Walmart is home to many Americans who shop in its stores. They can get almost everything they need at the store at affordable prices.

However, for RV travelers, it is a different ball game entirely. Although, a few times, they come to shop at Walmart to restock during traveling, what they need most of the time is overnight parking at Walmart.

If you are one of them, you may be eager to know if overnight parking is allowed at Walmart. Can you sleep in the Walmart parking lot overnight? These are some of the questions that pop up, especially if you are a first-timer.

So, is overnight parking at Walmart allowed? Is it free? How many days can you sleep in the Walmart parking lot? All these questions will be answered in detail.

You should read till the end to get answers to all your questions. Let’s dive into the article to learn more!

Overnight Parking At Walmart

Walmart allows customers and noncustomers to park overnight at any of its stores. 

Before you can park at any Walmart store, you have to seek the discretion of the store manager because (s)he is the one in charge of what goes on in the parking lot of the Walmart store he/she manages.

Overnight Parking At Walmart
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Overnight parking at the Walmart parking lot is free, and customers can park their cars and RVs after the store manager has given his consent. 

It is illegal to park or sleep in the Walmart parking lot if you fail to seek the permission of the store manager or the next superior Walmart associate present.

There is a limit on the number of days you can park at the Walmart parking lot. If you exceed the limit, you may face charges and may never get access to park at that particular Walmart store again.

What makes overnight parking at Walmart illegal? If you are interested in getting more detail, continue reading!

Is It Legal To Park Overnight At Walmart?

Yes, it is legal to park overnight at Walmart if you seek the permission of the store manager or the available Walmart associate.

This will prevent any unwarranted harassment because proper notice and consent have been given.

However, it can be illegal to park at the Walmart parking lot if formal permission is not granted or asked.

Also, flouting the rules of overnight parking at Walmart makes your stay illegal. 

If you stay longer than is required, set up a camp in the parking lot outside your vehicle, or hinder customers from shopping at Walmart then your stay in the parking lot has turned illegal.

Can You Sleep Overnight At Walmart?

Did you decide not to book a hotel or restroom? Or you could not get to your resting campsite. Well, Walmart permits travelers to sleep in their RVs, caravans, or cars.

You don’t need to sleep in your car after parking at the Walmart parking lot. You can rent a hotel and come back the next day to continue with your journey.

But, what then is the fun of traveling and not getting to sleep in your spacious RVs? Walmart does not care what you do in your vehicle. So long as you have asked for permission and are not disturbing other people in the neighborhood or the parking lot.

Walmart regards RV customers as one of its best customers and values them a lot. So it will do its best to make them feel respected.

Are There Rules For Overnight Parking At Walmart?

There are no official rules for overnight parking at Walmart. However, the store manager reserves the right to state some regulations before he/she permits you to park your vehicles.

Also, aside from the regulations mentioned by the store manager, the local rules of overnight parking apply to you as well.

Furthermore, past RV travelers have created a sort of rule to guide overnight parking. Some of them include: not inconveniencing the owners of the parking lot in any way, not littering, grilling, barbecuing, or playing loud music. 

You are also encouraged to appreciate them before you leave the parking lot. That way, subsequent RV travelers will be permitted to park and sleep overnight.

For How Long Can You Park In Walmart Parking Lot?

The local laws on how long you can sleep in the parking lot vary from one another.

The highest duration possible is 24 hours; that is a maximum of one day that can be spent in the Walmart parking lot.

However, in some locations, overnight parking at Walmart can get as low as 10 hours.

If you have any extra requests to make, you can discuss them with the Walmart store manager during the time of seeking approval to stay.

Although, if the decision is sudden or was an afterthought, you can still see the store manager.

What Happens If You Spend Longer At Walmart Parking Lot?

It is common to see some RV travelers stay more than the maximum 1-day opportunity of overnight parking at Walmart.

In cases like this, if it has not been previously discussed with the store manager, he can instruct them to leave the parking lot.

Failure to do so might involve the local police and the travelers may be prosecuted or instructed to pay a fine.

Some Walmart store managers have decided not to allow overnight parking at Walmart stores they manage because of undue long stays at the Walmart parking lot. 

Although the overlong stay is not the only reason, it is just one of them as there are various reasons some Walmart stores do not allow overnight parking.

Is A Fee Charged For Overnight Parking At Walmart?

Overnight parking at Walmart is free. No associate of Walmart, not even the store manager can charge a fee for overnight parking.

Nonetheless, you can appreciate the kind gesture of the store manager by giving him a token or getting him an item in the store. This is not compulsory but only optional.

You can make a report at the nearest station if any move of extortion is made towards you.

Is Security Provided For Sleeping At Walmart Parking Lot?

If you are worried about your safety for staying overnight at the Walmart parking lot, be rest assured. 

Walmart’s parking lot is well-lit, and security associates move around all day to ensure Walmart stores and its premises are safe and free from any danger.

It is important to note that the security associates are not essential for travelers and it is not their primary assignment to protect overnight travelers.

Ensure you park in a safe place, lock your RV cars well, and be vigilant of any suspicious activity that could expose you to danger.

You can also alert Walmart security associates if you notice any unscrupulous activity.

Can You Call The Store Ahead To Ask If Can Sleep In Walmart Parking Lot Overnight?

Yes, you can do so. If you feel tired and think there is a need to take a break or sleep overnight, you can call the store number ahead.

This is very important especially if the calculated time of arrival at the Walmart store is after the operating hours of the store.

If you do not know how to get the number of the nearby store, you can use the detailed Walmart store finder guide to help yourself out.


Walmart allows overnight parking in most of its stores throughout the United States. However, the permission to park and sleep in the parking lot rests on the approval of the Walmart store manager.

Overnight parking at Walmart is free and has a maximum limit of 10 to 24 hours in most regions across the US.

You are advised to observe all the rules and guidelines stated by the store manager and the local laws.

Also, always show appreciation by saying as little as thank you to encourage the store managers to grant overnight parking at their stores.

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