Do you want to cancel your membership to some premium services and do you want to know how to cancel subscriptions on Amazon? Despite the wealth of Amazon’s services and subscriptions, the time has probably come that you want to move on.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about cancelling Amazon subscriptions. This includes Amazon digital services and Amazon Prime. You will also learn how you can get a refund of your money if you were wrongfully charged.

How to cancel subscriptions on Amazon Services

There are many plans you could be subscribed to other than Amazon Prime. Amazon Channel for example is an additional service offered by Amazon to keep everything centralised.

There are also other digital services like Amazon Kindle and Amazon Music. Usually, you get a 30-day free trial on most of these services. But do you know how to cancel Amazon subscriptions before the due date hits if you’re not willing to pay for the service?

How to cancel a subscription on Any Amazon Membership Plan

  1. Go to your account by hovering on Accounts & Lists and clicking Subscriptions. You will find all subscriptions against your account on this page.
How to cancel a subscription to a plan on Amazon - 1
  1. If you are subscribed to services on Amazon, you should see the list of these subscriptions. You can scroll to the service that you want to cancel and remove it from the list.
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  1. Upon a successful removal, you will not be charged for the service any longer and you will lose your membership to the plan.

How to cancel your Amazon prime membership

Now that you have read about how to cancel subscriptions on amazon, another how-to you will find useful is cancelling your Amazon prime membership. You should know that cancelling your membership to Amazon Prime does more than just unsubscribing you.

If you are subscribed to Amazon Digital Services, especially Amazon Channels, you lose your access to these plans. You may want to be sure that you truly want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership.

  1. Proceed to Prime Membership by hovering over Account & Lists.
How to cancel your Amazon prime membership
  1. This will redirect you to a page where you can cancel your membership. If you aren’t subscribed to Amazon Prime, you might be asked to start a free trial.

What to do if Amazon charges me wrongly for Amazon Prime

This happens usually when you enrol for a free trial and you lose track of the calendar. At the end of the free trial, Amazon will charge your credit card and you will have three days to cancel the service and receive a refund.

The policy dictates that a full refund be given if the Prime service wasn’t used, while partial refunds are applied if you used the service at any time during the three-day cancellation window.

Subscriptions such as Prime Video or Prime Music won’t renew once your Prime account has been cancelled. In addition, unlimited Prime storage reverts to Amazon Photos storage, and any data storage rates will be applied against the space taken up by your photos.

You should know that cancelling Prime does not affect your basic Amazon account. You will remain an account holder who can use all of the non-Prime Amazon services.

How do I see what Amazon is charging me for?

Amazon makes accountability easy. Although for a retailer as big as Amazon, this is expected.

The process for checking what Amazon is charging you for is similar on desktop and on your mobile phone.

  1. Look for the option that says Account and proceed to your account.
  2. Click on Your Payments to see a list of all your previous transactions.
  3. Through this option, you can also remove a card from your account or add a new one.

How do I contact Amazon for unknown subscription charges?

You can contact customer care by dialling the number 866-216-1075. This call is toll-free and you get to lodge any complaint that you may have with them.

How much do Amazon channel subscriptions cost?

Amazon subscriptions are not what you would call cost-effective. To be subscribed to a digital service, you also have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime.

You end up paying for services in two places at a time. Unlike the alternatives, you pay a lot more for the same service.

To enjoy a subscription to Starz channel on Amazon, you would be charged somewhere around $18 a month to maintain this service.

What can you do with Amazon subscriptions?

Amazon subscriptions offer many options out of the box. You can subscribe to a video channel, a bookstore where you get premium content, and you even get special treatment when you order a product on Amazon.

While the bone of contention is on how to cancel subscriptions on amazon, there are other services you may want to try out after cancelling your membership to an existing service.

You can get any of the following with Amazon subscriptions.

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Prime Video
  3. Amazon Audible
  4. Amazon Kindle
  5. Amazon Kids+
  6. Amazon Music
  7. Software subscription
  8. Amazon Drive

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