Customers order items online because of many reasons. It might be because of the low price which is common to Walmart, it might be because you need or want an item urgently, or because you wish to present a gift or surprise to your loved ones, or many other reasons best known to you.

Yet, in situations when you see cheaper options in the marketplace or because you saw a better alternative to what you ordered, and occasionally you might just lose interest in what you have ordered, maybe because you observed it is a waste of extra dollars or because the item is just unnecessary or no longer useful, your best bet is to cancel the order.

Unlike in-store situations where you can easily cancel or return the items, you do not want and put the items back on the shelf. Customers shopping online may find it a bit difficult to cancel Walmart orders or on other online retail stores like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and so on because they are uncertain whether they will get a refund especially when it is a bit late and for many other reasons.

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In this article, we will illustrate ways to cancel Walmart orders, how to edit an order, what to do if you are unable to cancel Walmart orders made by you, and other reasons Walmart may cancel orders made by customers.

How to Edit and Cancel Walmart Order

Walmart also allows its customers to edit or cancel Walmart orders they have made. As a customer, you are allowed to make edits to your orders. You do not have to necessarily cancel the whole order just because you wish to remove or add another item or because you wish to do both—you can just edit your order and get it sorted out by Walmart.

In cases where it is too late to edit or cancel Walmart orders, Walmart provides alternatives for its customers.

How to Edit Walmart Order

Walmart customers do not have to cancel Walmart orders because they wish to edit or modify their Walmart order. All that has to be done is to edit the Walmart order.

Reasons Customers Edit Their Walmart Order

A few of the reasons customer could edit their Walmart order are listed below:

  1. Add or Remove Items

Walmart customers can edit their orders to add new items or remove previously added items from their cart.

  1. Increase the Quantity Ordered or Vice Versa

Customers may also edit their orders to increase the number of items ordered or decrease the quantity if they feel it is too much.

  1. Allow Substitutions or Otherwise 

When items ordered are out of stock, Walmart offers customers alternatives that are closely related to the items ordered, and a customer may edit to allow the substitution of the item ordered or disallow it.

  1. Timeslot Rescheduling

Sometimes, things may not go as planned due to last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances. Customers can edit their orders by rescheduling the time of delivery.

  1. Change of Store Location

Customers can edit their orders if they wish to choose a different store location different from the one that was chosen during checkout.

Steps To Editing the Walmart Order

To edit a Walmart order, follow the steps listed below:

  • Customers who wish to edit are to log into their Walmart account on the Walmart site or the Walmart app.
  • After a successful login, you should proceed to select Account.
  • Under account, you should select Purchase History.
  • Click on edit items afterward and make changes to your previous order.

Note: Customers can only make changes to the pickup or delivery order when it is still in the processing stage.

How to Cancel Walmart Order

The gradual way a customer can cancel Walmart orders will be explained, but before that, the reasons customers cancel Walmart orders should be stated.

Reasons Customers Cancel Walmart Orders

  1. Cheaper Item

Customers can cancel Walmart orders when they see the items they wish to purchase at a cheaper cost elsewhere.

  1. An Alternative to the Item Ordered

Customers may cancel Walmart orders when they see a more preferred alternative to what was ordered. They can cancel their Walmart order.

  1. Change of Mind

A change of mind can occur to customers. So when a change of mind occurs, a customer may decide to cancel the order already made.

  1. Item No Longer Useful 

With a purpose in mind, customers may order items, but after ordering, they may realize that the item or items they ordered are no longer useful.

Steps to Cancel Walmart Orders

Steps to Cancel Walmart Orders

The steps to cancel Walmart orders are listed below:

  • Log into your account on the Walmart app or the Walmart site
  • Select Account after a successful login to your account
  • Select Purchase History under the account drop-down
  • You should locate the order you wish to cancel among other orders
  • Scroll to the bottom page and select Request Cancellation
  • If the order can be canceled, a confirmatory email will be sent to the registered email connected to the account.


