Amazon has policies to ensure customers are protected and get the best experience. One of these policies allows you to exchange items you purchased at Amazon but for some reasons that you do not like.

Here, I’ll explain all you need to know about How to exchange on amazon, including the specific steps you should take. Read on to find out more!

Quick Fact:

  • Amazon allows the exchange of items within 30 days after they were delivered.
  • Items returned to Amazon for exchange must be wrapped in the original packaging with its label.
  • Customers can exchange items 3 months after purchase during holidays, usually between 1 and January 31.
  • Not all items can be returned.

How To Exchange On Amazon: Answers To Top Questions

The policy of Amazon for exchanges is similar to its return policy – you can return items eligible for exchange within 30 days after the day you have received the package.

However, you can exchange items three months after delivery during the holidays.

To learn more about how to exchange on Amazon, where items are exchanged, and about items that cannot be exchanged, keep reading this article for more information!

How Do I Begin The Exchange Process At Amazon?

You can exchange a purchase at Amazon by following the following steps:

  1. Login to your account and go to Your Orders. You can skip the long process by following this link.
  2. Select the order containing the item you’d like to exchange and click on Return or replace items.
  3. Select the item you’d like to exchange from the order and choose a reason from the drop-down menu.
  4. An exchange order will be created with the same shipping speed as the original order after you’ve picked a reason.
  5. Prepare the item in the original package it arrived. You should use the return label provided in the original box.

Ensure you process your exchange within 30 days after the delivery. Amazon will otherwise expect you to pay for the item you want to get with the exchange and cover the shipping fees yourself.

Can I Exchange All Items On Amazon?

You can return and exchange many of the items you purchase at Amazon. However, some items cannot be exchanged at all and others can only be returned if they meet a condition.

How To Exchange On Amazon: Answers To Top Questions

You should know you cannot exchange items purchased from a third-party seller to Amazon. If you need to do this, you will have to contact the seller and arrange for this. Usually, most sellers on Amazon care about reviews.

Check here to see the list of items that cannot be exchanged on Amazon.

What Items Can’t Be Exchanged at Amazon?

Now that you know how to exchange on Amazon, you should know customers are currently unable to return the following items:

  • Computer laptops, desktops, and Kindles more than 30 days after delivery
  • Items classified as hazardous materials or that use flammable liquids or gases (contact the manufacturer directly for service, warranty, return, and refund information)
  • Any product missing the serial number or UPC
  • Downloadable software products
  • Online subscriptions after they have been accessed
  • Gift cards (except as required by law)
  • Prepaid game cards (World of Warcraft, Xbox 360 Live, Wii Points, etc.)
  • Some jewellery orders
  • Some health and personal care orders
  • Grocery products
  • Open software
  • Items with special shipping restrictions
  • Live insects

Amazon added a note saying customers can only exchange items purchased directly from Amazon. If you buy from a third-party seller, you will have to contact him to exchange the item.

How Long After Delivery Can I Exchange An Item?

During the regular shopping year, you must send the item for exchange within 30 days of initially receiving the package, unless an item is specified as having a later return date.

During the holiday shopping season, however, items can be returned or exchanged at any point as long as they were purchased between October 1 and December 31st, which is about 90 days instead of the normal 30 days.

If you’d attempt to exchange an item you purchased from Amazon after the allotted date has passed, Amazon will charge you for the item they exchanged their original purchase with and will not cover the shipping costs for the item being returned.

Do I Have to Return an Exchange In Its Original Packaging?

Amazon expects all items to be returned or exchanged in the original packaging that they were delivered in.

You are also expected to use the original shipping label when sending the package back to the Amazon fulfilment centre.

If you are concerned about needing to exchange an item you’ve purchased, it is therefore recommended to keep the packaging for the item until you’re sure you want to keep the item.

Is An Exchange Possible Without Return?

Usually, Amazon expects you to return the item you want to exchange. If customers don’t return the item, they may be charged for the replacement package.

Nevertheless, Amazon may allow a no-return exchange in some cases. If the item purchased is a large mattress or a set of batteries and will be tough to return, you can get an exchange without a return.

If you want to learn more about Amazon return policies, kindly proceed here.

Can I Exchange Kindle Purchases?

You can return and exchange purchases on Amazon Kindle. You’ll need to be signed in to your account and head to manage your content and devices.

Select Actions and pick Return for refund or any other option that aligns with your intention.

Is There Any Charge For Exchanges On Amazon?

Simply put, you will not pay any extra money when you return items to Amazon provided you exchange these items before the 30-day mark.

After 30 days, you will need to pay for the item you want to exchange. This is because the policy no longer covers it.

You can always return items you purchase during holidays anywhere between October 1 and January 31.

If the item you want to get from the exchange costs less than the returned item, Amazon will refund the difference in price to you. In the case the exchanged item costs more, you will need to pay this difference.

When Are Exchanged Items Delivered?

Items you exchange on Amazon will be delivered to your address in a similar time frame to the initial item. Usually, exchanged items will be created with the same shipping speed as the original purchase.

Final Thoughts

Amazon allows you to return and exchange items you purchase within 30 days after they were delivered.

If the items were not returned within the stipulated time, Amazon will charge the customer for the product he wants to exchange.

I hope this article has answered your questions satisfactorily on how to exchange on Amazon.

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