If you have searched for massage guns on any retail website in the past, you will observe that they come in different sizes and prices. Usually, they all tell you why they are the best massage gun on Amazon and they give a promise of muscle treatment.

This article will show you what to consider when buying massage guns on Amazon. You will also find a list of our picks.

Best Massage Gun You Will Find On Amazon

There used to be a time when getting a massage required a lot of pre-planning. You would need to find a spa, book an appointment, take a cab through traffic, consult with a massage therapist and hope they know what they are doing.

Massage guns help you be more productive. They do not exactly replace the occasional visits to experts, but they give you something to work with in the meantime.

Best Massage Gun You Will Find On Amazon

We have curated the top ten of the best massage gun on Amazon, but first, what is a massage gun and how did we choose?

What Is A Massage Gun?

A massage gun (also known as a percussive massager) is a portable device that looks almost like a power drill. The architecture is built to be easily operable with one hand.

A massage gun consists of a large handle and a massage head that moves quickly in and out. This percussive motion is what distinguishes massage guns from vibratory massage wands.

Most massage guns have variable speed and power settings and they come with a variety of attachments.

What to consider when buying a massage gun?

What to consider when buying a massage gun?

Before we dive into recommendations, it is important to tell you the list of criteria we used when choosing the best and most efficient massage gun. Here are the most important criteria:

Stall Force

The truth is that 80% of massage guns on Amazon have a stall force of between 20-30lbs. This works fine if you want to loosen your muscle before a workout or want a random massage.

However, 30lbs is not enough if you want a true deep-to-the-bone massage. It is not about hammering the muscle with heavy punches, it is more about the ability to maintain high speed under pressure exerted on a body.

That’s why we have ensured to only include devices that have a minimum of 35lbs. Ideally, you would want a device that has more than 40lbs.


The amplitude is a measure of how far the massage head travels as it revs against your body. Usually, a longer amplitude gives a better massage. This is because a longer amplitude ensures a deep percussive massage.

We ensured to only include massage guns that have a minimum amplitude of 12mm. We would recommend that you pick percussive devices up to 16mm, but only a handful of guns even come close to that. 

PS: Many devices promise a longer amplitude but compromise on the stall force. These devices are as bad as those with unreasonably short amplitudes. If you have to choose between the stall force and amplitude, stall force gives a better experience than amplitude.


This is the number of hits per time, usually minutes. Similar to amplitude, the higher the percussions the better.

This rule is not exactly written in stone. Some devices choose a longer amplitude over a higher percussion range. On the other hand, if a device has a less than satisfying amplitude, it then makes up for it with a high percussion rate.

High amplitude devices usually don’t exceed 2800 percussions per minute.

Speeds/ Programs

Some devices are programmed to change speed automatically. Usually, these massage guns are convenient to use and we would recommend them.

While curating our list, we ensured we picked devices that have between 4 and 5 gears. That’s because this is the commonest number of gears you will find in percussion devices.

We have seen massage guns with 25-30 gears and frankly, this is unnecessary.

Some guns also have a heated massage mode with a dedicated ceramic head. In that case, you can switch between normal and heated modes.


We know the most efficient massage guns can leave a very bad experience if it compromises speed. They can call for unwarranted attention and leave your ears sore.

Because no one wants a jackhammer as a massage device, we fixed a maximum of 65dB as the limit for the devices on our list. The lower the noise, the better.


Many of the massage guns you will find on the marketplace are heavy and to be fair, they come cheaper, so you could expect that.

Our best massage gun on Amazon does not exceed 2.6lbs. That’s because similar to noise, a massage gun that weighs a ton can leave your muscles aching.

What are the top ten best massage guns you will find on Amazon?

  • Best massage gun on Amazon overall: Theragun Prime
  • Best high-end massage gun on Amazon: Theragun Elite
  • Best budget massage gun on Amazon: Cholas Massage Gun
  • Best deep tissue massage gun on Amazon: VI Premium Massage Gun
  • Best affordable pro-level massage gun On Amazon: Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Pro Model
  • Best lightweight massage gun on Amazon:  TOLOCO Massage Gun
  • Best massage gun on Amazon designed by physical therapists: Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun
  • Best portable massage gun on Amazon: Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun
  • Best massage gun on Amazon for athletes: Sportneer Elite D9 Percussion Massager
  • Best Massage Gun on Amazon with the best value: Gvber

Theragun Prime

Theragun is arguably the best-known brand around for its role in pioneering percussive devices. Its professional-grade models are popularly used by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, and athletes, so you know you’re getting a high-quality massager when you choose to invest in one of their many models.

