Studies have shown that the right bed settings can help improve sleep quality and productivity. If you are looking for ways to improve your sleep, start by looking for the best sheets on Amazon.

If you want to make the decision about what bed sheet to get and what bed sheet best serves you, this article will serve as a guide to help you reach this decision. Have a wonderful time reading about the ten best sheets on Amazon.

What Are The Best Sheets On Amazon?

Bed sheets are an integral part of any bed. They provide comfort and warmth to the sleeper. In addition to this, bed sheets provide more than just a comfortable place to lay your head at night. The right sheets can actually have a number of important benefits for your health and well-being.

What Are The Best Sheets On Amazon?

Top Five Best Sheets You Will Find On Amazon

We considered a few key factors when we curated this list of the best sheets on Amazon. You will find that these five sheets include both the rather expensive and the cost-effective options that give you the soothing feeling that you want.

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Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen

This bed sheet is arguably a hundred per cent linen. If you are a hot sleeper, this will be a great option for you. This bed sheet is hypoallergenic and flippable which helps to prevent wrinkles.

Linen sheet sets have been known to be prized for their luxury, and the Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen Sheet Set stands clear of the crowd with its unique two-tone design.

One side of each component is white, while the other is grey. This basically gives you two-bed sheets for the price of one as you can simply flip the sheets to adjust the look of your sleep surface or your emotion.

This type of bed sheet is quite popular among hot sleepers partly because it is one of the best sheets on Amazon and because of its superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

As an eco-conscious shopper, you can rest assured because it is made of natural flax that grows with little water. The material has other potential benefits, including its hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. While the sheets may look rumpled and feel a bit rough at first (as common among linen bed sheets), they will get smoother and softer with each washing.

The bed sheet set comes with six pieces: a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, and four quality pillowcases. This is twice the standard number of pillowcases so that you can use more pillows without a mismatch, or change out your pillowcases more often. The duvet cover can be used in lieu of a top sheet.

Sizes available: Full, queen, king, and California king sizes are available. This set is OEKO-TEX certified.

Pinzon Organic Cotton Sheets (Queen)

Bed sheets made from cotton are known for their cosy feel and the Pinzon Organic Cotton Sheet is no different. This bed sheet comes at $31. If you are the buyer of this product, you can bank on the promise that you get great value for your money.

The Pinzon Cotton Flannel sheet set is how most people imagine quality flannel sheets: 16 inches and a hundred per cent percale cotton. The sheet has a double-napped finish on both sides to produce a rather classic fuzzy flannel feel. The open-end spun yarn adds to the durability and softness. To ensure an even smoother feel, the surface fibres are removed.

Flannel quality bed sheets are traditionally judged by weight rather than thread count. At 170 grams per square metre (GSM), these sheets are high-quality, among the best sheets on Amazon, and should be quite durable. While there are sleepers who often flock to flannel for its warmth, the Pinzon Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set is also popular for its breathability to reduce the likelihood of overheating.

The organic cotton sheet comes with pillowcases and has 4-inch hems, and the fitted sheet can accommodate mattresses up to 16 inches deep with elastic around the edge to keep it in place.

Each set is produced in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory. To have this certification test means the product has been scrutinised for environmental and safety standards.

The Pinzon Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set is available in the six standard sizes and comes in white, cream, sage, merlot red, dusty blue, and graphite. Shoppers can also purchase extra pillowcases separately.

Sizes available: California King, king, queen, full, twin XL.

Types available: White, cream, sage, dusty blue, graphite, and merlot red. This product does not come with pillowcases, however.

Hotel Sheets Direct Sheets

You should get this if what you are looking for in a bed sheet is the cooling effect. This bamboo bed sheet lives up to its price tag of $95 by giving the soothing feel that you may want.

As the name suggests, it is inspired by hotel standards. They’re positively stately, woven from bamboo-derived viscose fibres and are available in 16 different colours. They also boast a natural cooling effect against the skin owing to their material make-up.

Although it could be misleading at times, this bed sheet boasts 1,600 thread counts. When genuine, it is what helps to make these sheets so soft and silky to the touch.

Types available: White, Black, Sand, Burgundy, Dark Gray, Gray, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Pink, Mellow Yellow, Navy Blue, Pure Peach Puree, Purple, and Rose Pink.

Sizes available: California king, king, queen, full, twin XL, twin.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

If you are a sleeper who likes a silky soft feel or are comforted by generous return policies, you will enjoy owning this patterned and colourful bed sheet. Easily one of the best sheets on Amazon, this bed sheet boasts 40 different options with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

This bed sheet is made up of extra soft brushed polyester microfibers. This material is durable and resists staining, fading, and shrinking. It is also super hypoallergenic, repelling dust mites, and other allergens.

Air can easily circulate through the sheets, and they wick away moisture for a cooler, drier night’s sleep. Since microfiber is wrinkle-resistant, the set should maintain a smooth, polished look without ironing. In addition to all these, these bed sheets score very highly in breathability.

