There are various reasons you might want to cancel your Walmart Plus membership, it might be because you are not planning to buy from Walmart for a while or because you are not using it as much as you had planned, or you are just curious to know in case you want to cancel your Walmart Plus membership in future.

Follow through to know the ways you can cancel Walmart Plus membership.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus is a subscription service from Walmart that offers members exclusive benefits such as free shipping on orders over $35, discounts on fuel at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations, and access to Scan & Go, which allows customers to scan items and pay with their phone while in the store. The subscription also includes early access to select deals and discounts.

Walmart Plus is a paid subscription that has been launched only in the United States for now. It is operated by Walmart and allows not just frequent customers but also ordinary members who subscribe to enjoy a lot of benefits from unlimited same-day free delivery to a faster checkout.

It serves as a replacement for Walmart Delivery Unlimited, which previously allowed members to enjoy unlimited delivery from Walmart stores to their homes.

Walmart Delivery Unlimited members are automatically members of Walmart plus, and they stand to enjoy benefits that exceed free unlimited delivery. They enjoy all the benefits of Walmart Plus members.

Walmart Plus members could choose either the monthly plan, which costs $12.95 without taxes and is subjected to be renewed every month, unless the customer has requested to cancel Walmart Plus plans entitled to him/her, or the annual plan that costs $98 in a year excluding taxes and is also renewed annually unless otherwise requested by the customer or member

A Walmart Plus member is like any other customer who orders online or comes to the store to buy products or items like groceries, home appliances, furniture, clothing and accessories, and many more except that they enjoy more benefits than other customers who do not subscribe and also have access to deals that are exclusive to just Walmart Plus members. 

In addition, Walmart Plus members are eligible for Plus Up Benefits, an additional benefit that is also payment clauses in which members pay a separate fee either monthly or annually and can pay simultaneously or at different times with the Walmart Plus membership fee.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership.

Canceling one’s Walmart Plus plan automatically terminates the Plus Up Benefits whilst canceling the Plus Up Benefits does not in any way affect or cancel Walmart Plus membership.

Members can cancel Walmart Plus membership using two different ways:

  1. Through Walmart Customer Care.
  2. Through the Walmart App.
  1. Members willing to cancel their Walmart plus eligibility can do so by dialing the customer service number on -(1-800-925-6278). 

You will let the customer care representative know that you wish to cancel your Walmart plus membership and you will be put through on what to do.

  1. Members can also cancel their Walmart Plus membership through the Walmart App.

To do this simply;

  • Log into your Walmart plus account, after a successful login.
  • click on ‘My Account’
  • Select Walmart plus’
  • Then ‘click on cancel Walmart plus’
  • A confirmatory email will be sent to confirm the cancellation of the Walmart plus membership.

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Note; Members on a 30-day free trial stop enjoying the benefits of Walmart Plus immediately after they cancel their membership while members on a normal monthly or annually paid membership enjoy till the last day their payment expires even if they cancel their membership before the last day.

Reasons Members Cancel Their Walmart Plus Membership

The following are the reasons members cancel Walmart Plus membership entitled to them:

  1. Infrequent use: Members may cancel their Walmart Plus membership if they had not been utilizing the benefits to their best.
  1. Financial issues: Members may cancel their Walmart Plus membership due to financial constraints.
  1. Using a different platform: Members may also cancel their Walmart Plus membership if they decide to shop from other retailers.
  1. A cheaper and better offer: Members may cancel their Walmart Plus membership if they see a cheaper and better offer than what Walmart Plus is offering. 


The Walmart Plus plan can be canceled either through the App or by calling the customer service line.

No, what qualifies members for Plus Up benefits is the Walmart plus membership and canceling the Walmart plan automatically disqualifies the Plus Up benefits.

Yes, you can. It is advisable to cancel Walmart Plus plan before the previous subscription expires.

There is no refund if you cancel Walmart plus plan but you still enjoy the benefits till the last day of the paid period.


Users of Walmart plus can easily cancel their membership either by calling Walmart customer care on (1-800-925-6278) or through the step by step prompt on Walmart app as outlined earlier.

Members cease to enjoy the benefits of Walmart plus after a successful cancellation of the subscription once they have reached the last day of the paid period, and there is usually no refund after a successful cancellation of membership. 

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