The Theragun Prime is a mini version of the Theragun Elite, and as a newcomer, this model is perfect for you. Athletes and citizens who seek a top-notch massage for everyday use should comfortably opt for this option.

The speed and force of this device are controlled through an application on your phone. There is a support for Bluetooth that makes it easy to use.

Theragun Prime offers the key things needed for a targeted massage with five speeds and four attachments, plus, with 30 pounds of maximum force, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to percussive therapeutic benefits and state-of-the-art technology.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Lightweight, quality, and durable
  • Fair battery life


  • Comes without a built-in screen
  • Has fewer attachments than other competitors

Theragun Elite

This Theragun Elite is another best massage gun on Amazon. But why Theragun Elite? Simply put, Theragun Elite is perfect for 9 out of 10 people.

Chiropractors may have a different opinion because of the option of replaceable batteries and that is a fair point.

This gun comes with 40 lbs and a stall force of 20lbs. This makes it perfect for many use cases. You can also use it for deep percussive massage.

Theragun Elite has a 16mm amplitude to go with the stall force. Compared with other competitors, this is a very high standard. This gun also has 5 adjustable speeds to give the best experience.


  • Perfect for most use cases
  • Has excellent ergonomics


  • It is too loud when compared with other options.

Cholas Massage Gun

This easily wins the race in terms of battery. It comes at $35 and will run for 6 hours on a full charge. You also get 10 attachment heads.

Cholas massage gun proves you can break up knots without breaking the bank. This budget-friendly pick offers a surprising amount of variety with 30 speeds that the brand breaks down into four categories:

  1. 1-8 for awakening muscles
  2. 8-15 for releasing tight muscles
  3. 16-20 for providing a deep tissue muscle massage
  4. 20-30 is the professional range.

The massager also has an OLED screen for a higher-end feel and operates at only 25 decibels, making it super quiet. If what you want is an affordable, quiet, and quality massage gun, this gun wins the race as the best massage gun on Amazon for affordability.


  • Super quiet for its price
  • Comes with 30 variable speeds
  • Has a long battery life


  • Has no carrying case for accessories
  • Reviews say some attachments are too frustrating to use

Premium Massage Gun

The VI Premium massage gun is best when you want an intense massage. Although very powerful, it gives the right amount of massage to effectively relieve deep tissue soreness. 

Rather than offering a vibrating massage, this massage gun uses percussive motion. One big downside of this gun is that it is a bit louder than other options.

If the noise is no big deal for you, try to get this product if you want the deepest massage. It weighs just over two pounds and you can easily tuck it into the included case and take it with you as you travel.

The massage experience was designed to meet your needs in terms of intensity. It comes with an adjustable arm and three interchangeable heads


  • Adjustable arm
  • 3 different head attachments
  • It is lightweight


  • A bit loud
  • Gentle massage options are limited

Toloco Massage Gun

Toloco massage gun is a great fit for first-timers that aren’t ready to invest in a high-tech device. It is affordable and lightweight. You do not have to be tech-savvy to manoeuvre your way with it.

This model gives tough competition to other brands like Theraguns despite its price is under $100. This best Amazon gun on Amazon has 20 variable speeds to help you find the exact number of percussions per minute that your muscles need and 10 total attachments to make the experience even more specialized.

The ergonomic handle makes its usage easy and efficient, and reviews say the design makes it easier to reach those middle points in your back that some massagers can’t easily find.


  • Has variable speeds
  • Has 10 attachments
  • Battery life of 6 hours
  • Affordable


  • Reviewers complained the battery life is underwhelming.

Vybe Percussion Massage Gun Pro Model

This percussion device is the best massage gun on Amazon based on budget. However, you will get a pro-level massage with it.