All the six standard mattress sizes are available, although Extra Deep Pocket – Split King Size is not available at the time this article is published. The standard fitted sheet works with mattresses up to 16 inches deep, with elastic all the way around for a secure fit. An extra deep pocket version is also available for full and queen sizes, and it accommodates mattresses between 17 and 21 inches thick.

Types available: Up to 40 colours are available for this bed sheet.

Sizes Available: EXTRA DEEP pocket – Twin XL size, EXTRA DEEP pocket – Twin size, Twin, Twin XL, EXTRA DEEP pocket – Full size, RV / Short Queen, Queen, EXTRA DEEP pocket – Queen size, King, California King, EXTRA DEEP pocket – Cal King size, EXTRA DEEP pocket – King size, EXTRA DEEP pocket – Split King size, and Split King Set.

Utopia Bedding Microfiber Sheets (Queen)

Among the best sheets on Amazon are Utopia Bedding Microfiber sheets. If you have second thoughts about this bed, the 108,000 reviews from fellow Americans will convince you.

Microfiber sheets offer several benefits: For starters, they are affordable. Currently, you can get one of these bed sheets at $21 in the United States. They also offer a similar feel to cotton.

You should expect both of those qualities in Utopia Bedding Microfiber Sheets, which are a particularly popular option with over 10,000 reviews on Amazon. Their all-around elastic is sturdy enough to keep them in place on mattresses of almost any size, and the material is fade- and shrink-resistant to boot, making long-term care easy.

Types available: Beige, black, grey, lavender, navy, quatrefoil grey, quatrefoil navy, quatrefoil white, spa blue, white, grey, burgundy, purple, brown, coral, quatrefoil aqua, quatrefoil burgundy, quatrefoil ivory, quatrefoil lavender, and yellow.

Sizes available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Three Reasons Why A Quality Bed Sheet Matters

Three Reasons Why A Quality Bed Sheet Matters

High-quality bed sheets improve your sleep quality

Pun intended with that. If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep, you might want to invest in some new bed sheets. Quality bed sheets have been known to reduce stress and anxiety. Many people find that by simply being in a comfy bed, they feel more relaxed. Overall this lowers their stress level.

You are more likely to sleep better when you are less stressed. So if you are looking for ways to reduce stress and anxiety, make sure your bedding is up to the task.

Bed sheets have magical power in winter and summer

The right bed sheet will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. One key important feature of quality bed sheets is their ability to regulate body temperature.

In summer, sheets that are made from natural materials like linen can help keep you cool by wicking away sweat and allowing air to circulate. During the winter, flannel or wool sheets can do the same thing by trapping heat and keeping you warm.

No matter what time of year it is, your bedding can help you stay comfortable.

Bed sheets give your room a different feel

Bed sheets give elegance to your room and they keep dirt away from your room. While that sounds ridiculous, every morning when we jump out of bed to go about our day, we leave behind trails of dirt. Bedsheets help trap this dirty debris and keep your sheets in tiptop shape all day.

Is A Higher Thread Count Better?

Thread counts are not necessarily proportional to high-quality bed sheets. Simply put, thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads woven into fabric and it is calculated per square inch.

When thread counts exceed 500, it means its fibres have been manipulated to artificially inflate the thread count. So while the bedding product technically features more fibres per square inch, the quality of the bed sheet in some cases is actually far inferior to other linens with lesser thread counts.

It is rather misleading to think a higher thread count means better quality.

What Kind Of Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

Generally, fine hotels offer higher-end sheets in an effort to please discerning visitors. They usually opt for a higher thread count (likely a minimum of 400) or choose instead to focus more on the material.

A crisp percale or cool sateen will give the bed a soft, luxurious feel. At many other hotels, though, you may expect to find cotton sheets and cotton-blend materials, as these are both soft and durable.

Things To Consider When Buying Bed Sheets

It is important to take the following criteria into consideration when buying a sheet set on Amazon. Understanding these key factors can help you select sheets that balance comfort, elegance, value, and durability.

Pocket Size

Fitted sheets have different pocket sizes and this is important to pay attention to if you have a thicker-sized mattress. There are some memory foam and hybrid mattresses that are plumper than your average mattress, which means they will need that extra pocket depth for the sheets to stay on.


Bed sheets use a variety of materials in their constructions and each impacts the feel, performance, and appearance. Every material has potential pros and cons, so finding the right pick for you requires striking a balance between your priorities and preferences.

Since Amazon has myriad variations of sheets, shoppers should be able to find sheets in virtually any common material.


The weave of bedding refers to how the individual threads are intertwined to form the fabric. It usually affects the feel of a bed sheet. If you are looking for recommendations, percale and sateen are two of the most common weaves found on Amazon and these two are common for their quality.


The prices of bed sheets on Amazon can be anywhere from below $20 to over $1,000, although most sheets have an average of between $50 to $150. The selection of sheets on Amazon reflects this, and there are options across all price tags.

You should strongly consider how much you are willing to spend and stick with your decision.


