What is Walmart makeup return policy you may be wondering?

Walmart sells varieties of beauty products in all its stores. Selecting one kind out of the various kinds available could be tasking.

Did you buy makeup recently from Walmart? If you are not satisfied with the type you chose, you may want to return it as newly purchased to Walmart.

What about customers who have opened or used the makeup they bought from Walmart, can they return it as well?

Whatever reason you have to want to return the makeup you bought, you have to know Walmart makeup return policy before you take any steps.

This article will break down Walmart makeup return policy into bits of information for you to understand it easily.

We will cover all areas including Walmart return policy on used makeup, what makes makeup purchased ineligible for return, and every other thing you should know. Without taking much time, let’s get started!

Walmart MakeUp Return Policy

Customers can return new, opened, or used makeup to Walmart if after the purchase they become uninterested or unsatisfied, though terms and conditions apply.

The makeup product must be returned within 90 days of receiving the item and it must come with all its packaging and accessories.

You can return mascara, foundations and concealers, eyeliner, skin and eye primer, lipstick, eyeshadow, and many more bought from the store, either together or individually.

Walmart’s makeup return policy is not as strict as a few products’ return policies. Although, it still follows the same pattern of return.

Customers who return the makeup as it was bought can return it to either get a refund, exchange or choose another product instead.

In contrast, customers with opened and used makeup purchased from Walmart can only get an exchange if the returned item is approved.

How Long Is The Makeup Return Time Frame?

The latest time to return the makeup to any Walmart store is 90 days.

If the item was purchased in-store, the 90 days starts from the exact day the item was purchased in that store, not the day after.

For makeup delivered to the customer’s home, the return does not start on the day of purchase but the day the item gets delivered to the customer’s residence or address.

If you need to return makeup, it is advisable to avoid procrastination and do it as fast as possible.

The item becomes ineligible for return if the day the return process was initiated is after 90 days, irrespective of the condition of the makeup (whether new or opened).

Does Walmart Accept Opened Or Used Makeup?

Walmart accepts the return of opened or used makeup items.

If the item is different from what was described in the product’s description or one of the items in the product is faulty, Walmart will accept it and process it the same way the return of a new item will be processed; either for a refund or an exchange.

Used makeup on the other hand may also be accepted if they meet the criteria for return. 

Customers can return the makeup purchased if they are not satisfied with the product they bought or because of any other substantial reason. 

Nonetheless, the makeup to be returned must not exceed a single use before the other return criteria can be considered. 

Does Walmart Accept Makeup Without Receipt?

All products including makeup can be returned at Walmart without the receipt of purchase.

If you want to return the makeup you purchased and you are without a receipt, ensure you go to the store with a valid government-issued photo ID. After your identity has been confirmed, the return process will be facilitated. To make the transaction tracking faster, you can go to the store with the credit card or debit card you used either for in-store or online purchases.

You can also provide your registered Walmart account email or phone number if the purchase was carried out online.

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What Makes Any Makeup Purchased Ineligible For Return?

There are certain criteria put in place by Walmart to make the return of all products even and fair.

If the makeup to be returned does not meet the criteria for return, it automatically becomes ineligible for return. No matter the Walmart store you take it to. 

Moreover, you have the right to ask the Walmart associate why your makeup is ineligible for return, that way you can avoid any future occurrence.

New makeup or opened and unused makeup are accepted almost all the time; they are rarely rejected unless the return window has passed.

Some of the things that make makeup ineligible for return at Walmart are:

  1. The makeup returned has been used more than once.

Solution: Never use the makeup more than once after you have decided to return it.

  1. It becomes ineligible if all or any of the packaging is not returned along with the makeup.

Solution: Always keep the packaging of the makeup somewhere safe. You can discard them after 90 days of purchase or if you plan not to return the makeup.

  1. If any part of the item is broken or damaged during or before the return.

Solution: Keep the makeup in a safe place and make sure you keep it where it can not be easily accessed by children or minors.

  1. Returning the makeup kit without all the accessories included.

Solution: Keep all the kits intact as were bought.

  1. Returning the makeup beyond the 90 days time frame.

Solution: Never procrastinate the makeup return. Delaying the return for a period is not advisable. Return it as soon as possible.

The reasons stated above are some of the causes that make makeup ineligible for return at Walmart stores and the possible solutions.

There may be a few other reasons not stated here, but make sure you tick all the boxes here before proceeding to the Walmart store.

Where Do You Facilitate Your Makeup Return In Walmart?

To make your makeup return at Walmart, you have to visit the customer service desk section. Also, you have to go during the Walmart return hours so you can get the return processed quickly. 

Must You Return The Makeup To The Walmart Store You Purchased It? 

No, you need not return the makeup to the Walmart store you bought it from. You can return the makeup to another store or the nearest Walmart store.

However, you can go to the Walmart store you purchased it from for faster processing.


Walmart customers who feel the need to return the makeup they bought from Walmart should do so within 90 days of purchase.

New and opened unused makeup products are eligible for either an exchange or a refund. Opened and used makeup are however restricted to only exchange for the same item.

Customers who want to make a return but are without a receipt should visit the store along with a valid government-issued ID. This is to confirm the identity of the customer before the return is processed.

Walmart reserves the right to reject any makeup returned that does not meet the return eligibility. 

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