With its 9-speed settings, 8 attachment heads, and a portable-yet-powerful design, the Vybe Percussion Massage Gun ranks highly for its strong touch. This model is quiet and lightweight but it still provides professional levels of pressure for a true deep-tissue massage with up to 33 pounds of soothing force.

When operating at its highest speed, the gun reaches 3,400 percussions per minute to help relieve sore muscles and loosen knots. It doesn’t have an LED or OLED screen, but the controls are easy to use despite its simplicity.

It also comes with a sleek and sturdy travel case that’s built to keep the massager and all its accessories protected on the go, and at only 2 pounds, it can truly travel with you just about anywhere.


  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has adequate speed and pressure that matches more expensive options


  • It lacks high-tech options like a screen or Bluetooth connectivity

Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun

This massage gun comes with five speeds and five carefully crafted massage heads alongside rave reviews and adoring fans. Because of the expertise of the creators, this deep-tissue percussion massager is among the lightest and most compact on this list.

It comes with a built-in intelligence chip that signals automatic shutdown after 10 minutes as a safety feature and can reach up to 3,200 rotations per minute.

However, it is not the quietest massage gun you will find on Amazon. The sound level of this model is 55dB which means it is louder than every gun on this list.

Another con of this model is the battery life which is 2 hours. When compared with guns like the Toloco massage guns, this is not very good. However, it charges very fast. The official report says it takes half the standard time to reach full charge.

If the sound and battery life are not a big deal for you, this model will make a perfect choice.


  • Developed and used by physical therapists
  • Has quick-charge battery


  • Very Loud
  • Automatically turns off after 10 minutes

Bob and Brad Q2 Mini Massage Gun

This is another product from Bob and Brad and it offers a full massage experience in a pocket-sized package. This best massage gun on Amazon for portability is small, but it still works its way up to 3,000 percussions per minute through five-speed settings.

It includes five interchangeable attachments and this gives it an edge over other small-sized competitors that only have one or two. Additionally, it is built for superior portability thanks to its miniature, lightweight design and 3.5-hour battery life.

Many reviews are positive about this product, earning it an average 4.8-star rating in over 2,000 reviews. It also comes with an affordable price tag making it well worth the investment.


  • Super small, lightweight and affordable
  • Carrying case and USB charging adapter included
  • Developed by physical therapists


  • Customers complained about the difficulty in using it because of its too small size

Sportneer Elite D9 Percussion Massager

The Elite D9 Massage Gun easily wins the race for battery life on our list. It is powered by a 220-watt brushless motor that makes it a strong choice for deep-tissue massages that target the tight and overworked muscles of athletes and those who exercise often.

The massage gun has variable speed levels, and six vibration options, and can work its way up to 3,200 ppm to deliver a strong, reliable massage.

The massage gun comes with a 10-minute timer that shuts the unit off temporarily as a safety feature and it operates at about 40 decibels, which is slightly louder than other options here.


  • Affordable
  • Fast and strong massage
  • Has the best battery life on our list


  • Auto-off feature after 10 minutes of use
  • Louder than many competitors


Comes with up to 20 different speeds available and has 11 adjustable massage heads included. Easily, this massage gun offers the best value.

On top of massaging your body, using it regularly will help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and improve soft tissue health as well as speed up recovery. It’s also practical to carry anywhere despite its size thanks to its matching black case.


  • Has the best value
  • Affordable
  • Has variable speeds to match the need


  • The battery life isn’t the best

Why does my skin turn red after using a massage gun?

This happens because of the release of histamine from the cells around the spot where you used the massage gun. Usually, this is temporary and it returns with subsequent vibrations.

If your skin doesn’t go back to normal after a few hours, you should contact a dermatologist to know what is going on.

Where should I not use a massage gun?

Ensure you stay away from bony areas like the collarbones, the top of the feet, the ankles, the ribs, and the hands. You should also keep a massage gun away from visible blood vessels on the skin and other sensitive nerves and organs.

How often should I use a massage gun?

At a stretch, a massage gun should only be used for a few minutes. This is why you will see that many massage guns come with an auto-off feature.

If you use a massage gun daily, ensure it does not exceed three times a day to avoid complications.

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