Are you about to purchase a video game at Walmart, or you have purchased one already but are curious to know what exactly Walmart video game return policy is?

Walmart sells a lot of items and products that match all ages and genders. 

Video games are one of those products and there are lots of video games available in Walmart stores in various formats, all at affordable prices. 

Some Walmart customers who purchased video games in any of the forms it is sold at Walmart stores may find themselves wanting to return them for one reason or the other. Are you one of them? Then, read this article till the end.

You will find in this article how strict it is to return video games at Walmart, procedures that guide video game return, and many other things you need to know about video game return at Walmart.

If you are curious to know more, then, let’s get started.

Walmart Video Game Return Policy

Walmart’s video game return policy is the procedure Walmart uses to process returns of video games from customers.

Customers can return Xbox games, PlayStation, Nintendo games, Virtual reality games, PC gaming, and its other accessories so long as they meet the eligibility for return.

Walmart Video Game Return Policy

Walmart accepts the return of new, unopened, or defective video games that are purchased from any of its stores if the difference between the day of purchase and the day of return has not exceeded 90 days. 

Video games that fall in this category are eligible for refunds and exchanges, which are dependent on the customer’s choice.

On the other hand, opened or accessed video games are eligible for return as well, so far it is within the 90 days time frame. Although there is no refund option available to customers with opened or accessed video games, they can still exchange the returned video game for a new one of the exact type.

That is not all, continue reading to know more about the points discussed above in detail!

How Strict Is Walmart Video Game Return Policy?

Walmart is remarkably strict with the policy of video game returns in its stores.

The reason is not far-fetched. Some customers who think they are smart buy video games from Walmart and play the game till the end or after they reach a milestone, and then initiate the video game return. 

They will do all this within the 90 days window frame of the video game return.

Regardless of all this, Walmart has asserted that opened video games bought from any of its stores are only eligible for exchanges.

Unlike the new or defective ones that are eligible for either refund or exchange at Walmart stores.

What Is The Time Frame To Return Video Games To Walmart?

Walmart customers have 90 days to make up their minds as to whether they want the video games bought or have it returned to Walmart.

For video games bought in-store, the 90 days count starts from the day of purchase of the video game. 

However, in the case of online shopping, the 90 days count starts the day the video game was delivered to the customer.

And any day after 90 days makes the video game bought from Walmart ineligible for return (whether it is new or opened).

The only situation that invalidates the return days is if there are holidays on the last days of return. The day of return will be extended by the number of holiday days, if it is filed during the return initiation.  

Can Open Video Games Be Returned At Walmart?

Yes, open and accessed games can be returned to Walmart. 

Walmart accepts the return of video games if the customers are not satisfied with what they bought or have any other tangible reason.

However, the video game has to meet certain criteria for it to be eligible for returns at Walmart.

If it is found faulty or damaged during return, but it is not the manufacturer’s fault, then it is ineligible for return.

The original packaging has to be brought along with the video game, because items not returned with their original packaging will not be accepted for return at any Walmart store.

Can Walmart Reject A Returned Video Game?

Yes, Walmart personnel will reject any returned video games that do not meet the return criteria.

Certain criteria are put in place for items to be returned at Walmart, including video games.

If the video game returned is broken, damaged, or does not meet the minimum criteria one way or the other, the video game will be rejected.

You can ask the Walmart associate for the reason the video game return was rejected. 

Also, a rejected video game means the video game is no longer eligible for return at any Walmart store.

Note: Rejection of video games is only applicable to opened or accessed ones as new ones can not be rejected.

Can Video Games Be Returned At Walmart Without Receipt?

Yes, a video game can be returned to Walmart with or without a receipt.

After your identity has been verified, the same process of return that has been explained in detail above will be applied to you as well.

You are to go to the store with the video game to be returned with all its packaging and a valid government-issued photo identity card.

Also, you can take the debit or credit card you used during the video game transaction for easy tracking. 

Your email or phone number can as well be used to track online purchases.

Should Video Games Bought At Walmart Be Returned At The Store They Are Bought? 

It is not compulsory to return the video game to the exact store it was purchased from.

Nonetheless, for a faster and easier return process, you can visit the exact store you bought the video game from, but it is not mandatory. 

You can visit other stores to make your return as well. Ensure you go with the complete video game package and all that is required of you if you do not have a receipt.

Video games bought online can be returned at any Walmart store.

Where Are Video Games Returned At Walmart?

If you want to return the video game you purchased at Walmart, proceed to the customer service center section of the store.

One of the associates at customer service will attend to you and process your return.

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Walmart video game return policy allows customers to return video games within 90 days of purchase or delivery.

Customers who return new or defective video games are eligible to get a refund or an exchange while open video games are only eligible for exchange.

The video game to be returned has to be brought along with the original packaging, and customers without receipts are to come with a government-issued photo ID.

Also, if you need to make a return, proceed to the customer service desk to process your return. If your return does not meet the return criteria, it will be rejected and ineligible for return.

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