Liteblue eRetire is one of the most important features of the USPS LiteBlue interface, particularly for employees who are excited about reaching retirement age and leaving their jobs. You will have access to a wide variety of features and tools related to retirement-related pursuits if you use the eRetire platform.

This article will cover all you need to know about the eRetire platform, including how to use it, the eligibility requirements among other things.

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What is Liteblue eRetire?

eRetire is a special feature available in the USPS liteblue portal, its main purpose is to help the USPS employees to view and manage their retirement and pension related activities.

You can access eRetire using the USPS liteblue intranet service, which is reserved for USPS workers only. 

However, this tool is not accessible to all USPS employees, only those who are near to retirement age or have already retired can have access to the eRetire feature. 

This is only one example of the various eligibility requirements for the eRetire service, which we shall discuss in more depth below.

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What Can I Use the Liteblue eRetire Portal for?

There are so many things that can be done with the eRetire application, though this feature is limited and not available to all USPS staff because retirement age varies from person to person. 

Below are the list of things that eligible usps staff can do with the eRetire application;

You can use the eRetire application to:

  1. View and manage your retirement activities
  2. Check your retirement eligibility
  3. Print annuity estimates
  4. Purchase or order a retirement application form which you can simply download or send to your email.
  5. Schedule an appointment for a retirement counseling session online.
  6. Set the day you’d want your retirement to officially begin.

Eligibility Requirement for Using Liteblue eRetire

Although the eRetire feature is available in the USPS liteblue portal, it’s not accessible by everyone. Only eligible staff can access and use the eRetire functionalities.

Below are the list of requirements that all USPS staff must meet before they can be eligible to use the eRetire application;

The eRetire application is only available to those who are:

  1. Eligible to retire in five years time
  2. Eligible to retire in six months time
  3. Qualified for optional retirement.

Note: If you fall into the category of a part-time postal inspector or a non-traditional full-time USPS worker, then you will need to contact the HRSSC department for a manual annuity calculation estimate. 

Usually, you can expect to get your quote within 14 days, sent to the address you provided.

What Can Employees Do in eRetire?

What an employee can do with the eRetire application depends on the employee’s eligibility status.

Below are the list of things that an employee can do with the leRetire application;

  • Staff who are eligible to retire in five years’ time can use the platform to view and manage their retirement activities as well as request and print annuity estimates.
  • Staff who are eligible to retire in six months time can do all of the above including Purchasing or ordering a retirement application form and also Scheduling an appointment for a retirement counseling session.
  • Staff who are qualified for optional retirement can perform all of the above functions including the ability to request for a monthly annuity estimate.

eRetire Login Guide

Just like every other liteblue usps feature, you will need to login to the platform in order to be able to access all the available functionalities.

Below are the guides that you will need to successfully login to the eRetire intranet portal.

eRetire Login Requirement

Before you login to the eRetire Liteblue portal, these are the basic requirements that you must meet.

  • You must be a USPS employee.
  • You must have access to your employee ID or EIN. Everyone who works for the USPS is given an employee ID. Your employee ID, which usually has 8 digits, is at the top of your earnings statement.
  • You must use your USPS self-service password (If you are using the liteblue service for the first time, you must first create a Liteblue SSP profile and reset your Liteblue password).

How To Login To eRetire Liteblue

You can login to eRetire the same way you login to every other usps application. The method is the same.

Now that you can have your employee ID and password ready, these are the steps you can follow to login to eRetire liteblue application:

  1. Navigate to your browser and visit  
  2. Next, a login screen will appear for you to fill out. Input your employee ID and password in the appropriate boxes. 
  3. After inputting your login information, click “Submit,” you will be redirected to your employee account page. Simply navigate to the eRetire tab from there.

That’s all you need to sign into the eRetire portal.

How To Reset eRetire Liteblue Password:

In order to reset your password, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to your browser and visit
  2. Click on “Password recovery”
  3. Next, it will redirect you to this page, input your Employee ID and click “Verify Employee ID”. Then follow the command prompt to reset your password.

That’s all.

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