  •  If the order is past the processing period, you might not be able to cancel the order. 
  • Walmart also stated that changes to orders can take the total order over or under the $35 threshold. They stated that a fee will be charged for orders under $35 and the charge will be removed if the event of the order total exceeds $35.
  • For you to be sure your Walmart order was canceled, you have to receive a confirmatory email from Walmart.

What Next If the Order Was Not Canceled?

If the order is past the processing period, you can call Walmart customer service on 1-800-925-6278 to cancel Walmart orders made by you.

Also, you can return most items ordered. So if the item is delivered, you can easily return them through mail or pickup, and you would be refunded after some days or immediately based on the situation of things. 

Visit the return policy page for more information on item returns.

How Else Can a Walmart Order Get Canceled

Not all Walmart orders are canceled by customers. Walmart itself can cancel Walmart orders based on different dilemmas that may arise from either Walmart or the customer’s end.

Walmart stated that to save the time and money of their customers, the best thing to do may be to cancel Walmart orders made by their customers in some situations.

The following situations would warrant the cancelation of an order from Walmart:

  1. Limited quantity purchases

The increase in the quantity of an item may not be allowed by Walmart if the user has ordered the quantity limit or due to stock availability. Moreover, Walmart will send the customer an email with an update to the order if there is a limit on the quantity to be purchased.

Also, Walmart may limit the number of items purchased by an individual, household, or per order. The restriction may be extended to orders placed by the same Walmart account—using the same credit card, gift card, or checking account, and orders that use the same shipping or billing address. The restriction or limit can prompt canceling of Walmart orders by Walmart on customers who fall into this scenario.

  1. Item out of stock

The listing of an item will display out of stock if the item is not available at that moment. Unfortunately, the website does not update itself every millisecond. So the website may list the item as available while you are placing the order, but Walmart may run out of stock while your order is being processed. In this case, Walmart will notify you that your order or the item you ordered has been canceled.

Be sure to check back as Walmart restocks as soon as possible.

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  1. Price or listing errors

Periodically, listing errors may occur in the item-listing of an item or items when the product details of the item are incorrect; it could be the price, the image, the description in terms of size, color, features, etc, or the quantity or whatever is included. The next action is to cancel Walmart orders that fall in this scenario by Walmart if it detects this while processing your order. An email will be sent to you to explain the reason your Walmart order was canceled.

  1. Additional information required

Walmart reserves the right to cancel Walmart orders that have insufficient information while more information is required by Walmart’s Credit and Fraud Avoidance department. You will receive an email from Walmart that more information is needed to process your order and not providing it in time may lead to the cancellation of the order.

  1. Unavailable carrier or shipping method

Walmart may cancel Walmart orders when there is no carrier or shipping method available for freight or heavy items due to maybe port congestion, industrial action by the shipping company, or due to bad weather. An email will be sent to you to inform you of Walmart’s decisions on your order.

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  1. An old browser or app version

Customers who use an older version of a browser like Firefox, Chrome, or any browser no longer supported or an app version that has been tossed out due to one reason or the other, may experience difficulty when ordering, and Walmart may cancel the order or part of the order depending on their discretion. You will be sent an email regarding this as well and you will be informed of the necessary steps to take.

Note: Walmart will send the affected customers an email if it cancels Walmart orders partly or wholly made by the customers involved. Also, it may request more information from customers if it is needed to process their order.


Yes, you get your money refunded when you cancel Walmart orders.

You can add or remove items from your order by editing your order. Go through the article for a detailed explanation.

You get a confirmatory email from Walmart that your order has been canceled.

Yes, Walmart may cancel an order due to a lot of reasons. Check the article for more understanding.


Customers do not have to worry when they make a mistake while ordering. You can easily edit or cancel your Walmart order, and if you have difficulties or complications with your order, you can easily track it using the ways explained in the article or call Walmart customer care for further help and clarifications.

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