Does Walmart Fill Propane Tanks? Are you running out of propane gas and need an urgent tank refill? Or, are you skeptical about Walmart’s policy on the refill of Propane tanks?

Do you want to know where you can get your propane tank refill or exchanged urgently?

This article will hand all the above questions and also show how Walmart deals with the filling of propane tanks, other means to get propane at Walmart, and other places you can get propane refills.

What is Propane?

Propane is a hydrocarbon gas (C3H8) that is most commonly used as a fuel. It is used in many applications such as grills, water heaters, furnaces, and cooking stoves. Propane is a non-toxic, colorless, and odorless gas that is stored in tanks and canisters.

Propane, also called liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), is one of the most essential gasses used at home, in businesses, industries, and likewise agriculture.

What is Propane?

Also, propane tanks come in different sizes like; 1000 gallon propane tanks, 500 gallon propane tanks, 250 gallon propane tanks 120 gallon propane tanks, and it goes on and on.

Therefore, if you are running out of propane and you need an urgent refill, you will need to find out whether or not Walmart supercenters refills propane tanks.

Walmart is a store that offers a lot of services to its customers at a cheap and affordable price.

In the case of refilling propane tanks, it will also be ideal to refill them at Walmart because of the assurance that they will be handled by certified experts.

Does Walmart fill propane tanks?

Currently, Walmart does not fill propane tanks at its supercenters or neighborhood markets. 

Instead of filling or refilling propane tanks, Walmart offers a propane tank exchange service at an affordable price.

Does Walmart fill propane tanks?

The propane tank exchange service can not be done online or through Walmart pickup; it has to be done in person.

This means that customers who wish to exchange a propane tank for a newly filled tank have to be present in the Walmart stores that provide the service physically.

Also, various propane tank brands are available for exchange, and there is no specificity on the type of tank to be brought to Walmart for exchange. 

You can bring your cleaned propane tank, no matter the brand or how old or rusty it looks.

Why does Walmart exchange Propane tanks rather than refill them?

The reason Walmart does not refill propane tanks is not stated officially, but reports have it that Walmart is not ready to venture into the propane refilling business. Later in the future, it may decide to do so.

However, since Walmart is in partnership with big brands like Amerigas and Blue Rhino to provide the propane tank exchange services, it may not consider venturing into the propane filling and refilling business.

But, if you have an empty propane tank, you can easily exchange it at Walmart for a full tank. The only difference is that you will not go back with the tank you came with.

Though Walmart does not refill propane tanks, it exchanges propane tanks with filled tanks, the only difference is that you may be getting a full tank from a different company from the previous one you used.

How to exchange propane tanks at Walmart

Not all Walmart stores provide the propane tank exchange service. So, if you prefer the option of exchanging your old propane tank for a newly filled propane tank, then you should use the Walmart store finder guide to help you out.

You will know how to get the contact details of your local Walmart store and the other Walmart stores near you to know if they offer propane tank exchange services.

After you have gotten a Walmart store near you that offers this service, proceed to the store and follow the following steps.

Why does Walmart exchange Propane tanks rather than refill them?
  1. You can either inquire about how the process will be done before setting out of your home. Place the propane tank outside the store for safety or in your vehicle.
  1. Enter the store and visit the customer care center section of the store to seek help and assistance. Inform them that you want to purchase a propane tank exchange.
  1. A Walmart associate that will help you with the process may be assigned to you or you will be directed to the place the tank will be exchanged. At this point, you will need to make payments for the full tank.
  1. Irrespective of the condition of your propane tank, it will be changed with a newly filled propane tank. Always endeavor to clean your propane tanks no matter how new or rusty you think they are.


  • You can only exchange propane gas at Walmart in stores.
  • You are not allowed to take the propane tanks into any Walmart store.

How much does Walmart exchange propane tanks?

The price of propane tanks available for exchange at Walmart is already fixed. Although, prices may vary slightly from one Walmart store to the other, due to the location.

Even though the filling and refilling of propane tanks are cheaper, though it is slower and a bit risky, Walmart still tries to do what it does best, providing services at low prices.

Walmart exchanges a five-gallon tank for $14.92, which is one of the cheapest in the market. 

The cost of exchanging propane tanks per gallon ranges from $3 to $6. This means the lowest price outside Walmart stores you can get is $15, and it can get as high as $28.

Does Walmart sell propane tanks?

If you do not have a propane tank and wish to get one, you can get it at a lesser price at Walmart.

Also, you may decide to buy a propane tank at Walmart and fill the tank outside Walmart stores, that is allowed as well.

No matter your choice of purchasing new propane tanks, it is better to get in online either through the Walmart store or the Walmart app. The reason for this is that you get to choose from arrays of available propane tanks and accessories.

However, the purchase of propane tanks in Walmart stores limits the choice of selection to the available propane tanks in the store.

Other places to fill your propane tanks

If you are searching for other places to refill or exchange your propane tanks, you can try some gas stations like Chevron, U-Haul, Costco, Ace Hardware, Texaco, or Nomnom. 

Other places to fill your propane tanks

Some of these places that offer to fill and refill propane tanks also provide propane tank exchange services. 

Although it is cheaper than the exchange of propane tanks, it takes more time for it to get done and may be unsafe if it is not handled by a professional.

Other places to fill your propane tanks

If your propane tank is damaged or rusty, you can exchange your tank for an approved full tank at Petro-Canada gas Station with no charge. 

Some of the other gas stations that offer these services are:

  • Chevron
  • Amerigas
  • U-Haul
  • Costco
  • Texaco
  • Ace Hardware etc.

Safety Tips

Other places to fill your propane tanks: Safety Tips
  • Ensure that your propane tanks are well secured and tighten during road trips to avoid an explosion.
  • Do not refill expired tanks, opt for an exchange. Expired tanks can endanger lives and properties.
  • Always change your propane tank hose after six months to avoid leakages.
  • Always keep your filled propane tanks in well ventilated air space to avoid heating and pressure air.
  • Avoid smoking close to your propane tanks, it is risky and blows up if there are leakages.
  • During the winter, do not store your propane tank in an enclosed space or in the basement, try to store it in an open space.


Walmart offers a lot of services to its customers, but the filling of propane tanks is not one of those services.

Instead, it provides an exchange of propane tanks service where customers bring a propane tank in exchange for a newly filled and inspected propane tank.

It is faster and relatively more secure than filling or refilling propane tanks.

Also, not all Walmart stores offer the exchange of propane tanks. So, always do your research before leaving home.

You can as well get a new propane tank at Walmart and fill the tank somewhere else. Various places offer these services and some offer both the filling and exchange of propane tanks.

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