a big community that accepts applicants from all backgrounds to work at its store, but the minimum age that is allowed to work there is 16 years.

Although minors are limited to work description, they are allowed to take up other working positions when they are up to 18 years.

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