The maintenance of bed sheets is another factor to consider when buying new bedding.

Different sheets require different cleaning methods, and following the recommended instructions is the best way to extend their shelf life. Many bed sheets are machine washable while others are not. Before you give your credit card to pay for the product, ensure that the bed sheet is exactly what you want and what you think it is.

Thread Count

Thread count in a bed sheet could be misleading. Most times, a higher thread count does not guarantee better quality. Some manufacturers artificially inflate the thread count without improving the quality. Also, some types of sheets like microfiber and flannel are more often judged by their weight in grams per square meter (GSM) rather than thread count.

While many Amazon listings note the thread count of the sheets, this should be one thing you do not take too seriously when you surf through your options.


Goes without saying that your choice of bed sheet should depend on the style of your bed. You might want the sheets to be visible, and if that is the case, you can play with fun colours and prints. 

Dark colours tend to show their wear and tear a bit less than whites and their lighter counterparts, however.

Seller Reputation

Literally, anyone can sell on Amazon. Before you purchase sheets from a retailer through the platform, ensure you see who is selling them. You might want to buy directly from Amazon if you can do that.

However, if you are purchasing from a third party, you will see its name listed after “sold by”. Go through the reviews on the seller’s profile to see how reputable they are.


This might be the most important detail that will make sheets feel comfortable for you. The hotter of a sleeper you are, the more breathable of a fabric you should look for.

It comes down to personal preference, too. Bamboo tends to feel cool to the touch, but you might find that microfiber regulates your body temperature better through the night.

What Are The Types of Sheets Available on Amazon?

Amazon has a rather unbelievable selection of sheets in all the materials you can think of and some of these you probably never considered. Expectedly, some types of sheets cost more than others based on their construction and materials.

Here are the popular types of bed sheets that you will find on Amazon.


Sateen is easily one popular option for best sheets on Amazon. It is a weave that generally follows a pattern with four threads over and one thread under. Sheets that are made from sateen are usually super soft and smooth with a subtle sheen. Sateen tends to be a bit wrinkle-resistant, but it usually retains more heat than percale.


The typical percale weave uses a 1-over-1-under thread pattern. Similar to a Sateen bed sheet softness, percale sheets give a crisp feel and get softer as they age. This weave is greatly prone to wrinkles. To maximize the crispness, ironing may be necessary.

Percale sheet sets are often recommended for hot sleepers because they are highly soft and breathable. If one of your big factors when getting a bed sheet is breathability, this might be the option for you.


Bed sheets made from silk are among the best sheets on Amazon. They are silky soft, mind the pun. Silk is a natural material derived from the cocoons of silkworms. The sheets that are made of silk are both super soft and smooth to the touch and have a regal appearance.

The material also tends to be highly durable and gentle to the touch of sensitive skin. Since they can feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, silk sheets are appropriate for year-round use.


Bed sheets made from cotton are by extension made from natural fibres. Cotton is one of the most traditional materials used in sheets. It tends to be breathable and soft. However, the overall feel and performance will depend on the type of cotton and the weave of the material.

Shoppers who are conscious of the ecosystem prefer organic cotton sheets because their farming methods reduce the environmental impact.


Flannel sheets can be made from cotton, wool, or polyester, or can even be a blend of many materials. These sheets are typically warm and cosy. This makes them very suited for cold winter nights.

Many sets of flannel bed sheets are also breathable enough to limit excessive heat buildup. Brushed flannel has a soft and fuzzy feel, while unbrushed is stiffer. Most sheet sets use brushed flannel.


Linen sheets are made of natural flax and they can be moisture wicking. While they often start out with a rougher feel and a rumpled look, using a linen bed sheet for a while turns it softer and more supple.

Linen bed sheets are both breathable and moisture-wicking. They have a great record of excelling in temperature regulation, making them a strong option for hot sleepers and those in warm climates.


Bamboo sheets are made for hot sleepers everywhere. Bamboo is rather moisture-wicking and it keeps your body temperature regulated throughout the night, so you will stay warm without overheating while enjoying its breathability and absorbency.

Most sheets marketed as bamboo are either made of lyocell or viscose/rayon derived from the bamboo plant. Bamboo sheets generally resist wrinkles and drape well while feeling silky smooth against the skin.

Microfiber sheets

Polyester microfiber is a synthetic material that is generally silky on the skin, quick-drying, and durable. Manufacture-wise, this material is the opposite of organic kinds of cotton.

Microfiber sheets replicate the feel of luxury that accompanies high-quality cotton at a fraction of the price, making them a favourite of budget shoppers.

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is almost synonymous with luxury because of its extra-long staple fibres. This gives the sheet its softness and durability. However, these sheets typically carry a higher price tag.

The cotton perhaps takes its name from Egyptian royalty. As a shopper, you may want to be careful when purchasing bedding made of this material because a few manufacturers use the term loosely with little to no authentic Egyptian cotton.

If you are paying a premium price, ensure that the material is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association.

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