If you require a hard copy of your transaction, getting an Amazon receipt can be useful. It’s helpful to know that you can quickly obtain a receipt for any Amazon order from your account. This tutorial will help you if you’re unsure of how to get your Amazon receipt.

You should be aware that printing a receipt from a desktop computer is the most straightforward option, but you can also print a PDF copy of the receipt from a mobile app provided you have a suitable printer.

You can find all the information you require on how to get Amazon receipt and other useful tips about Amazon receipts in this guide.

What is an Amazon Receipt?

An Amazon Receipt is a written acknowledgment that demonstrates the transfer of a highly valuable product from Amazon to a customer. Additionally, it is a formal record that certifies a money exchange or purchase between Amazon and customers.

Amazon maintains an order history in your account, enabling you to retrieve detailed information on business purchases when you need it.

This order history includes an invoice feature that allows you to print a copy of your order receipt.

Generally, Amazon receipts serve the purpose of keeping records for future reasons.

You can print these receipts as proof of your expenditures so that you can be reimbursed by your company or claim tax write-offs for your business expenses.

Having understood what Amazon receipts are, let’s move on to the issue at hand: how to get an Amazon receipt 

How To Get A Receipt From Amazon Website 

It’s rather simple to figure out where to look and how to print a receipt on Amazon. Accessible in a few different ways, receipts for Amazon purchases can be found quickly. To illustrate how to achieve this, though, we will provide a walkthrough.

View and download your Amazon receipts by following these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your account and hover on Account & Settings.
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  1. Select Your Orders from Your Account.
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  1. Locate the order you need a receipt for on the “Your Orders” tab. Then click “View Invoice” in the top-right corner of that order.
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  1. You’ll see a web page with your order’s specifics on it. Click the “Print This Page for Your Records” link at the top of the receipt to print or save this receipt.
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  1. Amazon will launch the default print window on your PC. Here, select your virtual PDF printer to save your receipt as a PDF. Alternatively, use your printer to print the receipt.
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That’s all you need to do to download your Amazon receipt for any of your purchases. 

How To Get A Receipt From Amazon Mobile App

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone or tablet and navigate to your profile (second icon in the bottom menu).
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  1. Then tap “Your Orders” and scroll down to find the order you want to print the invoice.
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  1. When you get to “Order Information,” scroll down and select “Download Invoice”. Your invoice will download in PDF format, which you can print using a suitable printer if you have one, or send to your computer to print later.
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  1. Choose “Invoice” from the option that appears, then press “Download Documents.” If you would like, you can select to download additional papers from this menu, such as the warranty slip.
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The receipt downloads to your phone and is saved as a PDF. Then, whenever you wish, you can view and print this PDF file. You are ready to go.

What Information Is Included On An Amazon Receipt?

It includes all the details of your order such as the order number, date, and total purchase amount.

The seller’s order number is also listed on top of the product description with the condition of the items ordered and the total amount that was paid.

You will find the billing address and credit card info below the payment information. You will find the shipping date, address, and speed above this.

Note that the payment information is divided into the subtotal, shipping and handling fees, any free shipping or discounts, the total before tax, and the estimated tax to be collected.

At the end of the Amazon receipt, you will see an option to return to the order summary and view the order status.

What Can I Buy On Amazon And Get A Receipt?

You can get a receipt for everything you buy on Amazon, no matter how big or small it is.

Whether you’re buying from one of the 1.9 million businesses or shopping Amazon Basics, you will get a receipt after each order which you can check later or keep for reference.

Along with that, you can also view printable receipts for Amazon Prime membership and other services from the tech giant, as long as you are logged into the right account.

Can I Look Up Old Receipts On Amazon?

Yes, you can 

Amazon ensures to keep a record of all your orders. If you ever need the receipt for an order from months ago, you only need to log into your account.

With Amazon, it is much easier to keep track of Amazon digital receipts than physical receipts from the grocery store

When you click on returns and orders on the Amazon page, you will see a dropdown search function where you can view all your past orders.

You can then scroll down to the order you want its receipt or search for this order using the search bar.

Is Amazon Receipt Different From Confirmation Email?

Not exactly. 

An Amazon receipt is similar to a confirmation email because the two contain the order number and total amount. However, this is where the similarities end.

Generally, there is more information on the receipt than in the confirmation email you get after orders.

Whereas the confirmation email is automatically sent to your inbox, the full receipt is not. Instead, you will need to log in to your Amazon account to view and download the receipt from order details if the need arises.

The confirmation email contains the order number, estimated arrival date, shipping address, and total amount paid. You can also find recommended items under “Customers Who Bought Items in Your Order Also Bought.”

The receipt is the detailed version of the confirmation email. It provides information you will not find in the mail sent to you after purchase.

Why Should I Look up my Amazon Receipts?

After having an understanding of how to get your Amazon receipts, you might want to have good reasons why you should know how to get your Amazon receipt 

The below points are good enough reasons why you should have your purchase receipts from Amazon handy:

  1. It’s an excellent way to track your expenses
  1. Helpful for tax purposes if you have an Amazon business account.
  1. It is necessary if you want to sell or return an item to Amazon.
  1. Helps you confirm the payment method used for your purchase. 
  1. For warranty or replacement claims.

Final Thoughts

Amazon receipts allow you to keep a record of all orders you’ve made on the leading retailer’s website.

To ensure these receipts are not lost, Amazon keeps them digital, from where you can decide to print them if the need arises.

You get receipts on all purchases you make on the website and they will ideally be sent to your email address.

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