A money order is a directive to pay a pre-specified amount of money from prepaid funds. It is a paper document or certificate that is issued by financial institutions or the government.

The purchaser will purchase an amount and will state the payee’s name as well. 

The payee in turn can receive cash using the money order. It is safer and more preferred to check.

If you need to send money to someone using a money order, and you want to use Walmart, then this article is for you.

So, does Walmart do Money Orders? In this article, we will discuss Walmart’s stance on the money order, the limits and fees charged, and other information you ought to know.

Quick Fact:

  • Walmart does and cashes MoneyGram money orders.
  • The limit of a money order at once is $1,000. 
  • You will be charged the maximum fee of $1 on a money order at Walmart.
  • You can purchase the money order at the customer service desk or the money service department.
  • A government-issued photo ID is required to purchase money orders above $1,000.

Does Walmart Do Money Orders in 2022?

Yes, Walmart does money orders. Walmart allows customers to purchase money orders from any of its Supercenter or Neighborhood Market. You will be charged a fee and can also pay with cash or a debit card. 

Currently, Walmart offers Money Order Services using MoneyGram, and cashes MoneyGram money orders at a fee.

The money order is safer than checks. It is in the sense that it does not include the account number of the purchaser and the personal information that can be used to carry out fraudulent activities.

Does Walmart Do Money Order

Also, the receiver of the money order does not need the consent of the purchaser before he or she can cash a money order.

However, the purchaser of the money order has the right to cancel the money order purchased just like a cheque and get a refund. 

The recipient of the money order does not have to cash a money order received right away and can deposit it into his/her bank account just like a check.

Where In The Store Can A Money Order Be Purchased?

Customers who wish to purchase a money order from Walmart should visit the Money Services Center or the Customer Service Desk in stores with no money service center.

The processes and other things you need will be explained to you there.

If you do not know how to locate the customer service desk or the money center, check Walmart Store Finder [All Uses of Walmart’s Store Locator]

You will get to the exact location in no time using the store finder. Also, you will see the opening and closing hours of the Money Service Center and the Customer Service Desk as well.

This will ensure you visit at the right time and get all you need to do as fast as possible.

What Are The Processes Of Purchasing Money Orders At Walmart

When you get to the Walmart store, proceed to the appropriate department to purchase a money order. 

  • You will pay the amount of money order you wish to buy with the charged fee also included. 
  • The next thing is to fill out the money order completely, filling in all blanks.
  • Walmart advises customers to keep the receipt until the recipient has confirmed the payment. The number on the money order receipt will be needed if customers want to contact MoneyGram about their money order.


  • Walmart encourages filling the form with black ink and writing legibly.
  • Customers are urged to either deliver the money order in person or through the mail.
  • Walmart offers service forms to assist customers with money order transactions.

What is Walmart Money Order Limit?

Most times, the limit on money orders is $1,000. If you need to purchase more than that, you will have to purchase multiple money orders.

However, you are encouraged to ask the Walmart associate that will attend to your money order purchase about the limitations placed on money orders at Walmart.

This is to be done before or during the filling out of the money order.  

What Is The Fee Charged On A Money Order At Walmart?

Walmart charges a maximum of $1 on all money orders. This means that the highest fee you can get charged for purchasing money orders at Walmart is $1. You can be charged $0.6  or lesser.

Nonetheless, the fee charged by Walmart on money orders varies by location.

What Is Required To Purchase Money Order At Walmart?

If you want to purchase a money order at Walmart you do not need anything.

Although, if the money order purchase you want to make is over $1,000, you will need a photo ID issued by the government.

Does Walmart Refund Money Order?

Yes. Walmart refunds customers’ money orders if they no longer need them.

 Before a refund can be processed, the money order must not be altered or damaged. 

Customers can visit the Money Service Center or the Customer Desk Service of the local Walmart store with their original sales receipt to get their refund.

Can Money Order At Walmart Be Sent Outside The United States?

Yes, money orders can be sent out of the United States. However, it is recommended by MoneyGram that you check the recipient’s financial institution to check their cashing and deposit policies.

Can I Check The Status Of My Money Order?

If you want to check if your money order has been cashed online, follow these steps

  • Log in or create a MoneyGram account.
  • Click on the Money order status.
  • You will be required to enter your money order number and the exact dollar amount.

You can also call the MoneyGram automated line at 1-800-542-3590.

Steps To Take If You Lost Your Money Order

If you lost your money order by accident or you suspect that it was stolen, kindly visit the MoneyGram page for a replacement of the money order. You can cancel the money order as well.

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