FedEx drivers are some of the most important employees of the company. They are responsible for ensuring that packages are delivered safely and on time. FedEx offers a competitive salary and benefits package to its drivers.

According to various salary websites, a FedEx driver salary in the US ranges between $34,460 and $59,153, with an average salary of $47,468. 

However, these salary websites rely on data submitted anonymously by individuals using their sites. 

As such, the salary figure on the website has more significant amounts of data on either higher or lower than average salaries, which may affect the site’s calculated average. 

This article will clear your doubt and give you insight into what an average FedEx driver salary is. 

Also, you will get to know the factors that influence your salary as a FedEx driver and the requirements needed to become a FedEx driver. 

FedEx driver: All You Need To Know

A FedEx driver picks up and delivers goods at customers’ homes and businesses throughout his route. 

FedEx Driver Salary

Also, he efficiently performs the route to guarantee that the day’s scheduled pick-ups and deliveries are accomplished as planned.

He is as well effectively manages time. 

However, he must establish a positive relationship with his route’s clients.

As well as be ready to give answers regarding package delivery methods that he faces to increase route sales.

What does a FedEx driver do?

As a FedEx driver, your duties are to:

  • Drive tractor-trailer combinations, such as doubles or straight trucks.
  • Complete daily equipment checks and pre-trip inquiries.
  • Connect and disconnect trailers and converter dollies from a tractor or trailer.
  • Handle freight using suitably motorized and manual equipment like a forklift, pallet jack, hand truck, etc. 
  • Use adequate equipment and materials to secure freight within trailers. 
  • Repair damaged freight.
  • Submit all needed paperwork and reports.
  • Attend to all hazardous material procedures and requirements.
  • Collect cash or cheques for freight costs as required, and also save all necessary paperwork.
  • Also, follow dispatch orders and communicate with dispatch if there are delays, arrivals, and equipment issues
  • Communicate with clients to identify pick-up or delivery requirements. 
  • Exemplify excellent customer service both internally and outside.
  • Inquire clients for more business and offer leads to sales for future new possibilities.
  • Acknowledge all applicable laws/regulations, as well as business policies/procedures.
  • In addition, perform any other responsibilities that are assigned to you.

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Requirements to be a FedEx driver

To become a FedEx driver, you need a minimum qualification of high school education.

Meanwhile, a college education can help you stand out in a competitive employment market.

In addition, you must be in an exceptionally excellent physical condition to be able to handle some large goods and travel a short distance. 

You also need to meet to: 

  • Meet Physical requirements
  • Have the capacity to operate at a continual level of awareness while being safe. 
  • Have the ability to move packages weighing more than 50 pounds with the help of suitable equipment and another person. 
  • In addition, have excellent interpersonal skills and verbal communication abilities.
  • Have a Driver’s ability and requirements.

You must not have:

  • A record of preventable accidents.
  • Records or citations in the last year.
  • No more than three moving violations.
  • No more than one preventable accident.
  • Irrational, aggressive, or reckless driving fines.
  • Driven a vehicle that was found to have drugs or alcohol.
  • Violated out-of-service order issues.
  • Also, not transport unauthorized passengers.
  • Any alcohol or drug-related issues about driving.
  • Failures to submit drug tests, stop at the scene of an accident, and yield to school buses.
  • Felony penalties or other.

How much is a FedEx driver Salary?

On average, a FedEx driver salary hourly ranges from $24.04 to $10.82 in the United States.

However, most FedEx Driver Salary is between $16.83 (25th percentile) and $20.43 (75th percentile). 

Moreover, the average salary for a FedEx Driver ranges widely (up to $3.61). This implies that there can be chances for development and more significant income dependent on skill level, location, and experience level.

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Factors That Affect Pay

FedEx drivers are paid according to their experience and the type of FedEx truck they drive. In general, FedEx drivers earn a base salary plus overtime pay.

The amount of overtime pay a driver receives depends on the number of hours they work in a week. Drivers who work more than 40 hours per week are eligible for overtime pay. FedEx drivers are also paid a per-mile rate, which varies depending on the type of FedEx truck they drive.

  • The salary of a FedEx Driver is determined by factors such as education, skills, experience, and job location. 
  • FedEx driver Salary increases are generally tied to your experience level. 
  • The more years you spend working as a FedEx driver, the more you can expect to earn. 
  • Also, where you live can determine how much you can make as a FedEx driver. Meanwhile, working in a large metropolitan area equates to a higher salary, as well as a higher cost of living.

Overtime and Bonuses:

FedEx drivers are eligible for overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week. The amount of overtime pay a driver receives depends on the number of hours they work. Drivers who work more than 50 hours a week are eligible for double-time pay.

