Amazon is responsible for about 50% of e-commerce sales in digital marketing. One of the sales techniques used by Amazon to achieve this feat is the Amazon influencer program.

The influencer program that was rolled out allows you to register as a social media influencer, promote products, and get rewarded.

This article will extensively discuss everything you need to know about the Amazon influencer program as a promoter or as a seller on the retailer’s website.

Amazon Influencer Program: All Your Questions Answered

If you have bought a product on Amazon before, you probably knew about the product through influencer marketing. When you see a product on an influencer’s Twitter account or a YouTube channel, it is probably because the person is a member of the Influencer program.

What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

Amazon Influencer program is an extension of the Amazon Affiliate program and it was started in 2017.

Unlike the Amazon Affiliate program which anyone can sign up for, the influencer program is exclusive and very tough to get accepted to.

If you are accepted into the influencer program, you will be provided with a link to your storefront with products you can promote to your audience.

To join the program, you would need to have loyal followers who value your opinion. All applications to the program are carefully scrutinised and only the ideal candidates are selected.

What Does an Amazon Influencer Do?

As an Amazon Influencer, you will create content that promotes products that are available for sale on Amazon.

What Does an Amazon Influencer Do?

You can do this by writing reviews, sharing sponsored posts, or giving your recommendations on Amazon items.

You will need to have a clear understanding of the items that you’re promoting to perform well in this program and be successful.

Do I Have To Pay To Get Started?

The program is free to join. If you meet the requirements after your channel has been researched, you will join the program without paying a cent,

You will earn commissions on items that you have recommended to your followers.

Who Can Join the Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer Program is exclusive and you can only join if you have a good track record of driving product sales through social media. If you aim to work through your website, you probably will not be selected for this program.

If you are a social media butterfly and are experienced as an influencer, you most likely will be approved and selected for the Amazon Influencer Program.

You will have to give Amazon significant permissions to access your linked social media account. This is one reason why some people hesitate to join the program.

How Many Social Media Followers Do I Need to Be an Amazon Influencer?

The Amazon influencer program is considered an exclusive opportunity because Amazon is a huge marketplace with tremendous reach and thousands of brands. To join the program, you need a minimum of 5,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also enrol for the program if you own a YouTube channel that has more than 5,000 subscribers.

This requirement is to ensure that you have a sizable audience interested in hearing your opinions about products.

How Much Can I Make as an Amazon Influencer?

Many factors determine how much money you can make as an Amazon influencer. Some of these reasons are:

Size of audience

The minimum audience you must have to qualify for the program is 5,000. However, you earn as big as your audience.

An influencer with 3x the minimum number of audience will have a better probability of convincing more users to buy a product.

User engagement rate

The engagement rate of your users also determines how much money you can make as an Amazon influencer.

Amazon considers the number of engagements you get on your posts before you can be selected to join this program.

Types of products you promote

When one of your audience buys a recommended product, the return on sale changes as you go from one product to another product. Generally, influencers who promote expensive products get more return on a recommendation.

The other reasons that determine the money you make include:

  • The commission payout for the niche of products you are recommending
  • Level of trust from your audience
  • The seasonality of your niche

Commissions can range from 1% to 10% and some influencers have reported earning money as much as $3,000 in a single month. 

How To Become An Amazon Influencer?

Here are the steps to follow if you want to monetize your social media accounts by promoting Amazon’s items:

Step One: Register Account At Amazon Affiliate

The first thing to do is register for the program here. Click on Sign Up and create a new account. You will need the following information to register an account here:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Address

After you have created a base account, you will need to provide the following information to apply as an influencer:

  • Access to your most prominent social account 
  • A minimum 250 by 250 px profile picture 
  • An optional header image (1810 by 402 pixels)
  • A 350-character bio 
  • Usernames or URLs to all of your relevant social media accounts (among YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • The address you would like all reports to be sent to

Step Two: Apply For Amazon Influencer Program

After filling out your information, you will be redirected to choose between three different social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Twitter is currently not on the list.

Choosing YouTube or Facebook will require you to link your account to Amazon. In the case of Instagram, you will need to enter the number of your followers, the number of posts you have made, and your Instagram handle.

It’s recommended that you choose the area where your social media presence is the largest. The more followers you have, the higher chance you have to succeed in your application. However, micro-influencers are more likely to succeed if they engage with their fans.

