Walmart stores are typical stores that serve you all you need. They sell groceries, batteries, electronics, and provide various other services that customers may need.

One of the sections in Walmart stores that provide services to car owners is the Walmart Auto Care Center.

They provide services like battery testing and installation, oil change, tire mounting, and other maintenance services that make your cars long last and work in optimum conditions.

But, does Walmart do wheel alignments? Since Walmart provides a lot of services, you might be curious to know the answer to the question stated above.

In this article, we will give answers to whether Walmart does wheel alignment, how much it costs to do a wheel alignment, how often you need a wheel alignment and every other question you might have.

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignment?

Walmart does not provide a wheel alignment service at the moment. The major reason for this is not stated, but if you need to do a wheel alignment, you need to visit another auto center.

Wheel alignment from Wikipedia, often referred to as breaking or tracking, is part of standard automobile maintenance that consists of adjusting the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer’s specifications.

Does Walmart Do Wheel Alignment?

Nonetheless, Walmart is a provider of various auto care services and it does that at the Auto Care Center of its stores.

Its Auto Care Center provides services like oil changing, automotive part replacement and maintenance, tire changing, battery testing and installation, scheduled car check-up, air filter changing, and wiper blade replacement.

All the services stated above are handled by expert technicians who are very skillful and will perform those services excellently.

Furthermore, the services are rendered at cheaper costs when compared with other stores and auto centers aside from Walmart. 

Where in Walmart Is Wheel Alignment Done?

Wheel alignment is not done at Walmart for now. If you need other services to be done on your car, however, you have to visit the Auto care center part of your local Walmart store or the Walmart store near you.

In addition, not all Walmart stores have Auto Care Centers, so you can use the Walmart store finder guide to know if your local Walmart store has a store finder.

When Will Walmart Do Wheel Alignment?

Walmart Auto Care Center may include wheel alignment in one of the services it will provide to its customers later in the future.

However, when it will start offering the service is not known. Also, there is no stated reason as to why Walmart is not offering wheel alignment services. Although there are various reasons stated by people and a few customers, none of them are officially stated.

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost At Walmart?

Since there is no wheel alignment done at Walmart auto center, there is no stated price of it on the service cost list of Walmart Auto center.

However, the cost of a two-wheel alignment in other stores or auto centers costs about $50 to $75, while a four-wheel alignment costs about $100 to $168.

The price of the wheel alignment service is not fixed but varies by location. It could be cheaper or costlier at other places and stores.

How Often Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment?

The number of times you adjust your wheel alignment depends on how often you travel with your vehicle.

Some technicians recommend checking your wheel alignment every 6 months or after every 10,000 kilometers(km).

Also, it is advisable to check and balance your wheel alignment when you replace more than a tire.

When your car wheel is out of alignment or misaligned, your car tends to drag to different sides of the road which jeopardizes your safety on the road.

Furthermore, your car tire consumes more fuel and wears unevenly and unduly when the tires are misaligned. 

That is the reason you should always check out the reviews of the auto center you take your cars to. When a crook technician handles your car alignment, it is dangerous and could cause an accident.

Types Of Wheel Alignment At Walmart Auto Center

The type of wheel alignment your car needs depends on how your car was made and the manufacturer’s specifications. Seek an expert at stores or auto centers so you can get the best wheel alignment service. 

There are three (3) types of wheel alignment services that you can get on your car.

  1. Front-end alignment

This is the most basic type of alignment and it is done on vehicles with a solid rear axle. 

The front axle is the only part that is adjusted. This type of alignment is not recommended for modern cars because it is deemed incomplete.

  1. Thrust alignment 

The thrust alignment is recommended for cars after an accident. It makes sure all the tires are in perfect shape and align with one another.

It is better than the front-end alignment and provides a better result in terms of fuel conservation and tire wear.

  1. Four-wheel alignment 

The four-wheel alignment is the best and most thorough type of alignment. It is for all vehicles that have adjustable rear suspensions.

Do New Tires Require Wheel Alignment?

When you get a new tire or replacement tires that are more than one, you should do a wheel alignment.

This ensures that the new tires last longer and wear evenly after a long time of use.

Misaligned new tires will wear out very fast and unevenly causing you to spend extra cash getting a new set of tires.

How Long Does Wheel Alignment Take?

The wheel alignment service rendered at auto care centers is completed between 30 minutes to an hour.

More time may be used if other services are to be performed on your car or if you meet people in the queue who also want to perform one or more services at the auto center.

Before you set out for the wheel alignment service, make sure you know the way the auto center you are visiting operates. 

You can also search for the auto care centers near you and look up more information about their services using the search engine in your locality and your device’s built-in map.


Walmart auto care center does not offer the wheel alignment service. If you want a wheel alignment, you have to visit other places.

The cost of a two-wheel alignment ranges between $50 and $75 while that of a four-wheel alignment ranges between $100 and $168.

There are three types of wheel alignment and the best for your car is based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Getting a wheel alignment done takes between 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of cars available, the type of wheel alignment you want, and how fast the technician is.

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