FedEx drivers also receive bonuses for excellent service. The company offers a monthly bonus, which is based on the driver’s performance. FedEx also offers a safety bonus and a perfect attendance bonus.

What is the average FedEx driver salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? 

Here is a list of major cities with their related average FedEx driver salary according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

CityAverage Salary 
Miami, FL$41,374
Milwaukee, WI$41,744
Birmingham, AL$41,964
Pittsburgh, PA$42,276
Las Vegas, NV$42,311
Boston, MA$53,504
Washington DC, DC$54,106
Seattle, WA$55,042
Chicago, IL$57,471
San Francisco, CA$60,616

What is FedEx Driver Salary take-home pay after taxes? 

The average federal tax rate for an individual filer in this tax bracket came at 22%. 

However, a FedEx Driver can have a take-home income of $45,180 per year after a federal tax rate of 22% is deducted, with the paycheck amounting to roughly $1,883.

What is the FedEx CDL Driver Salary?

FedEx CDL Driver salary is between $39,000 to $44,000 annually or $19 per hour.

This is 8% higher than the national average for all CDL Drivers at $36,000 annually and 51% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans. 

However, the highest paid CDL Drivers work for UPS at $80,000 annually, and the lowest paid CDL Drivers work for JB Hunt at $26,000 annually.

What is the starting Salary for a FedEx home delivery driver

According to research, most starting FedEx home delivery drivers earn a minimum of $17 to $19 per hour. 

In addition, the national average hourly rate is $19 per hour.

However, drivers with more years of experience earn more.

As such, the average FedEx courier salary breaks down to $22 an hour

Also, FedEx pays couriers incentive bonuses and additional compensation as well.

What is the Starting Salary for a FedEx home delivery driver By City or State?

Here you have the annual list of the highest paying Salary FedEx home delivery driver by city and state:

City/StateAnnual average starting salary of FedEx home delivery driver
Herndon, VA $45,470 per annum
Vallejo, CA$45,527 per annum
Seattle, WA$45,539 per annum
Norwalk, CT$45,685 per annum
Jackson, WY$45,805 per annum
Hayward, CA$45,855 per annum
Wasilla, AK$46,643 per annum
Tanaina, AK$46,644 per annum
Oakland, CA$46,836 per annum
San Jose, CA$47,374 per annum
San Francisco, CA$79,583 per annum

Benefits and Perks Of Being A FedEx Driver

FedEx drivers are eligible for several benefits and perks, including;

Medical, dental, and vision insurance:

Medical, dental, and vision insurance are all offered to FedEx drivers. This ensures that they can maintain good health while on the job.

Paid time off:

FedEx drivers are given paid time off, so they can enjoy their time away from work. This helps to keep them refreshed and motivated when they return to work.

Retirement savings plan:

FedEx offers retirement savings plan to its drivers. This allows them to save for their future and have financial security in their retirement years.

401k plan:

In addition to the retirement savings plan mentioned above, FedEx drivers are also enrolled in a 401k plan. This allows them to save for their future and have financial security in their retirement years. The 401k plan offers a variety of investment options, so drivers can choose the ones that best fit their needs. This helps them to grow their money while saving for retirement.

FedEx drivers are eligible for a number of benefits and perks that help to make their job more enjoyable and secure. These benefits help to attract and retain drivers, which is essential for FedEx’s success.

Discounts on FedEx shipping:

FedEx drivers are given discounts on FedEx shipping, so they can easily and affordably send packages for their job. This helps them to save money and keep their business running smoothly.

Discounts on FedEx services: FedEx drivers are also given discounts on FedEx services, such as ground shipping and Express shipping. This helps them to save money on the services they use most often.

Company-provided uniforms and equipment:

FedEx drivers are given company-provided uniforms and equipment. This ensures that they look professional and are able to do their job effectively. The uniforms are comfortable and stylish, so drivers can feel good about wearing them. The equipment is high quality and reliable, so drivers can trust it to get the job done.


The annual salaries of FedEx Drivers in the US range from $39,193 to $269,524, with a median salary of $48,861. However, the middle 57% of FedEx Drivers make between $48,861 and $122,163. While the top 86% make $269,524.

UPS pays the highest salary for the CDL Driver position at $80,000 annually.

JB Hunt pays the lowest salary for the CDL Driver position at $26,000 annually.


An average FedEx driver salary is $22 per hour and $47,486 annually, according to salary aggregate websites. 

However, these figures may be subject to change due to various factors influencing the payment of FedEx salary. 

Also, a FedEx CDL driver salary is between $39,000 annually or $19 per hour.

Meanwhile, the highest paid FedEx CDL Driver salary is $80,000 annually, and the lowest paid CDL Drivers earn $26,000 annually.

In addition, a starting Salary for a FedEx home delivery driver is $19, while those with more experience earn more than that. 

We hope you find the article! 

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