Walmart is a big retailer that sells almost all products or items you may need. It could be for yourself, your children, the whole household, or just for any other person.

With its everyday low prices on items and products, it is difficult for Walmart customers to leave it for another store. 

On the flip side, it is easier to draw in new customers and retain them with Walmart’s high-quality services and products at cheap prices.

Condom is not excluded from the products you can get at Walmart. Aside from other sex-enhancing products, Walmart also sells condoms to customers who wish to get them.

Where Are The Condoms At Walmart? Locating the condoms on the aisle in Walmart stores could be a hassle. This article will guide you on where the condoms at Walmart are located, their prices, and available brands to ease your shopping burdens. Have a nice read!

Where Are The Condoms At Walmart?

As stated earlier, condoms are readily available for sale at Walmart. You do not have to visit another store or retail shop to get a condom.

Walmart stores and neighborhood markets sell condoms. The position where the condoms are stocked in different Walmart stores and neighborhood markets may vary.

Most commonly, condoms are stocked in sections where personal care or health care products are stocked. Personal care products are vast, to be specific, condoms will be stocked close to or in areas where other sex products are.

Where Are The Condoms At Walmart?

So if you visit a Walmart store to get a condom, locate where personal care products are stocked. You should see it there, close to other sex products like enhancement pills and rings.

However, in some cases or simultaneously, condoms can be found stocked in the pharmacy sections of the stores. 

If you do not find condoms in the personal care section, you should visit the pharmacy section in your local Walmart store to check.

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How to Locate Condoms At Walmart Faster

Occasionally, you may be in a hurry to get either a condom alone or together with other items. Instead of trying to locate where the personal care or health care section is yourself, you should ask an associate to guide you.

Walmart associates are always on standby to assist customers with their shopping. Rather than searching for the condoms yourself, ask any Walmart associate available for the location politely.

You will get the condoms and checkout without wasting much of your time wandering around.

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to ask someone for the location of condoms at Walmart, especially if you are the shy type. In these cases, you can try locating them yourself without having to ask anyone.

Many Walmarts stores usually have a section in the back near the pharmacy that sells over-the-counter medications and other health products that’s usually where you can possibly locate condoms in most Walmart stores

How to Locate Condoms At Walmart Faster

What Exactly Is a Condom?

A condom is a barrier device or item worn over the penis or inserted into the vagina used during sexual intercourse to lower the risk of pregnancy or being infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI). 

What Exactly Is a Condom?

There are different types of condoms depending on your preferred choice. There is the latex condom, plastic condoms, lambskin condoms, lubricated condoms, spermicide-coated condoms, textured condoms, and different varieties of condoms.

Does Walmart Sell Brand Condoms?

Walmart sells numerous kinds of condoms. You will find condoms from big brands like Durex, Skyn, Lifestyles, Magnum, Kimono, and Trojan. Also, brands with not-so-popular names have their condoms sold at Walmart as well.

So if you wish to shop for condoms at Walmart, you do not have to worry about the unavailability of your preferred brand. Almost all, if not all brands of condoms are sold at Walmart. 

You get to shop from varieties of condoms at Walmart stores. Your choice will be based on the type of condoms you want such as non-latex condoms, large condoms, ribbed condoms, snug condoms, climax control condoms, flavored condoms, etc, the price you can afford, or the brand you want.

Prices of Condoms At Walmart

The prices of condoms at Walmart have a very wide range. The price of the condoms at Walmart depends on the brand you are getting, the type of condom you are getting, the count per pack of condoms, and many more reasons.

The price of condoms at Walmart can be as low as $1.68 and it can get as high as $100 or more. It all depends on your choice and the quality of the condom you wish to get.

How to Get Condoms Online at Walmart?

If you do not have the luxury of time to get condoms in-store at Walmart, you can get them online.

Instead of visiting the store physically, you can get your condoms ready online for either pickup or delivery.

You can use either the Walmart official website or the Walmart app to get the condom you want.

Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online

  1. Search for the Walmart website on your browser or open the Walmart app.
  2. Click on the search bar to begin the process.
Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online - 1
  1. Type in a condom to begin the search. Different options of condoms will appear in your search.
Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online - 2
  1. Click on the search icon to see available options of condoms at Walmart.
Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online - 3
  1. You will be shown all the available condoms available at Walmart
Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online - 4
  1. You can filter your search if you want a specific condom. The filters available are shop my store, price, brand, department, speed, gender, rating, count per pack, color, retailer, gifting, and many more.
Steps to Order Condoms at Walmart Online - 5

Is There Any Age Restriction Placed on Buying Condoms at Walmart?

There is no age restriction placed on the purchase of condoms at Walmart. Irrespective of your age, you can get condoms at Walmart.

The only reason you might be unable to buy a condom at Walmart is if the law of the state where the Walmart store is located gets modified. 

If the law restricts a certain age or sets an age limit on the purchase of condoms, then Walmart will not sell to the restricted age as applicable to the local law.

Final Thoughts

Walmart sells condoms to all customers regardless of their age, gender, and background.

If you want to get a condom at Walmart, visit the personal care or health care section to pick from the arrays of condoms available.

You can also seek the help of a Walmart associate to describe the location of the condoms or take you there.

Furthermore, you do not necessarily have to visit Walmart to get condoms. You can order condoms online through the Walmart official website or the Walmart app for either pickup or delivery.

There are different varieties of condoms at Walmart. The price tags of each condom are different as well. You can get condoms as low as $1.68 and as high as $100 or more. 

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