Step Three: Create Your Storefront

Members of the Amazon Brand Registry can create influencer storefronts to increase interest in their brand. This is the most important step when you want to become a social media influencer.

The Amazon storefront makes things different from your standard Amazon Associates account. It organises every product you market and makes it easy for your followers to locate a specific item.

Ideally, it would be best if you were promoting the products you use. The most successful members of the Amazon Influencer Program show themselves using the product. You can check out the video of one of the most famous influencers on YouTube.

The storefront doesn’t have much in the way of customization. Design is limited to seeing a series of different lists that display your chosen products.

How To Become An Amazon Influencer?

If you want to make your storefront unique, make sure you place both a profile image and a header image.

Step Four: Create Content And Recommend

As a new influencer, the next thing to do is to create content on your social media account and recommend products to your followers.

When you are recommending an item, it is better if this item is one that you also use. This is common practice among the leading influencers on the program.

There are no limitations or rules on what content you can and cannot use for promotion.

Amazon Influencer Example?

There are many influencers you could get an idea from. To give you a better idea of what Amazon influencers do and how they qualify, let’s take a look at Brad Kowitz.

Brad Kowitz

Brad Kowitz is an influencer on Amazon and he uses his YouTube channel to market Amazon products. He takes people on adventures and usually, his followers ask what he does to his vehicles because many of them are modified.

Through his YouTube channel, Brad teaches how to install tires and other undemanding parts of a vehicle.

According to him, the Amazon influencer was an opportunity to make some revenue off his channel. You can check out his Amazon storefront here.

Amazon Influencer Program vs Amazon Affiliate Program

While these two programs are separate and are both available through Amazon, they boast a few differences and similarities.

The Amazon influencer program was started in 2017 and is an extension of the already successful Amazon affiliate program.


  • They both market Amazon products through a channel and give you a chance to make revenue.
  • You need a large audience to be a member of these programs.


  • While anyone can sign up for the affiliate program, you need a large audience that values your opinion to be accepted into the influencer program.
  • With the Amazon affiliate program, you only need a website to join. However, you can only use your Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels in the influencer program.
  • The influencer program allows you to create a concise storefront. You do not get this functionality on the Amazon affiliate program.

What Are The Requirements To Become An Amazon Influencer?

When the Amazon influencer program was initially made public in 2017, they sent invites to well-known industry veterans with massive followings. These include names such as Mark Cuban, Whatsup Mom, and Felicia Day.

So what is exactly required to be accepted into the program?

Large audience

To apply to the program, you have to apply using one of your YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram accounts. After you apply, Amazon’s staff will carefully access your account to ensure it matches what they are looking for.

Some influencers have advised that applying with your YouTube channel is the fastest way to get accepted into the program.


Amazon carefully looks at what kind of engagements you have with your followers, what niche your audience fits in, and other essential data to determine if your content would be a good fit for the influencer program.

They don’t strictly look at your following size to approve you into the program. Amazon accepts micro-influencers as well as nano-influencers if they prove to have valuable engagements with their audience.

You should know that you can always apply again to join the program if you do not qualify the first time.

How Do I Promote My Amazon Influencer Store?

The job begins when you start to promote your storefront after you have been accepted into the program. But how do you promote?

Begin with your audience

Inform your audience that you will be part of the Amazon influencer program and that you will have commission rates on products you recommend to them that they end up purchasing through your link.

‍Add Links to Social Media accounts

Add these affiliate links preferably to your bio. The best way to promote your Amazon influencer store is to start adding your link to your social media accounts. This will ensure they see the link every time they land on your social media profiles.

‍Review Amazon Products You Have Used

The most successful members of this program promote items they’ve used. So if you have used certain products from Amazon which you have had a good experience with that your audience could find useful, share its features with your audience that can help give them perspective on the product.

How Can I Earn Through the Amazon Bounties

Amazon has different services within its influencer program which influencers can promote through their store.

Instead of earning commissions on product sales, you earn fixed advertising fees. They are referred to as bounties. Some of these bounties include Amazon digital services such as:

  • Amazon business accounts 
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Audible
  • Amazon Video
  • Amazon Pantry

The bounty program allows you to rake in extra money if you refer someone to an Amazon service or product.

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