As a Walmart associate, your absence from work will cost both you and your co-workers.

You may get a query and warning points for your absence, and your co-associates at your Walmart store will have to share your responsibility for the day.

The only reason no one will be affected is to call in sick at Walmart some hours before your shift; whether you are sick or injured. 

This gives more room for the preparation of your absence from work, and another associate can easily fill in for you.

So, if you are a Walmart associate or you just got employed at Walmart, but you don’t know how to call in sick at Walmart, this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn ways to call in sick at Walmart, other means to report your absence, and other peculiarities related to how to call in sick at Walmart.

How To Call In Sick At Walmart

If you are a Walmart employee and want to call in sick at Walmart because you are weak, injured, or not in the right state of mind, call at least 3 hours ahead of your time shift. You can either call the number (1-800-775-5944) or report your sickness online on the One Walmart page.

How To Call In Sick At Walmart

State your exact ailment, go straight to the point, and prepare the right means of identification.

Walmart is a big retail store that employs thousands to millions of associates in its stores all over the world.

In all Walmart stores, associates work depending on one another. They rely on one another’s functions or roles in the store for an optimal environment for customers. 

When someone in a department is absent from work unannounced, other associates share the burden of the absent associate’s responsibility.

That is the reason you have to call in sick at Walmart hours before your time shift or before the store opens. This will ensure proper preparation for your unavailability.

If you are ill or sick and the illness will hamper your role at your Walmart store, put a call through to the right personnel.

Explain the reason you won’t be available at work and also, make sure it is brief.

How Far Ahead Do You Call In Sick At Walmart?

If it is an hourly associate, call at least 3 hours ahead of your resuming time or time shift. Those holding key positions should call at least 4 hours before the store opening hours.

This does not mean you have to wait for 3 to 4 hours before you put a call through. Call immediately if you feel unhealthy or get injured.

However, if the fever or illness occurs suddenly and it is less than 3 or 4 hours as it applies to you, proceed to call as well. 

During the call, state the reason you are calling later than is expected of you.

If you are not strong or healthy enough to put a call through, seek the help of a family member or friends available to assist with the call.

Reporting you are unhealthy will make sure there is adequate preparation for your absence. Another associate can fill in for you or the available associates share your tasks to assist.  

What Should Be Prepared Ahead Before I Report My Illness At Walmart?

Prepare your Walmart Identification Number (WIN), your name, your store manager’s name, your store number, and its location

Before you call in sick at Walmart, you have to make sure you have prepared all the necessary information stated above. All this will be used to track the right associate and store.

This will ensure that the store is alerted and everything can then fall in place.

If any of the information is wrong, other details provided will help to locate the correct associate and Walmart store.

Once your absence is processed, you may receive a mail confirming that.

How To Report Sickness At Walmart Online

For some periods, you may want to report your ailment but it is out of Walmart operating hours. The next step to take is to proceed to the One Walmart official website.

After a successful login, look up the report absence in the tab menu. 

Click on it, and enter your name, Walmart Identification Number (WIN), store number, the reason for your absence, and any other question that pops up.

Submit your report. After submission, you may see a pop-up confirming your report has been submitted or receive a confirmation mail.

Do I Inform My Store Manager Of My Absence?

The first thing to do before you call in sick at Walmart is to inform your store manager.

Professionally, that is the first thing and the first person to inform about your absence.

Inform the store manager about your illness or injury, and make it brief and understandable. 

Also, keep your store manager posted about any development in your ailment or injury.

Aside from the store manager, you can also call the team leader of your department or a co-associate in your department. 

Tell them what has happened and inform them you will be unavailable for a day or the number of days for treatment.

You can seek the aid of a family member or friend to assist you with calling if you are not healthy enough for it.

How To Go About A Intermittent Leave At Walmart

If you are taking longer to recover from your illness, or the ailment goes and comes, then it is time to take an intermittent leave at Walmart.

Also, you can take intermittent leave if your injury, illness, or ailment requires more medical attention or supervision.

From the University of California, an intermittent leave, when medically necessary, may require an employee to take time off in separate periods due to an illness or injury rather than taking one long continuous leave.

Intermittent leave can also be in form of a reduced work schedule. Where the hours per work-week or work-day are reduced for a specific period.

Associates should notify the store manager or the HR manager if they want to opt for this.

Do I Get Penalized If I Call In Sick Late At Walmart?

If you call in sick late at Walmart for the first time, you may be given a warning by your store manager. 

However, frequent late notification of absence from work may warrant a penalty. It can be a warning point or anything else.

In contrast, if you called in sick late because the illness was urgent or it was an unexpected fever, you will neither be given a warning nor penalized.


Walmart associates can call in sick at Walmart at least 3 hours before their time shifts, and those holding key positions are allowed to do that at least 4 hours before. Late reporting will be pardoned if it is urgent or unexpected.

Walmart employees who wish to notify Walmart of their sickness should notify the store manager first, their team members, and Walmart as well by either reporting online or calling this number 1-800-775-5944.

Associates can also apply for intermittent leave or a reduced work schedule if the illness or injury requires more attention medically.

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